In a world of glamour who wouldn’t want to have an expensive home. Having an expensive home narrows down to decorations. It doesn’t even matter what kind of house you have. The way you decorate your home is what actually makes it look expensive.

For a touch of class to your home and a taste of an expensive lifestyle, let’s look at a few tricks we can carry out to arrive at our own expensive home.

what do we mean by an expensive house by the way? Most of the time it is the house that has got expensive items on it. if we take a deep look, then we would come to realize that it is not always about having an expensive house or things rather it is the arrangement of things and display of products in your house that would make it look expensive.  

Start From The Doorway.

What an appropriate place to begin with your renovations. The entryway is the first place your guests come across when visiting. If the door needs replacing, you should do that, or if it’s still in good shape, you should give it a new paint. Use black or dark paint for your door. This will add a nice touch to it and give it an attractive look.

Give your Patio a Nice Touch:

The plan is to start from the outside. Go for a modern and stylish patio decorating materials for a breathtaking sight. You can design your patio with composite decking materials such as redwood, or you can build with concrete materials. The history of composite decking tells us its innovation in the wood industry. You can buy a cheap yet top-rated wood plastic decking. Add some edges with a fancy table for enjoying a cup of coffee while you relieve stress.

the patio is the exterior of your house, and if you have not successfully renovated it with the best possible colors and tiles, then you are far away from giving your house an expensive look. 

you can use a clock as a mark of statement for your house, the scenery would look a bit extravagant but it would still work. Another option is to have mirrors, guests would love that.

Add Details to Decorative Moulding:

Decorative moldings are simply what that is. They are for decorative proposes. But they serve the purpose of making a home elegant and expensive. Add details to it by choosing sophisticated decorative molding designs. Paint it the same color as your walls. You should be able to DIY, although it might take longer.

Landscape Gardening:

add new but bright flowers to your garden. It will definitely give your home a welcoming atmosphere. Do not plant a single species of flower but go for different ones so that your garden space will look colorful. Freshly flowers can be picked and used in decorating your home by fixing the in vases. When you plan to do this, you should go for huge vases that will stand out in the room. The larger, the more it projects class and luxury. 

you are supposed to decorate the pots as well, the arrangement and the designs of the plant pots plays a very crucial role in displaying a look of your house. 

most people do not think of it that way but try it for a change, you would notice how the look has just upgraded to the best looking house in the neighborhood. 

Pick Furniture With High Definitions:

your sofa should be large and stylish. Go for the ones with wood in them across the armrest and have it painted in gold—place throw pillows in them. The throw pillows should be large and huge. They should be made from the same texture as the sofa. A sofa should be able to offer the needed comfort when you sit in it. Select a rug that is lush and fluffy. This will create a luxurious look.

having a lot of furniture items is not the point, however, getting the best ones is essential. in this regard I would suggest you buy some antiques and second-hand furniture it would sound quite off the trend, but there is this one thing about second-hand furniture that would always attract me and that is the durability, second-hand furniture is more durable and strong than first hand.  

Selecting Lightening Options:

chandeliers are still in style. Because they are huge makes it an important accessory for an expensive home. Has it installed right there to give your home the expensive touch it deserves? Chandeliers come in different styles and designs, so you will want to go for the best option. One that can light your room and also be pleasing to the eye. The alternative for chandeliers is a large pendant, and it can serve the same purpose and create almost the same feeling.

the color of the lights at your house can entirely change the look of your house, be very conscious while selecting the shades of the lamps and design of lights. make sure that they are in contrast with the objects around them so that they must not look odd.

Create Space For Art Display:

make use of the empty space on the wall for displaying artwork. If there is no space, you should create one and have all your art concentrated there. But ideally, one huge one will be best. It will command attention and make the wall the most interesting place in your home. If there are arts in small frames, you should space them evenly so that each one could be appreciated independently.

Fireplace Installation:

The fireplace is identified with a beautiful and expensive lifestyle. You should have it installed right there in your living room. Having the wood piled up neatly nearby is magnificent! The fireplace will surely produce a cozy place to spend time for warmth aside, presenting the home as an expensive home.

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