The benefits of energy efficient windows and doors

Your home is your castle, but it also an infrastructure project that needs to be maintained with regular updates and upgrades. When you look at your home, you need to see it as a source of comfort, but also as an expensive proposition if you aren’t keeping up with regular updates. Single pane windows and old doors that aren’t sealed or lack insulation are the biggest sources of heat leaks that can be inflicted upon your home. If money up in smoke is of no concern to you or your carbon footprint growing then replacing your windows and doors won’t be part of your home’s maintenance package. If you value the money you spend heating and cooling your home, replacing old windows and doors with new, energy-efficient windows and doors, contact us at AM Window and Door Solutions. We have the expertise and experience to retrofit your home with quality products that will reduce your energy consumption and improve the quality of life in your home.


Develop your strategy with AM Window and Door Solutions

  • The greatest heat or cooling loss a home experience comes from outdated windows and doors. Single-pane windowswindows release a great deal of hard earned money because they are single pane windows. They are unable to prevent heat loss, that is a given, updating to double or triple-pane glass will prevent leaks and reduce energy use. This will improve your financial position for your monthly expenses.
  • During peak heating and cooling sessions – in winter and summer – your furnace and Air Conditioner will not be working as hard as they used to when you install new windows and doors.
  • Double and triple-pane windows will control humidity in the winter there will be no frost accumulation inside the windows.
  • The sun can be an unforgiving nemesis, it will fade the colour of your carpet and cause your furniture to lose its lustre when exposed to UV rays. When you buy energy-efficient windows from AM Window and Door Solutions you can count on low-E coatings to be applied to the glass. This will reduce the UV penetration into your home and keep it is cool in the summer.
  • In conjunction with the low-E coating, the improved light benefit for your home will improve the mood of your family and the quality of life you experience.
  • New doors can provide great value, as long as they come with two important features – insulation and a quality seal at the frame. Insulated doors will keep more heat and coolness in than standard wood doors, and an airtight seal works in concert with the insulation.

For your windows and doors solution that provides energy efficiency and improved quality of life, AM Window and Door Solutions is the only company to select. We are a three-generation company that has over 60-years of service to the industry. Our installers are licensed and insured to protect a homeowner and our 10-year warranty for labour is by far the longest in our business. The materials we install will come with a manufacturer’s warranty that you can count on if there are problems in the future.

At AM Window and Door Solutions, our experts are ready to help you chart a course to energy efficiency through the installation of new windows and doors. For a consultation that comes with a free estimate, please contact us at AM Window and Door Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

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