What are pergolas used for?

what is pergola used for

If you have a nice home with an ample backyard, you can easily envision decorating your outdoor space with a pergola. You may want a shaded walkway or maybe a comfortable sitting area that would extend your living space to the outdoors. A pergola can offer you both of those spaces through vertical posts and cross-beams with a lattice that you may weave with an assortment of green vines and flowers. Your pergola would provide you with a large, open structure into which you may bring beautiful seats, benches and even a nice table where you may enjoy a nice cup of coffee every morning.

Adding a Pergola

Adding a pergola to your property would provide you with a unique garden structure that can be erected over a patio or deck to give you shelter while creating a focal point to your outdoor space. It is generally an open structure that can be combined with greenery to give it the feel of a true outdoor oasis.

A Little History

Pergolas have graced gardens since Roman times. Back then, the structure was supported by columns or pillars, and pergolas were built with brick, stone and wood. During the Italian Renaissance, designers attempted to imitate the original pergolas from Roman times.

Nowadays, people have let their creativity fly by combining several elements to suit their individual tastes and needs. Like your own home, your pergola will be a reflection of who you are.

What are the main uses of pergolas?

Although every pergola is unique, they do serve specific purposes, such as:

Offer a Shady Spot

A pergola will never have a solid roof, but its cross-beams will allow you to sit under it and feel the nice breeze without being hit directly by the sun in the hottest hours of the day. If you feel the beams do not offer you as much shade as you require, allowing plants to grow across its roof will create the shaded area you need without giving you an overly solid structure. If you need privacy on one side, adding a trellis or a set of sheer curtains will do the trick.

Extended Living Space

Being able to comfortably enjoy outdoor dining, particularly in the hottest months of the year, can be accomplished through a pergola that will allow you to create an intimate outdoor space. Forget about that sad patio with a lonely umbrella over your table. A pergola will give you a luxurious feeling when you and your loved ones enjoy an al fresco meal.

Create a Screen and Define a Space

The site https://miamitile.com/pergola-and-gazebo-builders-miami/ suggests placing a pergola anywhere in your garden to create a partition. Let plants grow through it and create a green wall. It will give you privacy and shade. And if you are interested in creating a partition that will divide a section of your garden, maybe to create a boundary next to a swimming pool, a pergola can serve as some sort of barrier for pets and little kids. Also, adding a pergola to a large backyard can help you make the area much more manageable.

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