Best Insulating/Thermal Curtains of 2022

Best insulated/thermal curtains

You really like your home, you really like lying on your couch, watching your favorite TV show, reading a good novel. You do try to have the best comfort on a good couch, a nice warm duvet cover and yet, something is still missing. You either get too hot during the summer, or you get quite cold during the winter.

A blessing in disguise…

You have not given it a thought until now, but do you know that it might be your curtains (or the lack thereof) that are not good enough for your room? The best energy efficient curtains are able to work miracles for your comfort every day.

It has been known that the best insulated curtains will keep warm air from leaving or entering, thus maintaining a constant temperature.

Another blessing brought by energy saving curtains is that they will soundproof your room; that means, you will not bother your neighbors with your noise, but neither will they. Party all you can!

Best insulated drapes = the first step to comfort

The best insulated curtains will have an outer decorative layer supported by a high density foam layer that blocks heat exchange and also sound waves. These energy saving curtains create a vapor barrier to block moisture and, in the cold season, direct heat back into the room.

These options for the best energy efficient curtains will surprise you with the many shapes, forms and patterns and, for sure, will solve some problems when it comes to comfort in your living room.

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Top 15 of the best insulated curtains

At the drop of the hat, here are 10 of the best energy saving curtains; price and quality, they will mean a world of difference to your home and will make you regret that you haven’t found them sooner.

1. Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Panel

So one could say that a low price means low quality for your insulated curtains, but the Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain Panel for Living Room sure make a nice surprise on many.

You do get one panel per package, but the curtain does a great job when it comes to making you feel more comfortably in your room.

The curtain panel blocks out most of the sunlight, no matter the season or the time of the day. It’s also pretty efficient when it comes to lowering the outside noise, creating a nice, quiet feel in your room.

Each panel comes with 6 silver color grommets that slide nice and easy.

The fabric is 100% polyester and the curtain doesn’t attract any type of dust or mites, becoming a sure choice for the allergic customer as well.

You may find the perfect size and design for your curtains as it comes in various lengths and designs.

The curtain feels soft to the touch and doesn’t wrinkle. It looks great on any window and runs true to size.

Additionally, it’s easy to maintain and clean.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:

  • The curtain is efficient and block both light and noise
  • The panel features 6 color grommets
  • The fabric doesn’t wrinkle and is easy to clean
  • It doesn’t catch dust or mites

The cons aren’t many:

  • The curtain is not thermal lined
  • It could be wider

To sum it all up, as it blocks some light and noise from the outside, the panel curtain is quite a bang for your buck.

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2. RHF Wide Thermal Blackout Curtains

Ready to hang, the RHF Wide Thermal Blackout Curtain is a lovely and functional addition to your room, patio, or sliding doors.

The curtains are made 100% of polyester and come in various colors. They’re thermal insulated and are they’re useful for maintaining the heat and cold out.

It’s an innovative fabric for the curtains, as they’re efficiently reducing the light. Should you go with darker colors, the light reducing abilities will be more efficient. However, curtains with warm colors, such as beige, will soften the atmosphere in any room. No matter the color, the fabric feels nice and has a silky-suede feel.

The curtains come with antique bronze grommet tops, and you can hang them from a regular or decorative curtain rod. It’s 1.6” for the inside diameter on the ring and 2.4” for the outside diameter.

The multi-layered micro-fiber blackout window curtains will reduce both the light and the heat coming inside the house. They also cut down the level of noise coming from outside, helping you sleep even in the middle of the day.

Any pet owner will love the curtains for another reason. The fur doesn’t stick to the curtains, so your furry pets may hang around the curtains with no worries about leaving hair on curtains.

The curtains are made for indoor use, and maintenance is straightforward. They can be machine washed and dry.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • They come ready to hang
  • They are insulated and reduce light
  • They reduce the level of noise
  • They have a soft touch feel and don’t catch fur

The cons aren’t something to worry about:

  • They have a strong smell out of the box
  • The wrinkles go away only after washing

Regardless of the minor issues, the curtains make a soft, affordable, and efficient option for reducing light and outside noise in any room with pets.

