What to Know About Sealing Concrete Driveways

Sealing is similar to painting material or coating it with a substance to protect it from external damages. Many times concrete driveways are preferred due to their strength and low maintenance. However, the poor appearance of the concrete driveway makes people go for the asphalt or other types of driveways. Sealing a concrete driveway solves this issue. Sealing is required for any type of concrete driveway whether it is a stamped pattern or a colored concrete. But often we neglect this since it is optional and end up with cracks in the driveway. Sealing will also strengthen the concrete driveway.

Choosing A Sealant:

There are different types of sealant to be chosen from. Based on the material with which the sealant is made it can be classified as Acrylic-resin based, Epoxy or polyurethane and Penetrating sealers. Many times we get less expensive sealants from the hardware stores rather than the high quality available for a concrete driveway. Although they satisfy the adequate performance, they are ineffective over a longer period.

Sealants are available in different glossy levels such as no gloss, matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss and high gloss. High gloss and gloss surface finish is provided by the solvent-based sealants whereas semi-gloss or matte finished surface is provided by water-based sealants. Selecting the sealant wisely is more important to get the complete benefits out of it.

Procedure For Sealing:

Generally sealing is done after complete curing of the concrete, i.e., after 28 days of pouring the fresh concrete. The surface should be cleaned properly and made dry before application of the sealant. In case the sealing is to be done for already existing driveway make sure the surface is clear from dirt and strain. Proper application of the sealing will provide greater benefits.

pros and cons of sealing a concrete driveway

Pros & Cons Of Sealing A Concrete Driveway:

  • Due to climate variation, the southern states of the USA are using the concrete Denver a city in Colorado where we can experience all type of weather over the year. In this changing weather condition the driveway gets easily cracked, or sometimes frost heave is formed. Sealing a concrete driveway with the right sealing material may protect it from such damages.
  • The solution for the poor appearance of the concrete driveway is sealing it with the right sealant. It prevents UV radiation which in turn prevents the color Plain grey colored concrete can be made color using tinted sealants. Sealants also fill the pores in the driveway which makes it easy for cleaning.
  • Sealing of concrete driveway reduces its regular maintenance, but it wears off over the time. Hence reapplication of the sealant is required at a regular interval of time. It also protects the driveway from strains
  • Safety is a concern when a concrete driveway is sealed especially when the glossy sealant is used. This is because of the more slippery nature of the glossy sealant. Also, some sealants may pose health and fire hazard.
  • In general, if we do a proper sealing and choose the right sealant the life of the concrete driveway will increase.

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