Tricks to Keep Your House Cozy This Winter

Winters are good. Aren’t they? You get the snow, the Christmas and not to mention the delicious food on your table. Everything feels so good except just one small, tiny problem.

The house has to be warm. Nothing feels good when you have to constantly worry about keeping yourself warm without burdening yourself with layers of clothes.

I like my home to be my abode where I can relax without worrying too much anything, least of all the nagging cold air.

So, I started out to battle this beast and did what people usually do when encountered with problem of such magnitude . I talked to the folks, googled some stuff and voila!!! I had a range of solutions. Worry not people, I am going to share all of it with you right here. What is your need???

First thing first. Decide on your needs. What I mean is everyone has their separate requirements. Whether you want to warm the entire house or just a small portion of it.

Do you want to be energy efficient and save on the expensive electricity or go all out without a care of the costs.The solution depends on what you need. If you are done with this part then the work is half done and I will give you some tips on how you can tackle the cold war.

The most economical and environment friendly steps first. Insulate your home the basic reason of your place being cold is that warm air from your home is going outside and the cold air is travelling inside. Duh!!! Don’t we all know it. But have you taken care of it??

Here are a few things you can do to keep your precious warm air inside:

Have rugs: It prevent warm air from escaping under the floor. Having thick curtains reduces the air going from inside to outside and vice-versa.

Sealing windows using bubble wraps and water: Put water on bubbly side of the wrap and apply some water on the window. Then just stick the wrap with bubbly side facing the window and smooth side facing the inside of your home. It will insulate the air and you can remove it whenever you want, without leaving stains on your window.

And I used to think that bubble wraps are just a very good time pass. Or you could use a transparent film and tape to seal the windows. Sealing underside of doors: There are several door seals available in a hardware store. Some of them like Cinch door seals are very easy to use. Just peel it off and plug it.

Forget the screws. And it is not permanent, so you can remove it whenever you want to. Here are some video links to seal the door and windows.

Additionally, you could have a fireplace which is less expensive than gas and would give a classic look to your home.

If you follow the above methods your home should be a lot warmer and it would not even cost you much except for the fireplaces.

However, for those of you, who still need the big guns to fight this war or don’t want to do the above, here is a tool for you: SPACE HEATERS. These gifts to mankind are convenient tools which can warm your surrounding quickly and they come in various forms. Which one to pick depends on your requirements. Basic questions that come with these heaters are:

  1. Whether it will heat my space adequately.
  2. How much energy efficient it is? So here is a list of factors to be considered before buying a space heater. TYPE There are majorly 3 kinds of space heaters.

Before we go any further, you should consider reading this amazing guidebook to ethanol fireplaces to ease your choice in the future.

Convection heaters which work on the principle of convection loop and suitable for providing even, whole-room heating. Radiant heaters that come with a fan and deliver quick, spot-heating in small-spaces.

Micathermic-heaters offer fast, widespread-heat while saving space. Heating Capacity It is determined by heater wattage rating.

In general, 10 watts of heating power is used to heat each square foot of your space. Energy Efficiency If you don’t want your electricity bill to drill a hole in your wallet, it would be wise to compare the model based on your environment and your space. Plus, it would be good to have a heater with energy saving modes, programmable timers and adjustable thermostats Safety Space heaters can easily cause fire.

So, before you select a model ensure that it has a switch which turns off the unit when it is tipped off. And it must contain overheat protection.

When you shop-for an electric space-heater, look for a-label from a recognized-testing laboratory such-as Underwriters Laboratory, Intertek, or Canadian Standards-Association verifying that the-heater’s construction & performance meet voluntary-U.S. safety standards.

Features Needless to say, compare the price and the warranty terms that come with it. Baseboard heating Another good option is Baseboard heating which provides an excellent-solution for homes-that do not need a whole-house heating-system.

They provide zoned-heating, which allows-you to heat individual-rooms as needed, & they require very-little maintenance. Installing a-baseboard heater is a-task most homeowners can-do themselves, & it takes no-more than couple-of hours to accomplish. Here is an image: Well you know your battle. And now I have given you the weapons you can use to win this cold war.

Pick the item of your choice which covers your needs and suits your budget and conquer this problem. Then you would truly enjoy the comfort of your sanctum and your paradise that is your home.

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