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3. Nicetown Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Nicely colored and well made, the Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom are a dependable option for the fixed budget.

The curtains are made with polyester and you actually get a set of 2 blackout curtain panels. Each of the panels come with 6 grommets top and they glide smooth and easy every nice.

We like the curtains as they keep 85-99% of the light from entering your room but keep at distance the UV rays as well. They are efficient when it comes to lowering the noise from outside and let you watch better your TV shows.

Keeping the light from entering, the curtains also protect your furniture, floors and artwork.

The fabric on the panels is triple weave blackout so it balances efficiently your room temperature. They are interwoven by top layer, high-density black yarn and back fabric layer with high triple weave technology. This means they cool your room in the summer and create a nice heat during wintertime.

The blackout curtains are well made and the thread is trimmed, winkle free, whereas the nice seam increase the impressive finish look.

The curtains are thick and have a smooth feeling. They just the right weight and flow nicely, fitting in any room.

We really like the panels as they run true to color and are so easy to open/close. They are also easy to maintain and you should only use some cold water when machine-wash them. You may tumble dry and use some quick ironing or steam clean when in need.

Let’s make a short list or pros:

  • The curtains block 85-99% of the light and UV-rays
  • They minimize noise and insulate your room
  • They are thick and hang nice
  • They are very well made and fit any room

We don’t have many cons:

  • The thermal abilities could be improved
  • The colors may differ

All in all, the curtains are pretty efficient when it comes to keeping the light and noise away from your room and look so nice as well.

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4. Utopia Bedding Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

If your room has big large windows and you want to block out some of the light and the noise that comes from the outside, you can give it a go with the Utopia Bedding Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains.

The curtains come in 2 panels and cover a pretty large area. Each of the panels come with loop and rod pocket style as well, so you get to enjoy the versatility of the curtains. The loops nice and elegant and are very wide.

The grommet top curtains have a 1.6 inch inner diameter that fits and slides smoothly on most standard curtain rods.

The material is the same on the front and back and it feels quite nice and soft. The 4inches wide hem and 1inch side hem give the curtains a rather elegant appearance.

As for the insulating abilities, the curtains are made with thermal top that is energy efficient, blocking almost 99% of light and filtering 60% of the outside noise.  The curtains keep the UV-rays from passing through and block any type of temperature, giving you a nice cooling atmosphere in the hot summer, but trapping heat inside during the coldest winter.

The polyester fabric of the curtains is long lasting and hangs very well. They manage to give value to any corner and make a nice option for the long windows.

The curtains are easy to take care of and you simply machine wash them on cold, tumbling dry on low. You may also gently warm iron them afterwards.

Thick and running true to size, the curtains are easy to work with and slide easily across the rod.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The curtains are great for the long windows
  • They block 99% of the light and UV-rays
  • They are thick, nice and hang well
  • They come with loops and rod pocket style as well

The cons aren’t many:

  • They seem to have a slight smell in the beginning
  • The fabric texture could be better

Despite the cons, for the money you pay, the curtains do stand as a reliable option for the large, long windows.

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5. Best Dreamcity Room Darkening Thermal Blackout Curtains

The Best Dreamcity Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Linen Look Blackout Curtains for Bedroom stand out from the crowd with their fabric that manages to be efficient, even though it’s not as thick as you may expect for some insulated curtains to be.

You get two panels in the set and the curtains manage to keep at distance almost 90% of the sunlight (if they are light color) and 98% when they come in a dark color.

The curtains are also thermally insulated which means they keep the room cool in the hot summer and create a nice warmth, during the cold winter. They also reduce outside noise, creating a nice sleep environment.

The fabric is high end faux linen that hangs well and has a nice texture. It’s thin and is loosely weaved, leaving a flowing vibe in the room. The fabric is thread trimmed and wrinkle free, presenting a nice finish.

The silver grommets are evenly places and tightly secured to the fabric. It’s easy to open/close the curtains that glide pretty smooth.

The curtains are well made and very easy to hang. They protect your furniture and rugs from fading and don’t need ironing.

