15 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Are you thinking to make your bathroom looks larger after the renovation? So, you are at the right place. Of course, the total lack of square footage, limited light in the space and the number of fixtures in the small bathroom are to be considered when you plan to renovate the small bathroom. But, when it is done right, the space will look brighter and spacious than you have ever thought of. And you do not have to spend too much on bathroom renovation if you plan in the right manner. Bathroom renovation is said to be one of the most common types of renovations to do in homes.

The small bathroom ideas can go beyond making most of the available space and prove to be of bold design and adding up elements that can be right at home even in the smallest rooms. When you are planning to renovate the bathroom, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to hire a contractor who will provide the right suggestions on how to renovate it within the budget.

Nowadays, most homeowners suffer from small bathroom spaces, and hence renovation is sometimes becoming tough. If you want to increase the size of the bathroom after renovation, the planning should be done in such a manner.

Here Are Some Of The Simple Ideas To Follow While You Are Renovating The Bathroom To Make It Look Large-

  • Always Keep The Colors Light And Bright

One of the effective steps of bathroom renovations is to paint the walls in light colors, yet they should be bright. It will overall make the bathroom space looks great and spacious. In addition, light colors make the illusion of a larger space which will help you to fulfil your needs. For example, using a soft mint green hue that will reflect the natural light from the window and the space around the freestanding tub will make the room feel open and spacious. 

  • Put The Mirror On The Wall

Another way to expand the bathroom area when it is small is to put the mirror on one wall of the bathroom. It will create an impression of a larger bathroom, and your space will look brighter.

  • Choose The Glass Shower Door

If you want to renovate the bathroom and make it looks big than before, you can use the glass door for showers in place of the wooden doors. Most experts say that it is better to use the glass door in place of the curtains around the shower to create an impression of a larger space. 

  • Backlight The Mirror

Your bathroom has a mirror, so if you want a large space impression, it is better to use the backlight just behind the mirror. It will make the bathroom looks larger, along you will get a light falling over the mirror. 

  • Get The Curtain A Lift

You have the luxury to decide when the luxury curtains in the bathroom will go. If you want to increase the bathroom space without renovating the whole, you can change the curtains of your choice. There are various types of curtains available in the market, and you can choose the best that fits the bathroom design

  • Paint The Ceiling As The Walls

If you want to create an impression to make the bathroom looks larger, you should paint the ceiling by same color as the walls. However, if you want to make a slight change, you can choose the slightly lighter shade for the ceiling. 

  • Always Make The Long Lines

To give the impression of the larger space, you need to draw the eye to the widest point in the house. You can get this by highlighting the long line in the room, like the clear walls without the window. 

  • Use The Same Tiles On The Walls And Floors

One of the ways to get the impression of the larger bathroom is to use the same tiles both on the walls and on the bathroom floors. It will make the bathroom looks bigger than normal. 

  • Pick The Floating Vanity

If you want to make the bathroom look larger, it is better to use the floating vanity instead of the fixed vanity. This will make an impression of the floating space and make your bathroom looks larger than normal. 

  • Use The Open Shelves

One of the best ways to make the bathroom look larger is to make the open shelves that will look larger than usual. If you want to get more ideas, 

  • Better To Hang Things From The Walls

One of the best ways to make the bathroom look larger than normal is using the things hanging from the walls. With this, you can get more space in the bathroom. 

  • Use Textures That Will Distract The Eyes

Do not worry more about the small bathroom; you can increase the space by adding textures that will distract the eyes of the beholders. 

  • Install The Pocket Doors

Though this trick involves a little more labor, you can replace the door with the pocket door that tucks away in the walls and open up the room for additional storage facilities. 

  • Install The Shelf In The Shower

Some of the best bathroom ideas that will help you extend the bathroom space include installing the shelf in the shower region. 

  • Upgrading the bathroom accessories

If you want to make the bathroom look larger than normal, you should upgrade the bathroom accessories to have greater space.

These are some of the tricks that will make your bathroom looks larger than usual. Try them out to bring a bathroom to revamp.

How can you make the most out of your small bathroom?

If you know how to make the most of your small space, the petite bathroom isn’t the worst thing in the world. Actually, small bathrooms are pretty common in most households. There are plenty of ways to get the best out of the space in a small bathroom. From one-of-a-kind storage options to design tricks and a regular cleaning routine, there are many ideas to try to maximize the use of space in a tiny bathroom. Details come next:

How can you make the most out of your small bathroom

Use wallpaper

Many people lack ideas and think that a small bathroom is nothing to be proud of. Just because the bathroom is small doesn’t mean you cannot add a “wow” factor to it. You can get creative and add amazing wallpaper in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, small bathrooms, powder rooms especially, make for the perfect space to give your house a unique feel. You can install floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, or at least half the walls if you don’t like extreme décor.

Always use the appropriate lighting

When the light is too large, too bright, or dim, it will harm the small bathroom. Please consider installing sconces above the vanity mirror. A flush mount light on the ceiling will also work great and not overpower the small space.

