5 Main Advantages & Disadvantages of Honeycomb Shades

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Honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular shades, and they have been very popular in the market of blinds recently. Though they have been available in the market of blinds for a long time now, they have picked up popularity recently.

There are many kinds of blinds and shades available in the market, and you can choose the one that works the best for you according to your needs.

In this article, we are going to discuss five main advantages and disadvantages of honeycomb shades. So keep on reading to find out more information below about honeycomb blinds.

Advantages Of Honeycomb Blinds

 1. Removal Of Cold Air

Honeycomb blinds are perfect for you no matter what kind of temperature on the climate you live in. If you live with it’s always called, then the honeycomb blinds are going to keep you warm during the winter season. But when it is summertime the honeycomb blind will keep the temperature of your home cooler. The hot and cold air will not be allowed to pass through the material of the honeycomb blind, and you will be able to feel much more relaxed and comfortable inside your home.

 2. Energy Efficiency

If you decide to install honeycomb blinds in your home, it is going to be an energy-efficient solution for you in the long run. The utility bill in your home will reduce, and the carbon footprint that you are living on the planet will be extremely low as well. Make your home more eco-friendly after the installation of honeycomb blinds.

 3. Cords

Many people, especially parents, is from the installation of window blinds in their home because they come with cords. Cords can be very dangerous for those who have toddlers at their home because children can easily get caught in the cords. The best part about honeycomb window blinds is that they are available in a cordless option for the people who have told that their home for safety purposes.

 4. Privacy

Honeycomb blinds are the best blinds that you can install in your home to ensure maximum privacy. If you have noisy neighbours who are always peeking into your home, you must install honeycomb Blinds to get rid of that issue as soon as possible.

You can install the honeycomb blinds in the front part of your house for bathrooms and bedrooms.

 5. Breakable Cords

If you decide to have cords, there is good news for you that the honeycomb blinds are available in the breakable cords as well. These breakable cords are childproof, and if someone gets stuck in them, then they can easily break it apart to set themself free. It will not break because it can be detached once again.


1. Cleaning

A disadvantage of honeycomb blinds is that they are not easy to clean and require a lot of maintenance over time.

 2. Dirt

It is designed in such a way that dirt gets stuck easily in the honeycomb blinds.

 3. Light

You cannot control the amount of light that comes into your home.

 4. Expensive

These brands are relatively expensive.

 5. Design

The design element is not that versatile.

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