Going over the big features shortly:

  • The curtains come as two panels in one set
  • The fabric is high end faux linen
  • The curtains insulate well and block sunlight and noise
  • They are lightweight, but hang nicely

The cons aren’t many:

  • They have an old fashion vibe which some may not be looking for
  • Some wish the curtains to be more heavy weight for better effect

Nevertheless, for the price you pay, the curtains are an interesting, nice looking and efficient choice.

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6. Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

There are plenty of good insulated curtains out there, but what makes the Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains a dependable option when in need is their ability to really block out sunlight and dangerous UV rays.

The curtains are made with a triple weave fabric that doesn’t let any of the sunlight or the UV rays get through, inside your room. Therefore, the curtains insulated pretty well against the heat and cold, which has a great influence on your budget.

As a matter of fact, the fabric is laboratory-tested for its ability to insulate against the cold.

You don’t need to worry much about the noise either as the curtains do lower the noise from the outdoor getting inside, helping you had better sleep.

The versatility of the curtains is also something to talk about as the curtains present back tab and rocket pocket hanging styles, which gives you nice options for styling.

The curtains are made with 100% polyester and are easy to care for as they’re machine washable, with warm water with like colors. You may use some non-chlorine bleach if needed. You should only tumble dry low and warm iron for better appearance.

Nice, soft against the skin and so pretty colored, the curtains are both efficient and nice looking.

The things we like a lot on the curtains:

  • The curtains block out the sunlight and the UV rays
  • They minimize noise and create a private atmosphere
  • They insulate against the cold
  • They look nice and feel soft

Some minor flaws do bug us:

  • Some feel the curtains a tad bulky
  • They could isolate better against the noise

In spite of the minor issues, we still like the curtains for the nice colors and ability to block the sunlight or the harmful UV-rays.

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7. Turquoize Solid Blackout Drapes

It’s impossible not to find the best color for your bedroom curtains since the TURQUOIZE Solid Blackout Drapes come in an impressive diversity of colors.

The curtains are made with 3 pass polyester blackout fabric so create a private room from the second you hanged them. They keep outside noise away from your bedroom and insulate well against hot. They also block out 99% of light, creating a darker room on a sunny day.

The curtains save your money, energy, and come as two panels. They feature antique bronze grommet tops and add al elegance appearance to any room.

The fabric feels soft and has a nice touch feel as it’s made with special polyester yarn. The fabric is lightweight and hangs very nice. It’s thick, but feels nice against the skin.

The curtains are easy to open/close and look very well made.

It’s easy to take care of them as you may machine wash them in cold water or dry clean when in need. You should only use low temperature for drying and ironing and never use bleach.

Listing the things, we like the most:

  • The curtains come in a nice variety of colors
  • They run true to color
  • They block light, noise and insulate rather well
  • They hang well and look nice

By the same token, here are the downsides:

  • The grommets could be nicer
  • The curtains have a shine sheer to some

Summing it all up gives us the image of some insulated curtains that look nice and come in so many fun colors.

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8. Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Heavy and nice looking, the Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains not only block out the sunlight for you, but also insulate your room efficiently, saving you some money and energy.

The curtains are made with triple weave fabric so they don’t allow sunlight and UV rays get inside your room. They also insulate against the heat and cold, trapping the warmth inside on a cold winter and cooling it in the summertime.

The fabric is actually laboratory tested when it comes to its ability the insulate against the cold. It’s heavy and hangs very well. It has a silky feel to it and has a nice flow.

We like the curtains also because they minimize outside noise, helping you fall asleep faster, for all night long.

The two panels feature antique bronze grommets (8 on each panel), giving an elegant, modern feel to any room.

Taking care of the curtains isn’t difficult and you may easily machine wash them with some warm water, with like colors. You should only use non-chlorine bleach when in need, tumble dry low and warm iron for the perfect look.

Measure your windows so that the curtains have a nice  full appearance on your windows.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:

  • The curtains come in two panels
  • The panels have grommets that look nice
  • The fabric hangs well and has a silky feel
  • The curtains block the sunlight and insulate against cold

The drawbacks aren’t major:

  • They don’t come with tie backs
  • They could isolate against the noise even better

All things considered, for the good quality, modern appearance and ability to block sunlight and insulate against the cold, the curtains may be the key for a better sleep.

