Adding Value to Your Home Through Back Yard Improvements

backyard work to add value to your property

When you think about your home it is a place that keeps you and your family safe and protected. It is also an investment for the future. It may be the first rung on the property ladder or it may be a retirement home. Often it is somewhere in between or something you plan to leave to your children one day.

Whatever your home is, be it a condo, cabin or even a mansion; there are ways to add value and make your property look more expensive. One way that regular, average homeowners can do this is through their gardens and backyards.

Why invest in your backyard?

Investments are never guaranteed so you should always consider any major work or expenditure wisely, however, there are some good reasons why you should consider improving your garden and exterior areas.

This isn’t just about finances or investments. Take a look at your back yard now. Do you spend a lot of time there, and could your garden do with some improvements? Are there things you would love to change about it?

There are three reasons you should think about making improvements to your backyard.

It is a financial investment

Firstly, if you make the right changes you could add value to your property. Some changes you make will lose some of the money you put in but still add value in other ways. If you select the right areas to change you can make the selling price of your home go up. Below there are some examples of this, but first you should consider the other two reasons to change your garden.

You will enjoy it more

And, so will your family and friends. It is wonderful to think about how much money you will make in the future from landscaping your backyard but you should always have an alternative reason for spending money on your home. The main one is to receive more pleasure from it yourself. By adding decking and BBQs you will enjoy hanging out in your own personal space a lot more and so will your friends.

You will sell your home quicker

The third reason you might want to consider is just how much easier it will be to sell your home later on. Even if you are not planning to sell now or in the next year or two, making your plain old backyard a more hospitable place will make your home lot easier to shift when the time comes. Families will look for outdoor areas that their children can play safely in. They will also want areas to entertain their friends and loved ones.

What changes can you make?

Not everything you do to your garden will increase the value of your home so you need to consider how you judge value in itself. Is it purely for a financial return or is it also for the fun and enjoyment you and your family will receive too?

There are so many areas that you could change in your garden that it would be impossible to fit them all here. But, here are some options to consider. Bear in mind why you are adjusting your garden before deciding which options are right for you.


One of the ways you can make your garden look more attractive is to landscape it. Some property experts think this could add significant value.This can add genuine financial value to your home when done right. Of course there will be an outlay but the difference between a plain outside area and one with contours, ponds and ornaments is priceless.

Decking & patios

One main area you can change easily but at the same time give the backyard a dramatic new look is by adding in a patio area or decking. Decking can be used in so many ways. You could make a raised corner feature to draw your friends in for a chilled glass of wine or plain decking coming from the house. Split level options are available too.

Patios extend from the home and add an area that can have tables and chairs where the family can sit and enjoy a lunch or meal on a balmy evening. If you have the DIY skills these two options could be done by yourself or by professionals. Deck builders in San Antonio TX are only too ready to assist in improving your garden.

Outside kitchen & BBQs

This can be a big project depending on the scale of your plans. Making a simple brick BBQ with a good surface area to use as a workop adds a lot of value to your garden. It may not make you money but who doesn’t like a summer BBQ?

If you want to invest further then look at a full outside kitchen. This would need a decked or patio style area and be at least partially covered. You will want countertops, a fridge or ice box, a BBQ or other cooking means. Combined with a table and seats you can entertain in style to your guests.

Treehouses, play houses and gazebos

Any outside structure can add a lot of value and appeal to your home. There are considerations though. Some pergolas and summer houses can be built with no issues, however there is also planning permission to consider for things like treehouses depending on which state you are in.


There are far more options that you can consider than are listed here. Ponds, mini soccer pitches, rockeries and more can be considered. To improve your garden it may be as simple as adding some quality decking and raising the fences to add privacy so you can sit outside with no prying eyes.

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