Top 5 Merits of Memory Foam mattress


The Mattress is more concerned in any house. When it comes in the case of buying a new mattress there are lot of things to consider. The memory Foam mattress is one of the best ideal beds with more number of purchases in the market. They are concerned to be useful to the people that give best convenience options to them. The Memory foam mattress also gives smoothness to the users. There are lots of benefits you can get with the memory foam beds. Here are some of them you can have.

What is Memory foam?

If you had gone to a shopping to buy a pillow or a bed or a bicycle seat or a footwear or even a mouse pad, then you would have obviously heard a word memory foam. Since 1991, this material foam has been used for a huge range of uses. From mattress industry to medical industry, it has its applications everywhere.

This memory foam has been introduced in the year 1991 in the United States. Though this new material found its demand after 1991, it has existed in various forms and with different names from mid-1950’s itself.

The first attempt was actually done in the year 1937 by the Scientist named Bayer and his co-workers. It was done on the polyurethane polymers that go into this memory foam. Later in the year 1965, in Lankenau Hospital, nurse staff has tested polyurethane foam pads to be used as bedding material. By doing this experiment, they found that using them as bedding material prevents the decubitus ulcers which is also known as pressure ulcers.

In 1965, they found that these materials are highly hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. In 1960, NASA had made a work on material that could serve as comfortable cushions, and also on the metrical that could keep their astronauts safe from the extreme gravity forces. And this material finally named as memory foam in 1991.

Merits of Memory foam Mattress:

1. Relieve Pains:

These kinds of beds have pressure relieve points that best works for the people to cure body pains. The pain relieving points give right benefits when you sleep over them. The shape of bed moulds your body and relives you from different body pains. You can also give a try to use this mattress for the body pains. Your weight is distributed across the equal parts of bed in this mattress to relieve pains.

2. No Motion Transfer:

People with families cant able to have good sleep on the traditional mattress. The next person will turn sides which create motion to the first person to sleep. The memory foam mattress is the ideal to remove this problem in beds. They have no motion transfer that perfectly handles the motion of person. Hence you can get nice sleep with your partner over these beds. There are several other benefits users get with this mattress and are ideal for the couples to have nice sleep.

3. Supportive:

The Memory Foam mattress is very smooth and gives soft features to the users. They are suitable for the body pains people that give best support to the users. They relive stress and stress during sleep. They are best pain relives that helps to get rid of all kinds of body pains to the people. You can get best benefits from these memory foam mattress. They don’t force it take a linear form.

4. Durability:

The Memory Foam mattress is concern among many people with their best durable options. They have the life span of 10 to 15 years that you don’t want to buy a new mattress for these years. This benefits more number of people to choose this kind of mattress to sleep. Many people will choose the beds on the basis of durable options. You can get best beneficial features with the memory foam mattress are they are durable to the users.

5. Hygienic:

These kind of mattress are hygienic that doesn’t contain any dust and dirt over them. They are easy to clean and used daily that they don’t harm your body. Many traditional mattresses can cause body problems with dirt and dust over them. You will not this problem with the memory foam mattress. Hence these are the best beneficial merits of Memory foam mattress. You can also get more details from different internet portals about memory foam mattresses.


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