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9. Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

For the big nice home that comes with a patio door, an efficient option to keep most of the sunlight and outside noise from entering your room is the Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel.

The curtain is made in the USA or imported and makes is as stylish alternative to some vertical blinds.

The fabric on the curtain is made with thermal weave technology so it manages to be thick and able to insulate your room.

The blackout curtains offer you nice privacy, minimizing the outside noise and saving you energy. It traps the warmth inside the room in the winter and creates a cooling environment in the hot summer.

The curtain is very wide and is seamless, which gives an elegant and classy feeling to your room.

It comes with multiple easy-to-hand options so it’s versatile and easy to use in various situations. You may hang it on a decorative rod with the clip rings/back tabs, or you may also hang it on a traverse rod with the drapery hooks. Either way, the curtain looks nice, glides smoothly and is efficient.

The instructions that come along and easy to understand and to follow.

The curtain comes in nice, elegant color options and is easy to maintain. You may iron with a damp towel on the front side of the fabric for removing the wrinkles. You shouldn’t bleach it.

The soft, silky touch feel of the curtain is an important detail and doesn’t match the heavyweight of the curtain.

Let’s highlight the most important features:

  • The curtain is imported or made in the USA
  • It blocks sunlight, outside noise and insulates well
  • It creates a nice privacy
  • It looks elegant and has a soft silky touch feel

We only have some cons to mention:

  • The curtain doesn’t quite run true to colors
  • Some find the hangers difficult to put in

Despite the minor downsides, the curtain is efficient especially if you got tired of all that noise and sunlight from your patio.

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10. Pair of Two Top Grommet Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels

Put your trust and faith in us when we recommend you the Pair of Two Top Grommet Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain Panels.

The curtains impress with their craftsmanship that is high quality, leaving you with some long lasting and nice looking curtains for your room.

The fabric on the curtain is laboratory tested and keeps more than 99% of the sunlight from entering your room. It’s also efficient when it comes to lowering the outside noise, creating a nice, quiet atmosphere for your sleep, no matter the time of the day or the season as well.

The blackout technology on the curtains blocks the light and protects your furniture and rugs from fading.

The Triple-Pass thermal coating back layer increases the ability of the curtain to create a darker room, quitter room.

The curtains come in pair, in nice, elegant colors. They do have a modern feel and give your bedroom a contemporary look. The silver metal grommets are sewn at the top and are an elegant detail. They are nicely spaces to that the curtains give pleasant gatherings when left open.

The curtains are made with 100% and are also machine washable. They run true to colors and have a slight shimmer.

Heavyweight, without being bulky, the curtains hang well and have a nice flow.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The curtains present impressive craftsmanship
  • They are heavyweight and hang nicely
  • They block the sunlight and the noise
  • The colors are pretty and the curtains have a modern vibe

We sure don’t forget about the minor flaws:

  • The curtains come wrinkled, but it’s not difficult to iron them
  • They feel stiff to some

Our takeaways are, that the curtains make a nice investment for anyone looking to give an elegant finish to their room, without losing on their privacy as well.

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11. WONTEX Blackout Thermal Insulated with Grommet Curtains for Bedroom

The triple weave material from the WONTEX Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated with Grommet for Bedroom explains the insulating properties of these curtains. They match both decorative and standard curtain rods and hang nicely no matter where you install them.

The material is substantial and has a satin feel to it. The curtains manage to block 85-99% of the light, but also keep outside noise from coming into the room. They’re thermal insulated and energy-efficient as well.

The curtains have the same color on both sides and come with thread trimmer, without needing to be ironed. They present a triple layer build, which created an efficient energy barrier against cold or heat.

The blackout curtains will balance the temperature in a room as they’re keeping it cool in the hot summer and warm in the cold winter. They will protect the floors, furniture, and decorative artwork against the damaging sunlight. Should you want to have a nap in the middle of the day or sleep throughout the entire night, these curtains are the perfect addition to your room. The curtains will lower the level of outside noise, creating a quiet environment in the place.

