The Top 4 Projects to Do with a Miter Saw

A miter saw is one of the power tools that every carpenter needs in his workshop. It is an important power tool used to make precise cuts on pieces of wood.

The tool is made up of a blade that spins at a high speed to cut boards that are held in place by a fence. It has a measuring gauge that you use to set the right angle depending on the type of cut you intend to have. You can basically four types of cuts. These cuts are cross-cut, miter cut, bevelled and compound cuts.

It is considered to be one of the best tools for cutting tight-fitting joints on every possible molding available.

With the help of a sharp saw blade, you can fine-tune any type of joint. They are so accurate that it can even be adjusted at an angle for a hair’s width trimming. If you are a first time user, you will be startled with the experience of the power miter saw. One may experience jerk and a whine as the saw speeds up.

With the help of a miter saw, the work that is required to be done becomes more accurate and easy. Miter saw come in a variety of features and different sizes.

To your surprise, they are even named differently like a chop saw, cut-off saw, drop-saw and more.

There are various variations of these saws. You can check online to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Make sure that saw is locked with blades down while you are transporting. You can ensure the safety by the lock pin which is used to prevent accidental damages.

Here are four top projects that you can use this tool for.


Framing is vital in any construction work. It is necessary to help support and give shape to a structure. Framing can be either heavy frame or light frame in construction.

This variation depends on the size and the number of supports to be used. In a heavy frame, builders use vertical supports that are usually huge and a few in number, while in a light frame, they use many but small supports. A miter joint is able to cut precise miter cuts that are at an angle of the width of the board. These angles are ideal for framing. The most common is the 45-degree angle that comes preset on this machine.

Molding for Decorations

Miter frame can also be used to shape small pieces of wood that you can use for picture frames or edges of various furniture. You use it for transitions on boards that have different profiles to fit them together properly.

Cutting Precise Cross Cut Pieces

Making tables and desks might seem like an easy job until you are tasked with making just one. That is when you realize the expertise, patience, and attention to detail that is required in making such simple furniture.

You need to make a lot of small and precise cuts that fit in with one another. Miter saw comes in handy since it makes having these pieces easy thanks to its preciseness. You can chop down a large and longboard to boards of any size and have them in different angles. It is an ideal tool for repeatable cuts instead of using a hand saw.

Beveled and Compound Cuts

This is a rather complicated cut, but you will require it at one time or another. If you ever need to join two pieces of wood like when making a skirting board, then you will need a miter saw to make this complex cut.

You have to combine the bevel, which is cutting across through the thickness of the board at an angle and a compound cut that will require you to combine a miter and a bevelled cut. The good thing is that you simply set the machine at the required angles and then you let it do the cutting. As long as you have your board properly marked and well placed within the fence, then you should have no problem.

Some safety points to be considered are:

  1. Ensure that the saw is unplugged while you are changing the blade.
  2. It is advisable to use safety glasses and wear hearing protection.
  3. Don’t touch the blade while in use. Keep your fingers at least 6 inches away.
  4. Ensure that the blade spinning stops completely and then lift the saw if necessary.
  5. Follow the other safety instructions provided with the Saw kit.

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