How to Deal with Pests in Your Apartment

How to deal with pests in your apartment

Finding an unwanted company in your apartment is a horrible thing. It is one thing that both renters and homeowners fear alike. You may think the worst ones are the ones that don’t pay rent. You would be right but the ones that this article is talking about are the ones that come in infestations. No one can relax in a home where you have seen bed bugs, mice, or moths. Other than calling pest control services in New Jersey, here are just a few tips on how to discourage these horrible pests from making their home in your home.

Bed Bugs

These horrible little guys are one of the worst things you can find, especially if you are renting a new apartment. They often enter through clothing, used furniture, and luggage. The bug itself is quite small, around that of an apple pip, but is very brown. They are usually found in the bed, hence their name. If you think you have found one, check everywhere, there is never just one on its own. In order to get rid of these guys, you will have to call an exterminator and perhaps get rid of your mattress. If they get to your skin, they usually leave itchy, red bites.

Mice and Rats

These are most common in city apartments. If one has managed to find its way into your apartment, you should let your neighbors know as well. If they got into yours, they are likely in everybody else’s as well. While you are waiting for someone to come and deal with these pests, you can try and find where they came into your apartment and block it up and then try a deep clean. Rodents like these are attracted to food and trash. You could also invest in some traps, but these don’t always work, and you will have to deal with the problem if it does.

Pantry moths

If you notice that your cereal or flour has started to smell unpleasant, or you have been noticing webbing inside of boxed food packages, it is likely you have moths. Keep an eye out for their larvae in the boxes of cereal or a cocoon near your dry foods. It goes without saying, you should throw everything that is infested out. You will need to do a deep cleaning of your kitchen in order to get rid of these.


One of the most difficult pests to deal with. These, like other pests, will get everywhere so you should definitely let your neighbors know if you come across any. Again, an exterminator may be required. What you can do is clean and keep tidying crumbs. You can also get chemical spray treatments to help get rid of them. Cockroaches like warm tight places so check behind kitchen units and the fridge.

Dealing with pests

Home is where you should be able to relax. You won’t be able to do that with pests infesting it. The key is not to panic. Contact an exterminator and seek their advice. They will often be able to tell you what you can do to get rid of them.

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