How to Identify and Remove Pool Stains

A gorgeous, spotless pool is worth a thousand words – particularly on a scorching, sunny day after a long winter. Your pool is fresh; the sun is shining; the barbeque is ready to be served.  Everything is perfect for your first pool party of the season until you mark that …

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Roof Restoration: Tips to getting it right in Melbourne

While most people regard their house as their greatest asset, very few actually realize the importance of keeping it well maintained. If you are a responsible homeowner, you’ll probably know about every aspect of home maintenance, or at least the most important ones. While a strong, modern home is meant …

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Top tips for buying a new build home

Buying a new home is not the easiest thing. This process is time-consuming. After all, you need to deal with each item to choose the right house. The main thing to remember when buying a new build home is that the process should not be spontaneous and emotional. Before deciding …

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Why Hire A Locksmith In Vancouver, BC

why hire locksmith in vancouver

Have you ever experienced being locked out of your house or your car in Vancouver? Imagine getting off for work, and suddenly you have to deal with this kind of situation. It is the very least thing that you would like to happen to a person in a busy place, …

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9 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Dryer in Top Condition

clothes hung to dry

Your tumble dryer is one of the most essential appliances in your home, and most people use their dryer on a regular basis. Whether you have just invested in a new dryer or want to make sure that your existing one lasts for as long as possible, there are several …

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Small space living ideas and essentials

sofa doesn't fit in tiny space

Home is not a place, but a feeling! It is important that your home understands your feels and vibes, only then you will enjoy every corner of the house. While in a larger space it is easy to get your vibes too, in a small space, fitting everything can be …

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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home With Minimal Spending

Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Rejuvenating your living space can have immense benefits for both your physical and mental health. Sometimes, life can get so hectic that sometimes we just need a change of environment. However, it’s also okay for your budget to be a bit restricted from time to time, especially in today’s climate. …

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Remodel, Renovate, Restore: The 3 Rs of Home Improvement

Remodel, Renovate, Restore

Whether you just bought your first house for a growing family, finally have enough saved up for your dream home, or are looking to invest in real estate as a business, homeowners have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Though real estate often appreciates over time, it is …

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Improve your bathroom’s aesthetics with bathroom wall panels

Are you tired of looking at the old, dirty tiles of your bathroom? Bathroom wall panels will help instil a feeling of luxury and calmness into your bathroom. They are highly cost-effective in comparison to the massive aesthetic improvement that you get from it. Water-resistant wall cladding methods are more suited to …

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Staying Cool with Portable Air Conditioners

portable air conditioner sitting on the floor in room

Maybe you’ve just moved into your dream house and have discovered that the AC unit isn’t working correctly. Or maybe you have a room in your house that doesn’t receive airflow. Or maybe you are dealing with a scorcher of a summer and your current unit can’t keep things as …

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