Best Sofa Slipcover in 2022

best sofa slipcover
Best Sofa Slipcover

Why get home if you’re not comfortable with it? Many things can make your house feel like home, and a soft cushy couch is one of them. What do you do when you want to give a fresh feel in your living room and don’t have the budget for a new sofa?

The best sofa slipcovers will be the most convenient and affordable way to give a fresh look to your sofa and living room. Additionally, it can improve your comfort and even protect the sofa from dirt or pet’s hair. Covering couches may be the best thing since sliced bread, and you should check several sofa covers for so many reasons.

A variety of colors, resistance to wear and tear good foam anchors, and soft-touch feel are some aspects of looking for the best sofa slipcovers. The type and a high number of options for sofa covers are overwhelming, but you should stay focus on how you want your covers to be.

The diversity of couch covers is impressive, so keep reading to decide which box cushion sofa slipcover to buy.

Top 5 Sofa Slipcover Reviews

Customers buying on a fixed budget shouldn’t have to make any compromises in terms of quality or looks for their sofa slipcovers. The CHUN YI Stretch Sofa Slipcover 1-Piece Couch Cover Furniture Protector makes a great sofa cover for a fair price, so you should go over the details.

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The box cushion sofa slipcover is made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex fabric, which explains the high elasticity and the soft-touch feel against the skin. The sofa cover is durable and provides comfort use for a fair amount of time. It will protect your sofa from stains and spills and provide the rejuvenated look for your somehow old couch.

It’s available in numerous and pretty colors, improving the appearance in any living room. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and you should read the guide for the best fit.

As it’s made with stretchy fabric, the sofa couch cover will fit couches of all sorts of shapes. You may use the couches covers for T-cushion sofa, Lawson couch, leather couch, Chesterfield couch, and so on.

The cover for couch is large enough to cover even the back of your couch, for all-round protection. It comes with anti-slip foam strips, so you will be able to tuck it into the grooves where you need it for a sure fit. The bottom is elasticized so that the slipcover will stay in place.

Cleaning the slipcover for your couch shouldn’t be a problem, either. Just wash it with similar colors, without bleaching. Tumble dry low for drying, taking it out of the dryer when it’s done.

The Pros:

  • It’s affordable and reliable.
  • It ensures all-round protection.
  • It stays in place and comes with anti-slip foam strips.
  • It fits couches of all sorts of shapes.

The Cons:

  • The colors may be off from what you see on the website.
  • The instruction is poor, which makes installation quite tricky.

For the buck you’re paying, this couch slipcover could be the best and easiest way to give your living room a fresh feel.

Should you look for a new feel in your home without emptying your wallet, the PureFit Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover will make an excellent cover for your couch.

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The best options are stretchy and lovely looking, which is why you should buy this slipcover. The slipcover makes the best option for a three-seater sofa, so sure fit will never be a problem with this one. The sofa cover is made to match sofa of different sizes, stretching to 66” with seat width up to 90”.

The cushion slipcover will look great in your living room, but it will also protect the sofa from daily tears and wears scratches from pets, and accidental spills.  The slipcover presents a non-skid elastic bottom and reliable non-slip foam anchors, making the lounge slip-resistant. The couch cover will not snag, shit, wrinkle, or slip even after sleeping on it.

Installation is straightforward, as you just need to slip it on. Make sure to tuck the extra material, placing the foam anchors into creased for best fit. You won’t notice the foam anchors; you will just enjoy the sure fit!

The sofa slipcover is machine washable at 86F degrees, but you should never iron or bleach it. The best part about it? You want the sofa slipcovers to look very natural on your sofa,  and this one is some of the best to buy for less than $30.

The Pros:

  • It has a great appearance and comes in 10 colors.
  • It’s very stretchy and comfortable to install
  • It’s protective and soft against the skin.
  • The overall value for the price is very impressive

The Cons:

  • The risk of becoming untucked isn’t null.
  • The fabric is somewhat thin.

As long as you focus on the goods, which are so many, you should be happy to buy a slipcover that gives a fresh new feel to your couch for a fantastic price.

The popularity of Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover speaks loudly, and this couches cover may be one of the best models out there.

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For an excellent price, you will get a sofa cover to protect the sofa from stains and daily wear. High-quality sofa slipcovers are protective and take a long time use, and this one surely ticks the boxes. It will give a sure fit to the total sitting area of 60-81in.

You will be able to find the perfect color of sofa cover as there are numerous colors to choose from. The colors run right, so there aren’t going to be any issues after you buy it.