The curtains are made with chemical-free materials, so they’re safe for everyone. The workmanship is impressive, and the curtains have no loose threads. There are high-quality heavy sewing threads, the same color as the fabric, leading to a seamless appearance.

The eight anti-rust silver grommets ring look cute and come with holes that fit most rods in the market.

The curtains are also machine washable and wrinkle resistant.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • They’re made with heavy, thick, and beautiful materials
  • They present a triple-layer design
  • They are insulating, blackout, and noise reducing curtains
  • They come with anti-rust silver grommets rings
  • They have a satin feel and are easy to take care of

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • The blackout properties can be improved
  • The dark colors tend to fade after some time

Thanks to their insulating and noise reducing abilities, the curtains make a lovely addition to any room, especially considering the money you’re paying.

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12. BGment Blackout Grommet Thermal Insulated Curtains for Living Room

The best part about a free market is that you can get high-quality items for an excellent product. It’s the case of BGment Blackout Grommet Thermal Insulated Curtains for Living Room, which are an excellent surprise for the buck you’re paying.

The curtains are made with triple-weaved textured microfiber blackout material. They’re soft and smooth to touch and work without being heavyweight.

The blackout abilities don’t disappoint, as the curtains manage to keep away from inside 85-99% of sunlight and UV ray. They’re also thermally insulated, balancing the temperature in a room. They cut down your utility bill since they’re keeping heat inside the room in winter and don’t allow heat to get inside during the hot summer days. Either way, you’re going to use the AC and heater a lot less after installing the insulating curtains. The advanced textile technology used on the curtains gives results.

Thanks to their blackout abilities, the curtains will also protect your floors, furniture, and artwork from fading. They also reduce the outside noise level and keep intruders peeks away.

Every panel comes with six silver metal grommets on top, matching most rods out there. The curtains are easy to hang and slide pretty smoothly too. The craftsmanship is also fantastic, and the curtains have a seamless appearance.

Maintenance is also straightforward, as the curtains allow hand and machine washing. You can use cold water and steam clean the curtains if necessary.

We’ve shortened the pros to the following:

  • They’re made with triple-weaved textured microfiber fabric
  • They are soft and have a silky finish
  • They’re insulating and noise reducing curtains
  • They hang nicely and are even
  • They come with silver grommets
  • They’re easy to wash and are good value for the money

The inherent flaws are only a few:

  • They may have an unpleasant odor right out of the box
  • Their looks can pass as dull for some

Days, when you thought insulating curtains would empty your pocket, are long gone. These curtains are one of the models proving you that you can still cut down your energy bill without spending all your rent money on some beautiful, reliable, and soft insulating curtains.

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13. H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Curtain Drapes

For those of you who want to give their room a modern and fresh appearance, the H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Curtain Drapes for Living Room make the best choice.

Not only that, the curtains have insulating and blackout abilities, but they also come in new and fresh color combinations and patterns.

Since they’re made with triple inner woven natural microfiber fabric, the curtains hang nicely and have a soft touch feel. They’re skin-friendly and don’t contain formaldehyde vinyl, becoming safe to use even in nurseries. The build explains why the curtains can stop 90% of sunlight and prevent 100% UV rays from coming inside your room.

Functional and fashionable are the main qualities of the curtains, as they impress with the insulating abilities. They ensure your privacy and save you a buck on the utility since they’re energy-efficient.

Bold and attractive, the curtains rock a classic and casual pattern with a vintage vibe that works in any room. The stitching is excellent, with no loose threads or wrinkle hems.

Let’s not forget the antique copper grommets that add a vintage touch to the curtains. As for maintenance, the curtains tick the box of natural care too since they’re machine washable.

Some qualities are impressive:

  • The curtains have a modern and casual geometric pattern
  • They’re insulating and reduce noise
  • The grommets are made with antique copper for a vintage feel
  • They’re machine washable
  • They are soft and hang nicely

Don’t let the minor downsides ruin your decision:

  • They don’t impress with the blackout abilities
  • Some received curtains with stain, but it’s only an unfortunate situation

For the modern looks with a subtle vintage touch, the curtains are a great buy, especially if you’re not compromising on the insulating and noise reducing abilities.

