6 Ways to Achieve the Best Use Out Of Your Bay Windows

Ultimate Guide to Fully Utilising Your Bay Windows

Bay windows are large windows that extend to the outside of the home. They are commonly comprised of a single window in the center and two more windows on the side. There is also another same kind of window known as bow windows. The difference between these two designs of windows is that bow windows usually comprise of four or varying windows and creates a more rounded appearance on the exterior of your home.

Bays windows have existed since medieval times, and they are some of the most popular types of windows nowadays. They are great in allowing natural light into your home. Just like bow windows, bay windows also increase the space in your home, thanks to their extension outside.

Window Seating

This is a popular way homeowners make use of their bay windows. You can put pillows on the window to make it comfortable to sit on. However, one thing you shouldn’t forget when making the window seating is the real cushions that you will utilize for the window seat.

Indoor Garden

Indoor garden windows offers a great source of natural light and a great opportunity to make your indoor garden. When choosing the right type of plants to grow there, you should consider the direction in which your windows are facing. Each direction the window is facing will give a varying level of sunlight, and that will determine which plant to grow.

Kitchen Baguette

This is among the chicest ways that most homeowners make use out of their bay windows. If you don’t want to make it a window seating, then you can pull over the chairs and tables near the window and utilise it as a dining area. You will enjoy ample view and natural sunlight as you enjoy your yummy dinner.

Extra Storage

Many people don’t have a lot of space in their homes to store some properties. Therefore, you can transform the bay windows into an extra storage space. Besides, if you have made it as a window seating, you can still use the space underneath to store bags and other things.

Bar Area

If you like inviting people to your home for celebrations, then you can use the bay window space as a bar area. The natural light will light up the entire area making your barware beautiful and shimmery.

Home Office

This is yet another creative way you can make use of your bay windows Saskatoon. You can opt to put a table up there and come up with comfortable study space. Nevertheless, there are things you should think about such as the height of the window and also the sunlight.

Other uses include free standing radiator cover, look out point and, showcase décor and extra floor space.

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