Sump Pump Easy To Use and Maintenance Tips

Updated Aug 14, 2018

Welcoming water hazards and storms at frequent intervals is not something good to be heard from homeowners. Unfortunately, if you are one of them, you must have got some smart water pumping strategy that would keep you miles away from confronting such hazards every now and then. Well, if you are still waiting for some miracle to happen, that is, if you think that you are going to manage this time in case of a heavy storm or rain, just drop this idea and go for a sump pump.

Unlike ordinary pumps, a sump pump will drain out all the unwanted water and wastes in quick time. No matter how fierce the hazard is, such advanced pumping system will keep your basement, garden and even your swimming pool free of unwanted water and debris. Just after you install it in the right manner taking help of a professional plumber, you can expect it to work like a savior, ensuring complete protection against big hazards. However, your job does not end here.

Maintenance is a big factor for every sump pump owner. You just cannot expect it to run flawlessly unless you take extreme care of it. Well, some pumps are designed for minimal maintenance while some are required to undergo monitoring on a regular basis. Now, even if you are willing to invest in such a sump pump that requires almost no maintenance, it is still advisable that you take good care of it. Where you would invest in something that promises to be your protector, you must also be serious about maintaining a sump pump, no matter how modernized it is. For assistance, you can always check our sump pump reviews and know about the easiest ways to take care of a sump pump.

Besides, here are a few tips on how you should maintain your sump pump. Have a look:

  • Seal the sump basin lid well – One of the first things is to check whether the sump basin lid is not hanging loose. Otherwise, it would be let exposed to the rest of your basement. Consequently, there would be a lot of moisture in your living area that will further lead to health issues. So, just make sure that the basin is not clogged and this can only be possible if the lid is kept tight.
  • Check the float switch manually – It is with the help of a float switch that the sump pump motor decides whether it should start pumping the water from the basin. You can call it the electronic trigger that makes your job easier. So, just check whether that float switch is in good working condition and is able to respond to the motor. Remember, there are different types of float switches that come in different designs like Tether, Vertical,and So, whatever it is, you can simply check it with your own hands.
  • Prevent tangling by tying cords together – You will often find the float switch pulling in the pump cords, which you need to eye upon. So, the best idea is to use zip ties that would help you bind the cords together. If you wish, you can also tie them up in sync with the discharge line. This would keep the slack tightened and keep the cords away from getting tangled.

  • Keep cleaning the sump pump and basin – To keep your sump pump strong and efficient, simply make it a point to clean it regularly. Once you remove the pump from the pit, it would be easier for you to clean the grate, especially its bottom. Remember, the pump’s sucking area might leave a possibility to pull in debris and small stones aiming the grate. As a result, the inlet will be blocked and damage the operation thereafter. So, if you can rinse the interior part of the basin and the pump periodically with some bleach solution and hot water, it would work fine.
  • Go for a battery backup sump pump – Although maintaining a sump pump is essential, a battery backup sump pump will make your job a lot easier. In case of power failure or motor breakdown, it’s this battery backup that will prove to be quite helpful. So, even if the primary pump fails to keep up, the backup pump will no doubt save your day.

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