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14. Primitive Linen Look 100% blackout curtain with Thermal Insulated Liner

Some people go for a linen appearance at their windows, and the Primitive Linen Look 100% blackout curtain with Thermal Insulated Liner make an excellent choice for that.

The curtains are made with polyester fabric and have natural blackout abilities. They present a faux linen appearance, but they’re thick and heavy-duty in the right way. They’re long-lasting, and the burlap effect gives a vintage and elegant feel at any window.

The white color liner is sewn in and diffuses the light smoothly while offering the intimacy you were looking for. These are double-layer lined blackout curtains that create a soothing and calming atmosphere at any time of the day. They are insulating curtains that keep the heat outside in the summer, and cold away from the room in the winter.

The curtains also manage to block 100% of sunlight from getting inside the room. The eight silver metal grommets look nice and match all standard rods. The curtains come ready to hang up, with seams and hems perfectly aligned.

You need to use cold water when machine washing the curtains and only non-chlorine bleach if necessary. It’s possible to warm iron the curtains if need be.

Here’s what we like the most about the curtains:

  • They’re made with polyester with natural blackout properties
  • They have a faux linen appearance and a burlap effect
  • They’re insulated and block100% of sunlight
  • They look beautiful and elegant

Don’t worry about the downsides as they’re minor:

  • The craftsmanship can be improved
  • The noise-reducing abilities aren’t amazing

For the faux linen effect, the classic feel, and insulating properties, the curtains will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a clean and elegant appearance at their windows.

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15. Window Treatment Curtains Insulated Thermal White Curtains Blackout Back

For those of you looking for versatility, among other properties, the Window Treatment Curtains Insulated Thermal White Curtains stand out as a reliable model anytime.

The curtains are made with 100% microfiber polyester fabric and present triple woven technology. They’re draped and long-lasting, and have a soft silky feel. The interwoven build with thermal max technology will keep 50% of the sunlight away from the room so that no harmful UV rays don’t get a touch on the furniture or floors.

The interwoven build doesn’t allow cold or heat to get inside a room, improving energy efficiency. The curtains create a soothing and private atmosphere in any room.

Even if the pattern is stable, tone to tone on back and face side, the curtains have a uniform appearance, blending into any décor just nicely. They have a modern and luxurious feel.

As for versatility, they allow various settings. It’s possible to slide the curtain rod through the back tabs, thread it through the rod pocket, or simply use clips and rings for hanging and obtaining a neat overall appearance.

The curtains are machine washable and allow warm iron if needed.

Here’s our shortlist of pros:

  • They have a luxurious and rich look
  • They allow various installation
  • They block light and have insulating abilities
  • They’re machine washable and well made

The cons don’t make us change our mind:

  • The blackout abilities need improvement
  • The colors may look different in reality

For their stylish appearance and insulating abilities, the curtains are money well spent anytime, especially if you’re looking for various options for installation.

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See more options for more good energy efficient curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions on Energy Efficient Insulated Curtains

Q: What defines insulated curtains?

A: Insulated curtains count for heat transfer, dampening noise, and blocking light. Typically, they made with a core layer of high-density foam that protects the windows from sound and heat exchanges, a layer of reflective film for reflective the heat back into the room, and a vapor barrier that doesn’t allow the foam to absorb moisture. The outer layer of decorative fabric is what counts the most for the appearance of the curtains.

Q: Can insulated curtains help you save energy?

A: A house with air conditioning or central heating will benefit from the insulated curtains since they don’t allow air to enter/leave the room. During winter, insulated curtains will maintain the heat inside, reducing the heat you need in the home. Once summer kicks in, insulated curtains will not let cold air escape from the room, so you don’t need to use the air conditioning anymore.

Q: Should you get insulated curtains or energy-efficient windows?

