What tools do you need to polish concrete?

tools to polish concrete

Concrete polishing is a technique by which you smooth the top surface of the concrete. A polishing tool uses mechanical power to cut or refine the surface of the concrete until it has the right finish. A newly polished surface will do wonders for any construction site. It is a cost-effective solution that adds to the beauty of the site exponentially. Polished concrete has a very reflective and shiny appearance. Go through the article once to know all about the concrete polishing tools and master the technique.

Polishing tools:

To polish  flawlessly, you need the right know-how and required equipment. Here is the list of tools that you must be familiar with

Grinders and polishers:

It is not only important to have the best quality grinder but it should be of proper weight and RPW. They come in a different range of sizes and may vary up to 36 inches. You can choose the size of the grinder as per the area that you need to polish. A grinder with higher RPM is usually required to polish the concrete in steps. If you have to polish floors, you must choose a diamond grinder equivalent to the HTC 800.  In addition to this, the right cutter for the grinder is as important as the grinder itself. There are two kinds of pad tools that you must have.

Metal bond tools: It is used for both grinding and polishing hard while preparing concrete floors.

Resin tools: You can use these for polishing the surface.

Industrial floor vacuum:

One of the most convenient options available in construction is the dry grinding and polishing system. However, it gives rise to a lot of dust. An industrial vacuum cleaner helps to clean up all the dust and fragments left over.

Hardening and compacting agents:

While polishing concrete, it is suggested to apply a hardener to harden the concrete and make it denser. The hardening agent makes the concrete hard and it gets easy to polish. The compacting agent not only makes the concrete floor thick but also helps it to become water-resistant and stain-free. Moreover, hardening and compacting agents make the concrete shiny for a longer period.

Different Coloring Agents, Dyes, and Stains:

If you want to bring some vibrant tones to your floor, coloring agents are the right choice. With the help of different dyes and stains, you can get the floor color of your choice. Add the color to the unpoured concrete and later polish it smooth. You will have a beautiful colored floor as per your desired theme.


With the list of the good arsenal of concrete polishing tools at your disposal, you never have to turn down concrete finishing opportunities. You just need the right tools to do the task efficiently. The article covers all the important concrete polishing tools. However, the process of polishing is a bit tricky and needs experience with the tools. You can also contact us for any professional help. The website http://www.proconcretepolishingperth.com/ will connect you to our expert construction team.

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