Tips To Identify a Genuine Rattan Furniture Supplier

The scarcity is one of the most significant reasons why people are searching for an alternative to traditional timber furniture. Currently, engineered wood, plastic and rattan are gaining massive popularity because of their ease of availability. However, only rattan is capable of giving a natural look with great strength. This material is obtained from the climbing species of palm regrows much rapidly as compared to other plants. Rather than cutting the entire tree, you just need to cut out the useful vines that grow again. In this way, rattan is an eco-friendly option that everyone must try at once. Manufacturing furniture from rattan wood is a centuries-old tradition that now again in trend due to countless possibilities of designing. Along with robustness, it is also flexible enough to modify in any desired shape during the manufacturing process.

Why you need a genuine rattan furniture supplier

Due to the massive popularity of rattan, you can find many local and online vendors selling this furniture. However, all of them are not trustful because it requires expertise hands to transform the raw material of rattan into attractive furniture product. The finishing must be perfectly executed so that it can add a grace to your living room, garden or bedroom. Not only design, but you also need to pay attention to its robustness because furniture woven by unskilled hands is highly prone to loosing from joints after some time. Now the question is remaining that how to find a proficient rattan furniture supplier. Here are some tips to guide you in this concern.

How to Find a Good Rattan Furniture Seller?

1) Local and online market research

If you are searching for a genuine supplier of rattan furniture, don’t forget to consider both online and offline channels. Those who are living nearby the locations of rattan forests, consider the local market as the best source to explore. There you can find the traditional designs at an affordable price. If there is no rattan product available in your market, go with the option of online suppliers. Several websites sell rattan furniture in global locations. Choose a portal that has a good reputation in your area regarding delivering quality products.

2) Figure out between fake and real reviews

Nowadays, anyone can fool you with the fake reviews regarding a product on the virtual world. There are a few tricks to ensure that the ratings and reviews of a rattan furniture product are real. Prefer only highest ranking online website when it comes to checking the online reviews. Open the page of the product and scroll down to check the reviews list. Make sure that the chair, side table, bed or any other material you are buying has at least 20-30 reviews. Also, the reviews must be given by the certified buyers, not any random person. Read the reviews along with star ratings. If up to 75% are positive, go with it. Apart from the reviews of official site, also find them o third-party review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp. These sites provide honest star ratings and reviews of real customers.

3) Enquire thoroughly through a phone call or personally

Every online vendor has a customer support section where you can call to know all aspects of the rattan furniture product. Ask some crucial information such as the source of raw material, payment options and durability. If you are lucky enough to find a brick & mortar store in locality, meet them and experience the feel of product by using personally.

4) Warranty and after sale service

Whether you buy the furniture from a local store or online portal, always ask for a warranty card to ensure the credibility. Also, make sure that the seller is providing after sale services even after ending the warranty period because rattan may lose stability with its continuous use.

Always remember this valuable information whenever you decide to buy a furniture product made with rattan material. If it is not available in the local market, visit the online portal of The Family Love Tree to explore a wide range of beautifully designed rattan wood furniture.

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