To Renovate your house or Not?

Questions to ask yourself before deciding to renovate your home.

Home renovation is not a joke, especially with the fact that it should be allocated with an ample amount of budget. Can’t decide whether to renovate your home or not? The following questions can help you in the decision-making.

What is the current condition of your house?

It is always advisable (and common sense too, if I may add) to check the health percentage of the entire house before going on major repairs.

If the house is completely perfect to dwell on, renovating should not be the best option just because you want a diverse view of the house. You can try redecorating or redesigning it.

If the first question doesn’t give you a concrete view, the second one will enlighten you. So, keep on reading.

Is it a need or a want?

In almost every decision-making, it is important that we carefully decide what the end goal will be. Is it our needs or our wants?

A need is something that is essential for your daily living like you need air, water, and food to survive.

A want is something your body or mind desires for the sake of pleasure, appraisal, or self-satisfaction, like you want an iPhone or a pair of boots to be in trend.

For a house that is seemingly unsafe for everyone’s sake (e.g. old walls and foundations, roof leakage, cracks on the ceilings, building a fence for protection), renovation and consolidation is direly needed at the soonest possible time. Also, if the house is for sale at a future date, remodeling might be a need for property appraisal.

If these are your reasons for remodeling the house, there are Chicago masonry contractors for who can guide you and can inform you about the things that are needed to be done for your home.

Is it within your budget?

Budget is one of the biggest factors you need to consider in home renovations because, obviously, you can’t commence it without a budget. Need I say more?

Well, this questions should not supersede the first question above even if you have the right amount. Why? Because you can always use that budget for more important matters or you can use that for a much relevant renovation in a future date. Don’t rush into things that aren’t meant to be rushed.


If you don’t have the budget but you want to remodel the house, take note that it is not advisable to go for a home loan. You wouldn’t want the burden if the interest and the repayment crawl in after the renovation just because you envy a friend who happen to have his fence remodeled. Saving for the renovation is better than applying for a home loan. Again, needs over wants should prevail.

Is it timely for renovation?

There are three things to consider before we can say that the renovation will fall within the perfect timing; the climate, the demand and supply of the materials to be used, and the contractors’ capacity within the locale.

It sure is best to do remodeling under a bright summer sky but the supplies might be of high prices because the contractors’ works are at its peak. Complicated isn’t it? Don’t fret.

It is best to buy some of the supplies ahead of peak seasons while some of the repairs can be done at any climate especially if it is indoor. All in all, it seems good to renovate one part at a time if you’re aiming for the perfect timing.

Once you got a ⅔ Yes for the questions above, you can now conclude that your house can now go under renovations.

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