What Do You Need To Know About Termite Inspections? 

Termite inspections
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Here’s a fact- termites can make a whole lot of meal of your house. And, if we get literal, they are after the cellulose in the wood, and if your home is full of beautiful wooden furniture, you could be in for some thousands of dollars.

The sleek wooden doors, neutrally colored walls, minimalistic center tables and wood-crafted couches; it’s all quite tasty to them. And, when you see them living rent-free in your homes, there’s little you can do to get rid of them. Frankly speaking, your home remedies can be no good to these reckless insects.

So, how do you get rid of them? Fret not; you don’t need to sell off your house when you have a termite inspection on your home inspection checklist. Here’s everything you need to know about termites infestation and how an inspection can help you.

An Overview Of Termite Inspection

It’s exactly what it sounds like. An inspection done to find out if your house is infested with termites or not. And another thing to keep in mind- it’s not something for DIY enthusiasts. It’s done by the professionals. You can contact home inspection in Charlotte or other professional companies to get this done.

Here are a few things the inspector will check to figure out if your house is actually infested-

  • Hollow woods
  • Termite’s excrement that looks like wood shavings
  • Actual termite wings; they drop them off when they find their mate
  • Indentations in walls, windows and doors
  • Small mud tunnels, especially near the hollow woods or cracks
  • Termites

Another thing; they’ll look for swarmers too. Swarmers are the class of termites that have developed wings and can actually build communities. They can be found flying around the house or through their broken wings near the windows or doors.

How To Know If I Need An Inspection?

The answer is pretty ambiguous. Because termites are extremely hard to find at first, get them checked any time. Go for an inspection randomly, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be all clear. However, if it does come on the report, get rid of it as soon as possible. Don’t worry; you’ll still be lucky as you will be able to recognize the problem soon than later.

Therefore, it’s best not to wait for them to make a meal out of your house and form communities.

When To Get It Done?

Termites are known to start their dirty work during the onset of spring when they come out of their hollow tunnels after hibernating all winter long.

Regardless, there is no specific time for them to enter your home. And, because they are extremely hard to find in the initial phase, get an inspection done every once in a year, especially during the summer, to evaluate the situation sooner than later.

Moreover, never think your area can not have termites. All 49 states out of 50 have it, and unless you’re in Alaska, you got to get the inspection done regularly.

What Happens When The Pros Find Termites?

If your termite inspection reports that your house is full of termites, don’t panic. Rather, act fast. There are several ways through which you can get rid of this situation.

The first alternative would be installing baiting stations that would contain termite-killing insecticides. This will be placed near the problem areas.

However, if this doesnt work, you would have to go with a treatment called liquid barrier. In this process, the exterminator will dig a shallow trench around the house and fill it with termite-killing chemicals. The termite will be drawn towards it, and your house will be free from it.

The cost of each treatment would depend upon the area of your house and the extremity of the condition. However, on average, a single treatment could cost you around $600.

The Bottom Line

Yes, termites are small, but they can be extremely fierce. They can destroy your furniture and make your walls hollow. It’s best to get this treated sooner and not wait for them to form entire communities.

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