How is a Slab Foundation Repaired? (Professional Insight)

how to get Slab Foundation Repaired

Nobody wants to hear that they have foundation issues and that they need to be repaired, however foundations are able to be repaired well by a foundation repair company. You might be wondering what exactly happens when a company comes to repair your foundation slab. This article will go over everything you need to know about slab foundation repairs to make your experience with foundation repairs great and not as nerve wracking.

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How Do You Repair A Concrete Slab Foundation?

There are multiple methods to repair a concrete slab foundation. The method that is chosen to repair your concrete slab foundation is based on how bad the issues are as well as just what is best for your particular foundation and soil. Some of these methods are more invasive than others depending on what is needed to fix the foundation which means that some of these are a bit more expensive than others. Foundation repair companies will give you all the information about what method they choose, but here we will go over every possible method that they could go with.

Foam Jacking- Foam jacking is a popular method that is great for foundations that are sinking or settling. The foundation repair company will drill holes into your foundation and then inject a high density foam underneath your foundation. This will help to push up and support the foundation closing any cracks or other foundation slab problems.

Patches/Sealants – Patches and sealants are methods used for small cracks in your foundation. For cracks that aren’t a major concert they typically can be filled in with sealants which will help to prevent it from widening and it will block off any possible water.

Slabjacking- Slabjacking is one of the most popular methods to repair concrete slab foundation. Slabjacking is a great method for those that have sinking foundations due to improper soil. Slabjacking consists of inserting a grout like substance that raises the concrete slab and restabilizes it as well as closes any of the cracks visible. This is a similar method to foam jacking.

Piers- Piers are another really common way to repair a foundation. Piers typically offer a more long term solution to a foundation issue. These piers are drilled underneath your foundation to offer extra support and lift the foundation. There are a few different types of piers such as helical piers, steel piers and spot piers.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Slab Foundation?

Finding out the cost of repairing a slab foundation is a bit difficult because it varies depending on the method of repair that you use. For example, easier repairs such as cracks will be less expensive than if you need to install piers under your foundation. The average price of a foundation repair is $4,500. However, foundation repairs can be up to $10,000 for more invasive options and it could be less than $1,000 for more simple and straightforward repairs.

You should expect to spend a couple thousand on a foundation repair, but it is well worth it and definitely will save you money in the long run by getting it repaired as soon as possible. Contacting a local foundation repair company will be beneficial to you because they will help you to get an estimate. The price of your repair will depend on the type of repair, the materials and the labor.

Is A Cracked Slab A Big Deal?

When a homeowner sees a cracked slab they might immediately get concerned. Sometimes, though, cracked slabs aren’t a cause for concern. If you have a crack that is less than ⅛ inch wide then that is not necessarily something to be concerned about. Natural shrinkage can cause small hairline cracks in the foundation and these are typically less than ⅛ inch. Anything that is more than ⅛ inch should be inspected and taken care of because that could signify worse problems on the rise.

What To Do If You Notice A Cracked Slab?

Keeping an eye out for cracks in your foundation can save you a lot of money and time when it comes to repairing it because it allows you to find them before they get much worse and cause more damage. If you notice any type of crack on your foundation then you should contact a foundation repair company. A foundation repair company can come out to your property and inspect your foundation so that they can determine if there is damage to your foundation that needs to be repaired. They will do an in-depth inspection and tell you what types of issues you have and what methods they’re going to use to repair the cracked foundation. It’s important to remember not to stress if you notice a crack in your foundation but it’s very important to get in contact with a repair company as soon as possible.

Foundation Slab Cracks And What To Know

Overall, having a cracked slab can cause a multitude of problems if it is not repaired as soon as possible. Cracks that are less than ⅛ inch are not a cause for concern, but having cracks larger than that can indicate that there are more foundation problems and they need to be repaired. There are a lot of different methods to use to repair your foundation problems and these are chosen based on how bad the foundation damage is as well as the type of soil that is underneath your home.

If you notice a crack in a foundation slab don’t be alarmed. You should contact a foundation repair company if you notice any cracks in your foundation. Contacting a foundation repair company is beneficial because they are able to do an inspection on your foundation and find out what damages are present. They will also come up with a foundation repair method to fix the foundation in the most efficient way possible. Remember to contact a local foundation repair company if you have any concerns about your foundation.

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