Why Caulking is Outdated and What Should be Done Instead

Shower tile experience the maximum wear and tear in a house owing to constant water splashes, soap scum buildup and mold. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to keep this area spic and span. To prevent mold breeding in the corners, you seal shower corners with caulk. Although it does give temporary respite, caulking is not a permanent solution. It wears off in some time, making you go for re-caulking. With this procedure of caulking a shower and then re-caulking, you get into a continuous loop, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. If you are wondering whether there is a better solution to this practice, then we have some great news for you.

Caulking – an Outdated Practice

Caulking is a traditional practice of sealing shower corners with a silicon based material – caulk. This product has the tendency to peel in wet settings and shrink and crack in dry weather conditions. Since ages, people have been caulking a shower to prevent mold and mildew breeding. But today, with the advent of new and modern products, the traditional method of caulking has become totally outdated. Everyone prefers home restorations to be permanent. Who wants to undergo the entire process of maintaining, cleaning and repairing home surfaces again and again?

Problems with Caulk

Observe the mold developed on bathtub caulk
  • Caulk delivers a very bulky look to the shower.
  • It tends to peel off in wet conditions and crack in dry conditions..
  • Caulk loosens its bond easily when certain chemical cleaners are used.
  • These issues allow development of mold in shower caulk, causing the shower to look very dirty and stained.

Why is Recaulking a Failure?

People often get recaulking shower done as soon as their old caulk gets damaged, but this is a temporary solution as you will end up spending on caulking and re-caulking every few months, thereby increasing your home maintenance costs. By recaulking, you are not doing anything new, but repeating your same mistake again.

What is a Better Solution than Caulking?

Instead of caulking a shower, you should seal your shower corners permanently. It is now possible to seal your shower corners with a solvent based epoxy resin, which never pops out from the surface and also protects the floor from bacteria and stains, breeding in shower corners.

Similarly, instead of caulking bathtub, a strong adhesive permanently seals the bathtub to the corners, thereby preventing chances of mold and mildew breeding. It is common for the caulk to crack from the place the tub is resting on the wall. With the help of an efficient epoxy resin, you can seal those gaps forever. If you try to re-caulk bathtub, be mindful that you will have to do the same procedure again after a few months. If you want permanent results, then there are much better options.

Non-Caulk Process: Bathtub corners sealed permanently

So, instead of caulking shower corners, you should think of permanent solutions and a hygienic shower for a lifetime. But, you cannot seal the corners right away. Experts have a better skill and technique to handle such restoration jobs. They have the expertise to render the best results for replacing caulk in showers. There is a proper procedure to be followed systematically, which is explained below..

Cleaning the Corners:

Apart from the peeling and cracking issues there is another issue and that is the development of mold on caulking in shower. Experts follow a patented cleaning procedure to rip off mold and mildew from the corners. They first remove the peeling or cracking caulk and then eliminate the mold at the root level.

Sealing Shower/Bathtub Corners:

After bathtub and shower caulk mold removal, the area is thoroughly sanitized and prepped up. Professionals next seal the corners to prevent further mold breeding.

With the innovation of new and better technologies, you can enjoy a stress-free and effort-free home maintenance. It is time to get rid of the traditional practices of caulking and re-caulking. Hire the best professionals today to seal your shower corners with long-lasting and permanent results.

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