10 DIY Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Which room is the cleanest in your home? Is it the bedroom, the living room, or does the kitchen sparkle brightest? Whichever room it is, chances are it’s not the bathroom. The bathroom seems to stay clean enough, but most homeowners and renters don’t know the simple hacks that companies like https://xyzcleaningservices.com/ can do to maintain that can keep a bathroom sparkling with minimal effort. If you are guilty of a passable bathroom but looking to level up, here are our top 10 DIY bathroom cleaning tips.

1. Start with your mirrors

In the same way that a bedroom looks tidier with a made bed, a clean bathroom mirror can have a huge effect on the look and feel of your bathroom. The clean result will also make you want to stay in the bathroom and perform other cleaning tasks, and this is a very simple one to start with. Using a window or glass cleaner will work perfectly, and you can either use a micro-fibre cloth, scrunched paper or a hardy paper towel to wipe your mirrors clean.

2. Check your drains

The drains are often forgotten in a routine bathroom clean, as they are often unseen. If you have a mystery smell in your bathroom – it’s probably coming from the drains. Cleaning the build-up that colours your drain grid is a great place to start, but you also want to be addressing what can’t be seen. Pouring drain cleaner down the sink will break up the clog that is starting to form, made from hair, toothpaste and all those other delights. After you pour the drain cleaner down, don’t rinse with water for about half an hour, as you want it to do its job and start breaking up that matter.

3. Attack the grout

So many believe that their discoloured grout is a fact of life, but nine times out of ten it will come off quite easily if you use the right tools and liquids for the job. The impact that bathroom grouting can have on the room is just incredible, with your whites returning and that mould or discolouration controlled with a twice-annual clean. If you are looking to do your bathroom cleaning without too many chemicals, there are some great natural grouting recipes you can deploy.

4. Polish the hardware

Your taps and handles in the bathroom haven’t always looked the way they do, and when you polish them with metal cleaner they can take that grime right off and let the shine back into your bathroom. If you find that your hardware really is about to break down and can’t be saved with a shining – it might be a good opportunity to replace the taps, sink and any metal hardware that is looking worse for wear.

5. Steam clean

Running the vacuum and broom over the bathroom doesn’t exactly cut it, as this should be a hygienic place and you are most vulnerable in this space. Steam cleaning your tiled or hardwood floors will keep your bathroom looking, feeling and smelling great and it will even reduce your other efforts as the regular steam mop is quick to do and will have you getting everything off the floor in preparation.

6. Clean your shower floor as well as the glass

For many people, cleaning the shower will only include the glass, and that can feel like a big enough job at the best of times. Often the shower floor does not get the same treatment, despite it housing a lot of bacteria and your feet being exposed to that grime build up. You can use an all-purpose anti-bacterial cleaner on your shower floors, but ensure that you wash this away when you are done cleaning, as you are going to create a slippery surface otherwise for the next person to have a shower.

7. Wash your walls

Bathroom walls are susceptible to mould given the moisture that exists in the room and limited ventilation to assist that moisture in escaping. It’s critical that you clean your walls periodically so that your mould cannot grow and cause more sinister consequences. You can use vinegar which you have at home, or you can use an anti-mould spray and then wipe the mould. If you can control the airflow in your bathroom, try and let the room aerate as much as possible.

8. Consider plants in your bathroom

Plants clean the oxygen in a room, which is why they are a nice addition to your bathroom. Your air-purifying indoor plants can also cover a multitude of sins, so feel free to spread them in dull corners, in front of toilet cleaners or any building faults you might have in your bathroom. Remember to research the plants you choose so they stay healthy, as there is nothing inviting about a browning plant in the bathroom.

9. Re-organise your vanity

What does your vanity say about you? For most people, there is toothpaste crusted into the marble and empty lotions without lids in the cabinet. Take the time to evaluate your vanity, and see what you can remove and replace. If you can’t part with anything, try and re-organise their presentation and wipe down shelves and drawers. You should also disinfect every surface while you are at it, and do your bathtub while you are at it!

10. Pay special attention to the dark towels, surfaces and metals

Many choose to strategically style their bathroom with dark colours so they can mask the mess or marks you might find in your bathroom. If this is you, don’t believe that means you have to clean less – as you should be giving your towels, bath mats and hand towels a deep clean so that they don’t permanently mark or mould. If you have dark coloured tiles or marble, you want to make sure there is no grime or hair that you can’t see, as you will certainly feel it which can be very unpleasant. The same goes for your dark taps and sinks, be vigil or you might miss the rust forming.

Well, you have a lot to get you started, and ultimately you should be putting every single tip in motion so that you can do your bathroom justice. Any bathroom can look chic with the right tricks and tools, so what are you waiting for?

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