12 Home Redesign Tips Inspired By Great Literature (Book Nook Guide Included)

Home Redesign Tips Inspired By Literature

In literature, every book is a journey waiting to unfold. But what if you could bring the magic of your favorite tales into your home? As a design buff and a big reader (or an aspiring one), you can add elements of your favorite books into your space, making it feel like you live inside the story.

Is It Wise To Draw Interior Design Inspiration From Books?

Drawing interior design inspiration from favorite books guarantees  a unique and personal approach, infusing spaces with literary charm. It adds a touch of nostalgia and personal meaning to your living spaces, creating an environment that reflects your literary tastes.

12 Ideas On How To Incorporate Your Fave Book Into Interior Design

These ideas don’t mean you must go full fan and turn your home into a sanctuary of your favorite book. Just add a few elements to make it feel slightly more fairytale-y.

1. Cozy Corners à la Harry Potter

Channel the warmth of the Gryffindor common room into your living space with cozy corners. Plush cushions, throws, and a touch of wizardry in the form of strategically placed candles.

2. Wonderland Whimsy for the Kids’ Room

Turn your children’s room into a Wonderland of whimsy inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic with playful patterns, vibrant colors, and quirky decor elements.

3. Gatsby Glamour in the Dining Room

Host dazzling soirees inspired by the roaring twenties with a Gatsby-inspired dining room. Art Deco accents, mirrored surfaces, and a touch of opulence in your table setting can elevate your dining experience to a lavish affair.

4. Nautical Nook à la Moby Dick

Bring the spirit of the sea into your study with a nautical nook inspired by Herman Melville’s epic tale – rich blues, weathered wood, and maritime decor elements.

5. Intimate Space, Approved By Christian Grey

Whether it’s a little box that holds your g spot vibrator or a whole cupboard filled with naughty things, have a little space that you dedicate to pleasure, just like Mister Grey did with his Red Room. While he was locking away a kinky part of himself, you can pay tribute to it and cast the shame away.

6. Modern Minimalism with Fahrenheit 451 Vibes

Embrace the futuristic minimalism of Fahrenheit 451 in your home office. Clean lines, monochromatic tones, and sleek furnishings create a space that fosters focus and contemplation sans the threat of book burning.

7. Jane Austen’s Elegance in the Drawing Room

Transform your drawing room into a haven of Jane Austen elegance. Soft pastels, refined furniture, and delicate floral patterns can capture the grace and charm of Austen’s Regency-era novels.

And, Of Course, A Book Nook Guide

Any home redesign inspired by a great literary story won’t be complete without some tips on setting up a book nook.

  • Choose a quiet corner with ample natural light.
  • Add a comfy chair or window seat with plush cushions.
  • Install soft, warm lighting for a cozy ambiance.
  • Include a small table for your favorite beverage or snacks.
  • Incorporate soft textiles like blankets and rugs for added comfort.

Book Buff Or Not, You Can Draw Inspiration From Literature

It doesn’t matter if the story you chose to be inspired by in your design is one that touched your soul or simply the one you like the aesthetic of. Based on a big literature lore, your design will look consistent and unique.

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