The Most Practical Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping efforts can increase property value by as much as 77%. But even so, most homeowners dread yard maintenance; mowing the lawn is both mundane and strenuous, and we’ve all got pretty chaotic schedules. So, spending so much of your valuable free time mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and trimming trees is understandably not enriching in the slightest for most.

Fortunately, with these low-maintenance landscaping ideas, you’ll have an immaculate yard all year round without having to devote too much of your time to yard chores.

Artificial Lawn

Lawn care is essential, although anyone that’s ever invested time towards lawn care knows the challenges. Lawn mowing is an exceptionally time-consuming gardening chore, so it makes sense that reducing the amount of lawn is the best way to speed up the process.

What’s more, you can also consider replacing your lawn with artificial turf to eliminate the chore of mowing the lawn altogether. With an artificial lawn, you also won’t need to worry about watering or reviving dead patches. Moreover, you can find artificial turf in Utah and other areas easily online.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

Some plants need constant love and care, while others thrive on near-neglect. As a result, some plants are easier to keep alive than others.

It’s wise to choose low-maintenance plants like snake plants, blue bugle, Lomandra lime tuff, and several others. With low-maintenance plants, yard maintenance will decrease substantially because these plants won’t demand much of your time and attention.

Use Decor Statements

There are tons of decor statements to make in a landscaping plan, even if you’re after low-maintenance solutions. Decor statements like a rockery display, a water feature, or a fish pond are all relatively low-maintenance ideas.

Adding just one statement piece to your landscaping design can substantially change property value and the overall charm your garden area has to offer.

Automatic Watering System

Even if you install artificial turf, you’ll probably still need to water the plants. Moreover, even low-maintenance plants need some level of care.

But even so, you can still eliminate the chore of watering your garden by installing an automatic irrigation system. These sprinkler systems work with timers, so your plants will get all the care they need to thrive without you having to remember.

What’s more, you can also take the DIY approach with this solution and install the irrigation system yourself. This task is relatively straightforward, although you will need to plan the installation and ensure you have all the right tools.

Consider Relying On A Landscaping Service

Landscaping chores can be a burden for anyone with a busy schedule. Fortunately, there is still the solution of relying on a residential landscaping service if you simply can’t keep up with this maintenance checklist on your own.

These services are pretty affordable, and your yard will be well-manicured all year round. So, if the above solutions to reduce yard maintenance don’t suffice, look for a reliable landscaping service to handle this area of property maintenance for you.

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