Use medicine cabinets for storage

One of the many challenges of small bathrooms is the lack of storage space. We recommend installing medicine cabinets and not regular bathroom mirrors, especially if your bathroom is the guest or master bathroom. You will need the storage space primarily for toiletries. A professional will cut a hole in the wall before setting up the cabinets, so make sure you hire the right one.

Use behind the door and over the door for storage

You can also add several shelves behind the cabinet doors to win some storage space. You can use them to store hairbrushes, hairdryers, and also cleaning supplies or toilet paper. If you want to add more storage space, you can add over the bathroom door storage space. Use organizers to gain extra shelving—it will be easy to reach as well. It’s a great alternative when you don’t have a vanity with cabinet space.

Organize the shower

If you managed to squeeze in a shower in your small bathroom, you could use its space to store the conditioner, shampoo, and other toiletries. Look for versatile organizational tools such as shelves, racks, and shower caddies. They’re great to organize your essentials in the bathroom.

Add shelves and hooks

It would help if you kept bathrobes, towels, toiletries, etc., off the floor. Consider adding hooks and shelves to the walls of your tiny bathroom. One easy way to store folded towels and toilet paper is the floating shelve above the toilet. You can also increase vertical storage space by installing hooks—no need to call professionals to add hooks.

Use baskets on shelves

Baskets and bins look very pretty and they’re great for storing towels, toiletries, and laundry. They’re also effortless to find in stores and really affordable. You can use baskets to organize and separate your items and see everything with ease. Above all, baskets give you excellent privacy as they keep everything out of sight.

Use the adequate fixtures and hardware

Using the proper hardware and fixtures is essential for a small bathroom. Everything from light fixtures to towel bars has to be the appropriate size for the bathroom. Please stay away from large light fixtures as they will overcrowd your space. Avoid also oversized hardware as it will look awkward in a tiny area.

Install magnetic strips

Place magnetic strips inside the cabinets/side of counters to organize your hair clips and bobby pins. Magnetic strips are versatile and can be used to manage small tools such as nail clippers or tweezers.

Install magnetic strips

Use a towel rack

Get the best out of the vertical space and install a wall-mounted rack or a storage unit with open cubbies to store washcloths, extra hand towels, and small bathroom essentials. You can roll the large towels and make them fit inside the small slots.

Look for the unusual storage spaces

Get the best out of the small bathroom and put the unusual spots to good use. The under-sink area is such space. You can also use the drawer’s U-shaped design to make the most of vanity storage space. The clever drawers can hold soaps and extra paper products near the sink area.

Give purpose to kitchen items

Vertical space is your best shot for storing things in a small bathroom. Use the paper towel holder to stack your bracelets—it’s an excellent display with aesthetic value! You can use the paper towel holder to keep the hair ties in just one place. If it reminds you of the kitchen too much, you can always give it a new look with painting.

Repurpose furniture in the bathroom

Furniture for living spaces can work as extra small bathroom storage when the cabinets and drawers won’t do.

Store it elsewhere

You can always avoid clutter in the small bathroom by storing excess bathroom items in another room. You can keep your extra toiletries in another room or store the towels in a linen closet. With a small bathroom, you always want it to be clutter-free, so it still feels comfortable and valuable.

Extra tip: Keep it neat and tidy

Keeping the small bathroom tidy and neat is crucial. A small bathroom with a lot of clutter, grime, and dirt is a nightmare. Vacuum the floors, mop the tile, and clean surfaces on a regular basis to stay on top with regular maintenance. Clean the small bathroom, and every other bathroom in your home, every week so that you reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the smallest bathroom allowed?

Typically, the smallest size for a bathroom is 15 square feet, accommodating a sink and a toilet. You need at least 30 to 60square feet to install a shower. If you plan to have both a shower and a bathtub, you will need at least 40 square feet.

How much will it cost you to have a small bathroom?

The final cost for adding a small bathroom to your home depends on whether you make it in a current space or your need to add on. Typically, you will spend between $5,000 and $35,000 to create a small bathroom in your house.

What’s the average size for a bathroom?

There are several types of bathrooms in the US, and each has its average size. For example, a full bathroom in the US is five by eight feet, which gives 40square feet of space. 115 to 210 square feet is the average size for a primary bathroom in the US, with 160square feet at the average size.

Can you use large tiles in a small bathroom?

Contrary to general belief, the large tile is an excellent choice for a small bathroom. Since you will have fewer grout lines, both the floor and the walls will feel less cluttered. The small bathroom will seem more significant than it’s in reality. You can use the same tile on the wall and floor to obtain a nice contrast with the large square tiles on the floor and 300x600mm tiles on the walls.

Is it possible to have a bathroom anywhere in the house?

It’s possible to set up a toilet and even a bathroom anywhere in a house. Back in the day, homeowners couldn’t have the bathrooms anywhere as they were too far from the main drain. Thanks to modern plumbing, today, it’s a lot easier to have the bathroom almost anywhere in a house.

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