A: Energy-efficient windows save energy since they prevent heat transfer. The big downside is the price, as this type of window can be costly. On the other hand, the insulated curtains cut down your utility bill and are affordable. They’re stylish and can change the appearance of any room.

Q: Are there many styles of insulated curtains?

A: There are all types of insulated curtains, such as hobbled shades, Roman shades, classic curtains, and side-draw shaded. You may integrate them into draperies, shutters, valances, and all kinds of systems. The outer layer of the insulated curtains can be of any style and type so that you may customize the appearance and feel of insulated curtains for any room in your home.

Q: What size should the insulated curtain be?

A: The size of the insulated curtain is related to the size of the window and the looks you want. The rule of thumb is that you need to measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling for obtaining the proper length. 63in, 84in, 95in, 108 in, and 120in are the standard lengths for insulated curtains.

If you’d like a traditional appearance, the curtain should hang 6in above the top of your window frame, 3 in beyond the sides, and 3in below the bottom of the frame. Hanging the curtains so that the bottom rests 1 in from the floor will give you a modern vibe. The width of the curtains should be up to three times wider than the window. If you’re aiming for a luxurious appearance, you need to hang the curtains close to the ceiling. The bottom needs to rest on the floor, creating the “puddled” feel.

Q: Thin or thick fabrics?

A: Sheer fabrics are excellent for allowing natural light, but you need thick materials if you’re aiming for insulation. There are numerous options to choose from, and thick material ensures better insulating properties for the curtains.

Velvet, cotton, polyester, microfiber, and silk are common choices for insulated curtains. It all depends on the décor and the looks you’re trying to create. Insulated curtains come in a nice variety of patterns, sizes, and styles as they’re not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Q: Can you install insulated curtains in any room?

A: You should use insulated curtains in rooms with the most exposure to natural sunlight. Hanging insulated curtains in these rooms will generate a beautiful and relaxing feel, thanks to the light exclusion. The thick material will also block the outside noise, so make sure you get the most adhesive fabric for rooms with continuous exposure to loud sounds. If you’re planning to install insulated curtains in the bathroom, the material should be water-resistant so that it takes humidity and doesn’t grow mold.

Q: Is the liner necessary when using insulated curtains?

A: There are different liners to install, allowing you to have the best curtains for your rooms. A thermal liner is the best option for getting the best out of your insulated curtains. For instance, you can use a thermal liner for blocking the hot and cold air escaping through an ample space in the case of sliding door draperies. A blackout liner for blocking the light will be a dependable option for a bedroom or nursery, whereas a flannel-backed liner is excellent for a living room.

If you’re using insulated curtains in your bedroom, you should also get a water repellent liner to keep moisture away.

Q: What’s the know about cleaning and keeping the insulated curtains in good shape?

A: Maintaining and cleaning insulated curtains can be a challenge, and you should always begin with the instructions from the manufacturer. For maintenance, you should open the curtains so that moisture doesn’t build up, generating mildew. It’s essential when you live in a humid climate with heavy winter precipitation.

When it comes to cleaning, you can spray the curtains with some spray-on upholstery cleaner and vacuum afterward. You can also have the curtains dry cleaned, but the processes shouldn’t be immersive.

Q: Can you improve the efficiency of your insulated curtains?

A: Even if insulated curtains give great results on their own, you can always do more for the best results. For obtaining maximum energy saving, you can layer cellular shades with your insulated curtains. Cellular shades are made with honeycomb-shaped cells that collect heat and chill. Layering the shades with curtains will ensure better insulation.

Q: Is there a difference between insulated and blackout curtains?

A: Blackout curtains are made with tightly woven fabric for keeping sunlight away from getting inside. Most of the time, the blackout curtains present a thin liner inside for blocking sunlight efficiently. They make an excellent addition to any room with too much sunlight, such as a living room or bedroom.

Insulated curtains are made with a layer of acrylic foam between the double/triple layers of fabric, ensuring insulation. They’re efficient in the winter, but can also dampen sound and block sunlight, lowering our utility bills. Both insulated and blackout curtains have insulating and blackout abilities, but it’s only the insulated models that are made explicitly for protecting a room.


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