Importance of Using a Professional Carpet Cleaner for Better Health

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Those high-quality fluffy carpets can certainly add to the elegance of your rooms, but it is important to have them cleaned regularly to prevent several issues. You can certainly use your vacuum to clean the carpets. However, not only is it a time-consuming operation, it is never going to produce quality results. That is why using commercial companies such as Deep Cleaners Northampton makes great sense, to take the chore off of your hands, and also obtain much better results with their professional equipment. Here are some of the reasons why regular carpet cleaning is important.

It Prevents Health Related Problems

If you have been suffering from allergies, your dirty carpets are to be blamed. When you do not clean your carpets for long, you make them home to dust particles, allergens, and bacteria. Even when you think your carpets are clean, they still contain microscopic particles and mites that can cause all sorts of health problems. For instance, you may develop breathing problems because of dust mites. Dust allergy can make living difficult for you and your kids.

It is true that regular vacuuming goes a long way in keeping your carpets free of most allergens, but it is not as effective as commercial carpet cleaning. Vacuuming is not going to remove all those allergens, and over time, they will grow in number, making you vulnerable to allergies and respiratory problems. Commercial cleaners use robust technologies to clean your carpets, and that is why you just cannot get the same results from carpet cleaning at home.

It Improves Air Circulation

Many people do not know, but dirty carpeting can play a big role in compromising the air quality and airflow in your home. It becomes a serious problem, especially around the corners or along the walls, as the air circulation needs to be at its best in these areas. You may even notice unpleasant odors when you do not clean your carpets for long. As mentioned already, regular vacuuming cannot remove all dust particles, which means it cannot help much regarding improving the air quality and airflow in your home. Breathing in polluted air can put your health at serious risk. Therefore, you should think seriously of calling professionals for help.

It Improves the Overall Look and Feel of Your Home

No matter how hard you try, vacuuming will eventually stop producing quality results with more and more dust particles being left behind in each cleaning session. If you do not ask a professional for help, those carpets may well be beyond saving. Whether you have spilled something on the carpet or you have spoiled it in another way, just call in a professional immediately. Leaving those stains unattended can cause permanent damage to your carpets.

Therefore, if you want to improve the overall look and feel of your home, you need to invest something in keeping your carpets clean. Just be sure to conduct some research and ensure that you have selected the most experienced and certified carpet cleaner for your home.

How should you choose a carpet cleaning company?

Picking the right carpet cleaning company can be challenging, especially if it’s the first time you decide to go with professionals for carpet cleaning. Price, experience, and type of services are factors that recommend a carpet cleaning company. Keep reading to find all these factors.


Many carpet cleaners have specific protocols to clean the carpets. Dry carpet and stream cleaning represent the most common cleaning methods.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning (low moisture) is done with chemicals and not much water. It goes faster than steam cleaning and it’s the no.1 method when you want your carpets cleaned in a blink of an eye. Dry cleaning doesn’t clean as deep as steam cleaning, but it’s efficient when the carpets aren’t filthy. Also, some rugs only take dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning

With steam cleaning, hot water and cleaning chemicals are used to remove dirt and fibers from the carpets. It takes more time than dry cleaning, and it’s the top choice for property managers and landlords when their tenants move out. Steam cleaning requires drying for 24 hours.

Tools and Technology

Constant improvements and developments are made in the cleaning technology. Better and more performant equipment is developed to thoroughly clean carpets. You want a carpet cleaning that stays connected to the most up-to-date equipment and cleaning procedures. For instance, new cleaning tools don’t cause noise pollution and run on less energy. Carpet cleaning services can disrupt your daily activities, so you want a company that ensures quiet cleaning services. The best out there will have minimal intrusion and clean the carpets as quietly as possible.


Excellent carpet cleaners will rapidly know how much cleaning and what cleaning your carpets will need. A good carpet cleaner knows the type of carpet by its fibers, the staining it has, the rug’s age, etc.—everything they need to know for perfect cleaning results.

Reliable professionals will ask you questions to gather all the information for a smooth and efficient cleaning process. Don’t be surprised if they ask you if you have children, pets, or people with allergies. They want to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services for you and your family.

Best technicians will pick the best cleaning products for your carpets and the type of household you run. Common cleaners are affordable and can be used if there are no family members with allergies. You can look for eco-friendly cleaners and the prices aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Insurance, licensing, and bonding

The state must bond any company that comes into your home to clean. Carpet cleaning companies have to have licenses and insurance as well. Reliable companies have vetted cleaners who have the utmost care and respect for your carpets, belongings, and property. On the off chance that a cleaner breaks/causes any damage, the company will cover any of the damage.


Please spend some time when looking for a carpet cleaning company and make sure you check out their experience. Companies with years of experience are good at their job and have stayed for all the right reasons. If a company is relatively young, you can still check out their references. If they don’t have many, we recommend staying on the safe side with a more experienced company.

Solid guarantee

Companies that offer a guarantee are the best to choose. A guarantee says a lot about their commitment to all clients and speaks about their reliability. Any warranty promises that the cleaners will go above and beyond to give you perfectly cleaned carpets. Should you not be happy with the results, the company will make the necessary changes or refund the money.

A good price

A dependable carpet cleaning company stays true to its value and provides you with excellent work at affordable prices. Pricing shouldn’t seal the deal when choosing a company and we never recommend you pick one because of the low cost of the services.

The company’s image

It’s not that we’re shallow, but when it comes to carpet cleaning services or any services, the company’s image does say a lot about its level of professionalism. A trustworthy company will have vehicles marked with a logo and phone number. The car is just one thing to examine, though. Professional companies typically have a uniform and wear covers on the shoes. The cleaners’ image should be as clean as your carpets at the end of the cleaning: crystal clear.

Ask family and friends

Word of mouth has been and still is the best advertisement. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors about carpet cleaning services, especially if you’re impressed with how clean their carpets are. Go online and check out social media, as it’s also a source of inspiration.

Read all the reviews

Selecting a carpet cleaning company does require some research work, so read the reviews of previous customers. Unless the company pays for the reviews, most reviews are genuine. Keep in mind to read both the positive and the negative reviews. Take it all with a grain of salt and stay away from a company with more negative than positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions about professional carpet cleaning

How often should you call professionals for carpet cleaning?

We recommend hiring professionals for carpet cleaning at least twice a year. However, if you have small children, pets, and/or a smoking habit, we suggest you call them every quarter. It will keep the carpets in good shape and grime-free for the longest time.

Is there such thing as cleaning too often?

Cleaning the carpets too frequently with chemical solutions can wear down the carpets. Such cleaning methods will loosen the fibers and allow more dirt in the carpets.

Is it wrong to vacuum the carpets daily?

Most carpets can stand vacuuming several days a week without being damaged. Dirt that remains in the carpets will break down underneath the carpet fibers and becomes the perfect environment for dust mites and bacteria. For general carpet protection, we recommend you run the vacuum over high-traffic areas as often as possible.

How much will you pay for professional carpet cleaning?

Expect to pay anywhere between $121 and $234 for carpet cleaning, with $178 as the average cost. The carpet’s size, materials, and the cleaning method that the cleaners use weigh-in for the final price. Should the carpet need stain removal, the price will increase; some companies charge “per room,” whereas others charge “per square foot.”

How do you know that your carpet is clean?

Your carpet is clean when the fibers of the rug seem fresh and softer than usual. The stains are no longer there and your carpet looks and feels fluffier and lighter than before cleaning.

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