How To Make Your Outdoor Lighting Beautiful & Appealing

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No matter where you live, outdoor lighting always serves as the ultimate festive decorations that lit up the entire space beautifully.

But, the purpose of outdoor lighting is no more just limited to seasonal decorations now. It rather provides ornamentation to the building or house all year round.

This is why people are turning more and more to it and getting their places illuminated with gorgeous lights and lamps.

If you are also out on the search for ideas or ways of getting outdoor lighting installed at your place, then you have arrived at just the right place.

We have gathered all the possible things you need to know before plunging into this whole process of lighting installation. Here, you will find different types of lights used for the purpose and ideas on how to make it look appealing and beautiful.

What are the different types of outdoor lighting?

There are so many outdoor lighting options available that it becomes impossible for noobs to pick one for their outer space. To make it easier, we are listing down some of the types along with their functions.

Wall lights

When we are outside any building, the first thing that we notice is the front wall of that place. So it is natural for the lighting decoration to start from there and give an illuminating effect to the entire place.

For this purpose, there are specially made wall lights that are mounted vertically. Such lights come in many different and stylish forms and serve a utilitarian purpose as well by providing protection against tripping hazards on stairways or patios.

If you live in Phoenix and are looking for low voltage wall lights, then check out Stay Off The Roof as they have pretty good LED lighting packages to offer.

Porch Lights

In Phoenix, the property crime rate is higher than any other city in Arizona. This means that residents have to up their security game if they do not want to be the next victim.

So, to be safe than sorry, the very first thing you have to do is illuminate the front of your house. By ensuring proper lighting, you can easily detect if something fishy is going on in front of your residence.

This is where the role of porch light comes in. They are installed on the porch and provide security as well as character to your place.

They come in all sorts of forms, be it aesthetic or graceful, and add a subtle coolness to the front of your house.

Solar lights

What better way to save energy than having solar lights installed? These lights look like any other outdoor lighting lamps but they come with additional benefits, that is, cost-effectiveness.

You won’t have to worry about having an extra burden on your electricity bill nor would it pose any safety threat as in the case with electrical fixtures. So it is a win-win in every aspect.


To give the ground level the same classy look, there is another type of outdoor lighting that goes by the name of uplights. These lights, as the name suggests, are mounted on the ground and in an upward direction.

They give off a very dramatic feel with its lights shone upwards from the ground to the front walls of your house. You will easily find many different uplights in the market such as spotlights, floodlights, and well lights.

What are some useful outdoor lighting ideas?

patio lights

Knowing different types of outdoor lighting is indeed essential but one should also know how and where to install these lights so that the place looks lovely and your investment does not go in vain.

So, we have gathered a few tips for you which we think might help you in setting up classy outdoor lighting.

Be careful of the warmth

You can use outdoor lighting for stylishness and illumination, but you can also use it for your comfort. How? By installing uplights close to the outdoor place where you normally hang out.

People of Phoenix usually increase their outdoor activities with the onset of fall as the nights become pleasantly cool and fit for having barbecues or parties. In such situations, if there is nothing to warm up the chilly air around, it can actually be quite an unpleasant experience.

Therefore, a bunch of uplights installed around the sitting space always proves to be fruitful as it keeps the guests warm and comfortable.

Add beautiful string lights

Nothing beats the beauty of string lights hanging gracefully across the walls or rooftops. We repeat nothing. So make sure that you add a nice bunch of string lights either to the eaves, or patio coverings if you have plans of having fall night events.

These lights coupled with wall lights and uplights can lift the appeal of the front of your house so much that you won’t need any event planner to plan the big night for you.

Consider LED lights

If you are planning on investing enough in landscape lighting, then we suggest you go for LED lights. These lights might come a bit expensive, but they offer long lasting results and do not become a burden on your electricity bills as they consume less amount of energy.

Get a lightning timer

If you have the budget, then go for a lighting timer. You cannot keep up with switching the lights on and off every day without getting tired of it, so let the timer do the task for you.

Set the hours of the lights, either from dusk till dawn or specific hours, and relax.

Be tight on the maintenance schedule

If you want your outdoor lighting setup to last for a long time, then make a habit of routinely checking it for maintenance. This way you can detect any possible issue early and get it fixed before the problem becomes deep-rooted.

Bottom Line

You can create a mesmerizing outdoor space thanks to the landscape lighting. The effective way of getting the beautiful lightning setup is knowing which type of light will suit the front of your house and how to go about their installation.


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