Even if the installation of the slipcover is rather effortless, you should still carefully read the instructions. However, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to cover the sofa with the new cover. It comes with stickers on every part which ease out the installation of the couch cover.

Once installed, the slipcover feels very soft and comfortable, as it’s made with 20% spandex and 80% polyester. It’s a high-quality stretchy fabric that gives a nice feel against the skin. It doesn’t have a cheap feel at all. The foam anchors will help you keep the cover in place, and get the sure fit for the perfect look.

A couch cover that isn’t machine washable is useless, but it’s not the case for this one. Use water at 30 C degrees for machine washing and mild laundry detergent. Don’t use bleach, and never iron the sofa slipcover.

On top of everything else, the cover is of excellent value for the money, which undoubtedly explains the popularity.

The Pros:

  • It comes in numerous colors and sizes.
  • The fabric is stretchy and has a soft touch feel.
  • It’s easy to install
  • It allows for machine washing.

The Cons:

  • The foam anchors are a tad soft, so you may have to use something else.
  • If you have dogs, this cover will not handle the scratches for a lifetime.

Whenever you want to have a fresh vibe in your home or protect your sofa, this cover for the couch will be an excellent buy for sure.

If you’re looking for a cover that brings more to the table, the Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover Reversible Sofa Cover is a reliable choice.

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For an excellent price, you get an elegant cover for your sofa that is reversible and elegant. The slipcover for your couch has an aesthetically pleasing quilted texture, which ensures better wear and tears resistance. The cushion sofa slipcover is made with thick microfiber that is water-resistant. It will protect the couch from spills, stains, wear and tear, and it’s one of the best sofa covers for customers with children or pets (or both).

Moreover, the cover has a pleasant feel to touch, helping you feel comfy while sitting on the couch.

For a sure fit, you will have to make the measurements. The cover is easy to tuck in and comes with two foam pipes for a better and tighter fit. The risk for sliding is minor as the cover features elastic straps. You may use the straps for keeping it in place over your couch. There are also long arm flaps, for a better fit on your soda. It’s available in various colors.

It’s easy to take care of the cover as it’s machine washable at 86F degrees (30C degrees). For more prolonged use, make sure to use only mild laundry detergents, avoiding bleaching.

The Pros:

  • It’s a reversible cover with attractive quilted texture.
  • It’s made water-resistant and thick microfiber
  • It comes with elastic straps and foam pipes for a sure fit.
  • It looks durable and elegant.

The Cons:

  • The arm flaps are a tad narrow, according to some.
  • Not everyone goes for the quilted texture.

All in all, the cover will look elegant on any couch, especially in a home with children or pets.

Customers who don’t mind to buy a pricier slipcover for their couch should be more than happy when buying the Surefit Home Décor Ultimate Stretch Leather Four Piece Slipcover.

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This slipcover is made to fit sofas 74″ to 96″ when making the measures outside arm to arm. The fabric is 87% polyester and 13% spandex but has an amazingly leather feel and exquisite appearance. It’s a thick and texture-rich fabric reminding of a club chair leather. It’s a polyester-spandex fabric taking long time wear while ensuring your most pleasant comfort while sitting on your couch. Friends coming over will think that you’ve just bought yourself a new couch- that’s how great this box cushion slipcover looks! The luxurious straddle stitched detailing help!

The stretch slipcover features an elastic hem and fasteners and a separate zippered cushion cover with the back band for best fit. The drawstrings of the back of the covers for cushions will help them fit tightly on every couch. Despite the leathery feel, the slipcover will not slip but stay in place for a long time.

Apart from being beautiful and comfortable, the slipcover handles wear very well too. Removing pet hair from it is rather effortless.

It’s a machine washable box cushion cover that requires separate washing, in some cold water on a gentle cycle. Make sure you only tumble dry low, without using bleach. You shouldn’t iron the box cushion sofa slipcover.

For those determined to get a slipcover for many years to come, this one is best out there to buy.

The Pros:

  • It looks exquisite, and it’s very well made.
  • It comes with elastic hem, fasteners for the best fit.
  • The cushion covers are zippered and have an adjustable back band.
  • It will be wear for a long time.

The Cons:

  • It’s not a cheap slipcover.
  • It’s not leather, as some may think.

Keep your eyes on the positive aspects and make sure you’re ready to make the splurge for a slipcover that will improve your comfort and give the impression you just got yourself a new couch.

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