What is the difference between concrete polishing and grinding

Difference between concrete polishing and grinding

One of the major flooring trends today is exposed concrete floors. They are durable, long-lasting, affordable, and environmentally friendly. You can achieve a glossy shine by concrete grinding and polishing them. Although, concrete polishing and grinding seem similar and both involve leveling off the concrete but they are not. Polished concrete is more labor-intensive and needs extra steps than grinding concrete. Know the difference between the two more accurately by reading the complete article.

Difference between concrete polishing and grinding 

Concrete polishing is the mechanical process of polishing of concrete slabs. It is done with the help of engineered floor grinders fitted with industrial diamonds. Use finer grits of diamond abrasives to hone and polish the concrete. Repeat the process puntil a floor reaches the desired level of shine. You can choose a level from 1-4 that is matte to a high gloss. However, concrete grinding is a much simpler process and requires fewer grinding, honing, and polishing steps. You can achieve the gloss from a tropical sealer. Other than this, here are the  key highlights about their difference:


You can achieve a uniform look with the help of a tropical sealer while that is not true for polished concrete. The reason is that a high-performance sealer is consistent on each application. However, the polish is reliant on concrete’s profile. Concrete grinding may be beneficial for you if you want to match sealed concrete floors throughout the space. With polished concrete, the look may vary from place to place. This is because a different canvas is present and extraneous factors can affect the final finish of the polished concrete.


In terms of durability, polished concrete has a much longer life expectancy than concrete grinding. Polished concrete offers the benefits of densifying, hardening, and dust-proofing. Concrete polishing is great in high-volume spaces. It has a scratch-resistant finish and requires less maintenance.  However, you may need to reseal the sealed floors annually. Hence, it is not great for larger spaces as this can ultimately be more expensive than polished concrete.


Polished concrete is more labor and resource-intensive. Hence, it will cost you more in comparison to concrete grinding. If the area is large, it may cost you a little more than that of concrete grinding but its benefits are worth it. For smaller areas, you can choose concrete grinding.

You can apply color stains to both concrete polishing and grinding and add vibrant colors to the floor. Also, both concrete polishing and grinding protect the floor against grease, oil spills, and external stains.


Concrete polishing or grinding are perfect for many applications. For example businesses, warehouses, retail spaces, homes, restaurants, and art galleries. However, there are key differences between concrete polishing and grinding.

Know the basic difference between the two and decide what is best for you. Depending upon the choice you make, you can have refinished exposed concrete. The look can vary from low sheen to high gloss resembling glass. For more information, you can also connect to us through  our website http://www.concretepolishingauckland.co.nz/ .


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