What should you put down before pressure washing?

What should you put down before pressure washing

If you are a homeowner in Florida, you probably get all sorts of detritus on your property, from oil stains to bird guano. Your roof is likely to grow mold and moss simply because of the climate in the Sunshine State.

Pressure washing can get your home sparkling clean. However, it involves using dangerous chemicals and pressurized water. You want to protect your home and your neighbor’s property from being damaged.

There are a few steps you should take and things you should put down before pressure washing your home. If you prepare properly, you can avoid creating expensive and potentially dangerous problems for yourself.

Basic Preparation

Whether you are doing your own cleaning or using pressure washing services you should make sure that all the windows and doors are sealed tightly before you begin. It is a good idea to use sealant around the windows in case there are any small openings.

You should unplug the extension cords that you have around the house. Pressure washing uses chemicals and water, and if an extension cord gets wet, it could cause a fire or an electrocution.

Clean the area around your home completely. The tank and hose used for pressure washing are both hard to handle. If a person steps on a small item when they are using pressure washing equipment, it can make them lose control of the equipment. Make sure that your property is free of any small toys, tools, and rocks that can get left outside.

Things like garden decorations can get in the way as well. They can block areas that need to be cleaned and become damaged in the cleaning process. You paid good money for that lawn jockey, and you want to make sure that it stays looking good for a long time, so put it in a safe place while the cleaning takes place.

Cleaning a Driveway

Remove rocks, pebbles, and debris from the driveway before pressure washing begins. Start by covering any walls or doors with a tarp. If you are pressure washing the garage, you should cover the garage door before cleaning the driveway. The garage door will need to be cleaned with different chemicals than the concrete of the driveway.

You should also cover the lawn with a tarp before you begin pressure washing your home. Move your car away from the cleaning area or put it inside the garage.

Pressure Washing Your Home

You will most often power wash your home instead of pressure washing it. However, you will remove things like moss, algae, and mold with a pressure washer. You should put a tarp on your lawn and cover your windows before pressure washing begins if you are cleaning your roof.

You will want to stay inside or even vacate the premises when your home is being washed. If you do stay inside, you may want to break out those old COVID masks and put them on. They will help you to avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals.

Notify your neighbors that you are power cleaning so they can take the proper precautions as well. If you do not notify them, you may be considered responsible if there is damage to their health or property.

Pressure washing is effective and necessary to keep your home looking good. If you take the proper precautions, the process will be fast and worry-free.

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