Things You Should Consider Before Setting a Water Pond

Having a large beautiful garden, you probably would like to relax at a water pond. It’s a welcome addition to every green area which can fill your free time with soothing sounds of running water and quieten your mind at the end of the day. This feature may significantly adorn your yard, adding a magical charm to it. 

However, before deciding to reconstruct your garden and build your unique water pond, you need to consider some crucial aspects. Some people, while thinking about the pond to be, have only the waterfall design in their minds. But that’s not the only thing you should consider. The waterfall is the last object you can add to the pond. Therefore, it’s always good to get an opinion of  a professional garden designer who can help you plan your project carefully. Designing a garden by a real amateur can only give a headache since it’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

Technical requirements

First of all, you should make a detailed plan of the improvements that are supposed to be carried out in your garden. Thus, think over the location of your potential water pond and choose the best place to set it. No matter whether it’s in the centre or in the corner, consider how much space you have to arrange. It’ll help you to determine the size, as well as the depth of the pond.

Remember that not all designs will suit your garden, so don’t fix your mind to particular ideas, but be open to different suggestions and options. Maybe the round pond won’t work in your garden, but the square shape can present equally lovely.

Hiring a garden designer

Even if you have some ready concepts in your mind, always discuss them with your garden designer. It’s worth hiring such a person since they know the potential issues you can face while trying to implement your ideas for garden improvement. Professionals usually are aware of the newest garden trends, and they can prompt you some alternative ideas, thanks to which your garden will look like a real masterpiece.

Required materials

When you have already chosen the project, and you know what to do in your garden, then you’ll need some specific materials and tools. Here, again the garden designer can give you a hand, suggesting which brands you should search for, and which brands are better to avoid. All the necessary materials are generally available in hardware shops, and online.
Choosing the elements for pond structures and equipment , remember about the highest quality so as not to repair and change them too often. Sometimes, it’s better to pay a little bit more, but be sure that the used materials are highly reliable. Moreover, while buying a pump, do the previous research on different types of them because many adjustable flow pumps can be regulated with the remote control. This little convenience will allow you to monitor the volume of your water if needed.

Waterfalls, fountains and other facilities

Another important thing that you must consider before setting a water pond in your garden is whether you want to have a waterfall or a fountain, or both. These objects are believed to serve only an aesthetic function. But that’s not the whole truth. They significantly contribute to the aeration of water, which in turn improves the general quality of water. Except for these two water features, you can think about building a rock stream with river stones.

What’s more, pond lighting also plays an important role here. Can you imagine sitting at the pond in the evening, covered only by the moonlight? As romantic as it sounds, it’s always better to have some underwater lights or lights installed in the centre of the fountain, or behind waterfalls. They can also provide you with a romantic atmosphere, at the same time not leaving you totally in darkness.

Pond plants and fish


The last thing that you must consider when you want to have a water pound is the choice of pond plants and fish. The former may diversify a lot, from a water lily to bog plants. All of them are necessary to provide fish with a natural environment, as well as give a beautiful aesthetic impression.

When it comes to fish, the choice is also extensive. Among the most popular are Koi, goldfish and mosquito fish. However, sometimes you can also come across species such as frogs and turtles.

Keeping all this information in mind, you should be prepared for making innovations in your garden. What’s the most important it’s just to follow your own ideas and listen to the expert’s advice. And for sure your garden with a new water pond will bewilder all your guests.

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