Sash windows can be part of a cozy home too

Sash windows can be part of a cozy home too

Did you know you were original sash windows can be upgraded with draught proofing, repairs, and even double glazing to the original frame? These upgrades result in a far more comfortable ambience. In this article we are going to look at how old sash windows can be brought up to modern standards.

Sash window draught proofing

Sash window draught proofing is an extremely effective method of cutting the cold from entering your home. Sash window draught proofing works by sealing all of the gaps that are required so that a sash window can travel properly.

A total of 3 mm is required for smooth travel of a sash window. Of course, you would like to be able to use our windows, this is where the brush pile draught proofing is so effective. By flexibly filling the gap, we can significantly reduce the draughts, but still have a window that functions correctly.

If your sash windows are rattly and cold sash window draught proofing can help reduce your energy bills by as much as £25 per window per year. It’s always worthwhile having your sash windows re-corded and counterbalanced properly at the same time. It makes sense to do so since the windows require removal to install the draught proofing system, hidden and rebated within the frames. Also, In some cases listed building sash windows should not be removed unless planning permission approved.

Sash window repair

Have you ever wondered why moisture begins to seep through underneath the Sills and window boards in your home? This is because sash window repair and maintenance has not been kept up. If you do not seal and keep the timber free from rot, moisture will be able to make its way through the frame to the inside of your property.

Sash window repair can solve these common issues. Simply maintaining and painting the windows can have a positive effect on the internal aspect of your property. Also, keeping up maintenance radially will help to prevent one huge bill.

Double glazed sash windows

Traditional single glazed sliding sash windows have always been noisy, drafty, rattle, and allowed dust ingress. In the last 20 years we’ve developed modern double glazing technology that can be installed into a traditional single glazed sliding sash windows. This double glazing comes with us slimline edge. Allows us to keep traditional sliding sash windows looking elegant, keeping with traditional Victorian properties, allowing the most modern technology and thermal efficiency. Not to mention, double glazing is now extremely effective at keeping the noise out.

Whilst it’s not possible to double glaze old sash windows because some are too slender, it’s certainly possible to reuse the existing frame and manufacture to new sashes like-for-like. This can save considerably on entire replacement. Many sash window companies are now offering this service because complete replacement is exorbitantly priced.

This effective solution provides most of the thermal and acoustic properties of a complete sash window but costs just half and comes with a comprehensive guarantee from most quality installations. You can find more information about double glazing sash windows on the comprehensive resource provided. You’ll be able to see that you there’s even the option to reuse the existing original sash if the panel has enough depth to carry a double glazed unit.

In summary old sash windows don’t have to be a problem in your home and can certainly be brought up to comfortable modern standards allowing for a comfortable ambience. Very typically, modern windows such as UPVC and aluminium are now removed, traditional hardwood timber sliding sash windows are actually now being refitted due to their incredible acoustic and thermal efficiency. So when people ask is it worth replacing my sash windows? The answer is categorically, no! Obviously, this is because traditional sash windows look stunning.

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