How to Make Your Home Uncomfortable for Pests

keep pests away from home

For countless people, their home is everything. You spend time and money making it cozy and pleasant for you and your family. However, unwittingly you are also making it comfortable for pests and bugs.

Different pests like varying conditions to live and breed in, and while you may think your home is clean and tidy you may be attracting new housemates without realizing it. How can you make your home unwelcoming and uncomfortable for these nuisances?

Why is it important to stop pests from entering your home?

Nobody wants creepy crawlies running around their home but there are bigger reasons to keep them out than the way they look. Cockroaches look horrible but the bigger problem is the health risk they pose. These creatures enter the home looking for shelter and to find food. They don’t eat just food either, they are happy to munch on paper and card too meaning they can damage wallpaper and documents. But, when they crawl on food, kitchen surfaces, and you when you are sleeping there is the risk of disease.

Many pests and bugs that enter the home carry with them bacteria and can infect humans with various diseases. It is for this reason that a home mustn’t be welcoming to these nuisances.

How do you stop pests from gaining access?

The first thing to do is to block any gaps. So you need to look at any cracks or gaps, especially ones that lead to the outside such as along pipes and vents. Check for roofing damage that can let birds or small animals such as squirrels in. Look for cracks in the walls and seal gaps around doors.

If you are doing renovations then it is harder to keep pests out so you need to take a few extra precautions. There are many reasons for renovating in the winter but unfortunately keeping pests like mice out isn’t one of them. These creatures want warmth and your home is going to provide it. To reduce this risk make sure tree branches are trimmed well away from the home so mice can’t climb in, rake up leaves and dispose of them and keep woodpiles away from the house and preferably off the ground. Also, put garbage cans away from the home too.

There are also some natural solutions to getting rid of pests and deterring them from entering.

Natural remedies for pest control

One common problem in homes is ants. Unfortunately, these little pests are extremely persistent, and finding out how to get rid of ants effectively may mean using poison. However, you can first try lavender and peppermint in a spray, a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, cayenne pepper, or diatomaceous earth.

Ants live in cracks in the walls and set up nests inside the cavities. They can make nests under paving slabs and almost anywhere that they can make tunnels. Therefore you need to spray along window ledges, door frames, and any cracks.

There are many natural solutions for other pests and here are some you can try:

  • Mice – peppermint and cayenne pepper can deter mice.
  • Rats – castor oil, citronella, and peppermint are unpleasant to rats.
  • Cockroaches – borax and sugar. The sugar will draw the cockroach in and the borax will then finish them off.
  • Termites – borax or nematodes. These are harmless worms that will eat termites.
  • Silverfish – cedar oil, boric acid, or diatomaceous earth.
  • Mosquitos – candles scented with citronella or beeswax can help deter them.
  • Flies – put potted basil on your windowsill, they hate the smell.

These are some solutions you can try to ward off pests although once some of them get in you will need stronger methods.

How do you rid yourself of pests once they are in?

In the case of some infestations, you need to call professionals. Search online for pest control in your area for instance try; pest control Panama City Florida, and you will see the best choices for you in that area.

Some pests are more troublesome to get rid of than others and some pose real health risks. If you have rats, termites, or bed bugs then you will need to take action to avoid damage to your home and your health.

What are the worst pests?

No pests are particularly nice but the health risks from rats in your home are salmonellosis and leptospirosis, not to mention the plague. Termites can cause terrible damage to wooden structures and amazingly in the US, they cause more house damage than fires or storms.

One other pest that can cause real problems is the bed bug. These creatures have been linked with depression, anxiety, and paranoia. This is not surprising when you consider that they want to feed on your blood, especially when you are sleeping. The best way to get rid of them is with diatomaceous earth which has a surprising amount of uses apart from being a natural insecticide.


Removing all attractions to pests such as leftover food and dirty dishes will help but also by using some natural solutions you may deter critters from entering your home. If this doesn’t work then it may be the point when you need to invite the professionals in.

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