The Most Effective Ways To Achieve A Pest-Free Home

Pest-Free Home

Pest infestations are an absolute nightmare for anyone. It’s tricky to note the signs of an infestation soon enough, and even when you do, it’s nearly impossible to control the problem if you don’t really know what you are doing.

Fortunately, we’ve listed some of the most effective approaches to achieving and maintaining a pest-free home all year round.

Pest Control Measures

Pest control measures should always be your first measure against infestations. Professional services know how to identify and control infestations that even you might be unaware of.

Specific infestations are also a lot more tricky to manage, like cockroaches and bed bug infestations. This is because it’s challenging to effectively locate and eliminate both nests and eggs.

With this, if you are battling a frustrating bed bug infestation, NY Bed Bug Dogs and other pest control services will control infestations and implement prevention measures quickly and effectively.

Cleaning Chores

General home cleaning chores include washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, wiping and sanitizing surfaces, doing the laundry, dusting, and vacuuming. These chores must be done regularly to keep your home clean and keep pests out.

If you are battling to juggle your daily priorities and household chores, you can rely on a residential cleaning service. These expert services are convenient and generally affordable.


Keeping your home organized is fundamental to upholding a clean environment. If your home isn’t organized, clutter and chaos will quickly arise, and you might find yourself dealing with a pest infestation because clutter and mess are perfect breeding places for pests.

Clear out cupboards every three to six months to clean and re-pack items neatly to keep your home organized. It’s also wise to store seasonal clothing in sealed containers. You should also clean clothing before storage and use pest repellent products like mothballs or repellent scents.

Home Maintenance Tasks

Home maintenance issues can also welcome pests into your home without your knowledge. Unfortunately, even the smallest wall cracks and or tiny holes can serve as an open door into your home. Moreover, cracks and holes are also perfect hiding places for pests during fumigation and extermination methods.

Whether you’re the homeowner or the tenant, home maintenance is vital for various reasons. Beyond maintaining property value, home maintenance also reduces pest infestation risks.

With the above solutions, you’ll be living in a pest-free home. But even so, it’s still important to be able to identify the signs of bug infestations. Part of identifying infestations means you’ll need to know what kind of bugs you’re looking for. Typical signs of an infestation include finding dead bugs, droppings, skin shed, and eggs. If you notice any of these concerns, consult a pest control service.

It’s also important to know the common culprits. Some of the more common pests include roaches, bed bugs, rodents, mosquitos, and ants. But if you find a bug that you can’t identify, it’s wise to take a photo and ask a professional.

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