What type of blind to choose? 

What type of blind to choose

For reasons of brightness, decoration and protection, you are determined to get blinds. However, you are in a real embarrassment of choice relative to the varied range of blinds offered on the market. We will present you with criteria that can facilitate your choice of blinds.

Blinds suitable for large windows are better!

We advise you to get window roller shades in line with large windows because they will bring cheerfulness and will feed a little more the atmosphere of your interior. If you are unable to withstand the black in the evening, we recommend that you get large blinds suitable for your large windows.

Blinds without holes in the wall are ideal!

When choosing your blinds, you should keep in mind that the blinds pierce holes in your wall. However, they are not inevitable. We recommend that you choose blinds whose installation does not necessarily lead to holes in your wall. This is possible with the clamping brackets that you will attach to your PVC frames without drilling walls. There, you are guaranteed to install your blinds without drilling anything.

Is it possible to have blinds without excess heat inside?

It is possible to be equipped with blinds without suffering excessive heat. The solution that is offered to you is to bring your choice to the anti-heat blinds. When you have these blinds, you will take full advantage of the brightness without being invaded by unbearable heat.

Blinds and protection against the cold!

It’s obvious that in winter, you only want to stay warm on cold days. You are still faced with this cold current escaping from your windows. It is in this situation that we recommend using insulating blinds.

Can blinds reduce the amount of light in the rooms of your home?

You certainly dream of this gentle sleep without disturbances. Especially when you close your eyes, and it is the light that disturbs you. You need blinds that will hide any source of light. This need can only be solved by blackout blinds.

Are there any blinds suitable for children?

Children, just like adults, when they close their eyes do not also wish to be disturbed. It is true that blackout blinds already exist, but for children, you can choose blackout blinds with playful drawings and patterns. If the choice of your blind should be oriented according to your needs, the material, the colours are also significant criteria.

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