What are the factors that affect air duct cleaning cost in Jacksonville FL?

If you are wondering about the air duct cleaning Jacksonville FL cost, here is the complete guide you should check out. On average, most professional companies charge between $500 and $700 for air duct cleaning in Florida. Some of the factors that determine the air duct cleaning cost are as follows:

  • The contractor you are hiring
  • Location of the ducts
  • Size of the home
  • How dirty your air ducts are

Let us discuss these factors in detail to hire the best company for duct cleaning Jacksonville FL. Do you want a quick estimate for air duct cleaning? Give a call to Envirovac and the certified technicians will determine your home and give an instant quote. 

Factors that influence air duct cleaning cost in Jacksonville FL

  1. The contractor you are hiring: One of the most important and biggest factors to think about when you want to clean your air ducts is the contractors. Most people think that quality contractors are expensive and drop the idea of hiring after getting their quote.  Remember, you get quality services when you pay a few dollars extra. High priced contractors do excellent work and offer solid guarantees. If you are hiring a low priced contractor for air duct cleaning near Jacksonville FL, there are very fewer chances to get good work. Moreover, their services will remain not worth what you are spending and you may even face more issues.  So, thinking before spending your money is a wise decision. You need to understand if you are availing a service in cheap which is not bringing the desired results; your money will be wasted.  You may hire contractors who seem to be promising. You may also consider if someone in your acquaintances has already hired their service.  You will have an idea of what kind of work they will deliver. 

Remember a bad contractor can cause issues such as:

  • Causing harm to ceilings and walls
  • Damaging the ductwork due to carelessness
  • Releasing dust from the air ducts directly into the home

1. Location of the ducts: If the ductwork is located in ceilings and attic, it is simple to access. Anyone can reach to such area and do the cleaning.  In some commercial and residential areas, ducts will be set up behind the walls or in a hard to reach location. In such situations, the cleaning procedure will be tough and the contractor may charge extra. They charge extra because of the exertion of accessing various areas of the ducts. If the worker is skillful, he will reach the area and will do the chore.  In this case, if the contractor is demanding more, it is worth to pay him.

2. Size of the home: The contractor would charge a hefty sum if your house is big. It is because the big house will have more challenging ductwork than the small home. It will take a long time to clean the entire unit. Big area demands more work. You have to put more effort and more time is spent on dealing with a larger area.

3. How dirty your air ducts are: If the air ducts are dirty, it will take a lot of time to clean completely. Moreover, the technicians need to utilize special equipment to get rid of the excessive accumulation of debris and dust that could increase the cleaning costs. Some of the signs of dirty ducts are as follows:

  • The airflow will be weak from the supply vents
  • Your air filters become dirty frequently
  • You or your family member experiences increased allergies
  • You notice dust settling frequently on furniture close to vents
  • You notice dust driving from the vents

Tips to avoid hiring a wrong air duct cleaning contractor in Jacksonville FL

If you are noticing any of these warning signs in your contractor, then do not hire such contractors. 

  • When they give a super low quote: Some air duct cleaning companies will give a cheap quote which you would feel surprised to compare with other companies. Remember, the level of service depends upon how much you are paying. Low priced contractors do not provide quality work. It is recommended to approach or shortlist a cleaning company that charges between $500 and $700. The company which is providing work at high prices would be aware of the fact that no one will approach them again for the work if they are not providing good quality services. So, do not hesitate and hire a good company even if they are demanding a bit higher price than the others.
  • When the contractor does not provide a written estimate or free inspection: The contractor should perform services as to how they promise. It is always best to get a written quote before hiring them. If the contractor charges for giving a quote, it is best to look for companies that offer a free quote. There are several duct cleaning contractors in Jacksonville FL that provide a free quote after inspecting your house. A written contract makes a person bound that he will provide services according to what has been decided.  Whether you are deciding about what work will be delivered or what will be the cost of the work, a written agreement will make both parties feel confident.
  • When the contractor is not licensed: It is always recommended to see what kind of license the contractor holds before hiring. Duct cleaners in Florida should have certifications like A class air conditioning contractor, mechanical contractor, etc.  We all can understand if a person or a company has a license or any kind of certification, they might be worthy of doing something. At least we can expect them to work better than any unprofessional one. They might have some skills that they got the certification.

If you are finding it hard to shortlist a duct cleaning company, get in touch with Envirovac.

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