Easy tricks to find out the quality of insulation of your attic or roof

In Canada, most homes have sloped roofs because of cold climatic conditions. This structure does not let the melting snow or rain to stay on it. This style of the roof typically features a dead space called attic, which usually don’t exist in homes where temperatures are dry and warm. The lofts or attics built with rafters support your house roof. If this space has proper insulation, your home will have the right amount of air conditioning to make it comfortable in spite of the changing weather conditions.

quality of insulation of your attic or roof

From this, you can understand the value of isolation de toiture. But the question is – how do you know whether your attic or roof needs insulation or not? Here are a few points that can lead you to your answer.

Water leakage

Water can quickly trickle down the cracked attics making the ceilings and interior walls susceptible to damage. So, investigate the area for any leakage issue.


The existence of mice and bugs is another sign that there is a lack of insulation in your roof. Look for holes in the attic to be sure.

Dampness and mildew in the attic

Damp walls and surfaces cause fungal and mold growth. So, examine the attic for the moisture problem.

Overexertion of heating and air-conditioning systems

Overexertion of heating and air-conditioning systems

If your dependence on the heater and air conditioner has increased, it means the air inside your home lacks adequate conditioning, which can be the result of improper insulation. Additionally, the more you use these appliances, the more will be the cost of your energy due to higher usage.

Varying temperatures in different corners of the house

Shoddy insulation work is easy to detect when you see some parts of your home are more refreshing than the others.

Ice barrier

When you find that rainwater and melting snow is not draining due to ice ridges appearing on the surface of the roof, then it means something is wrong with the insulation.

Cold air

The flow of chilly air in the attic also shows trouble with the insulation of doors and windows there.

So, it’s essential that you insulate your roof or attic properly to avoid all the discomforts. Once the work gets done, you will enjoy several benefits. These include:

insulate your roof

  • The air inside the attic cannot enter or exit through the roof. As a result, you will be able to have a well-conditioned temperature in your home. It will also have a remarkable effect on your energy bills.
  • Adequately insulated attic and roof can keep the home temperature always in good shape regardless of the seasonal transitions. It means whenever you return to your nest, you will get utmost comfort every time.
  • Attics can also serve as storage space. Many households keep their belongings there. A well-insulated loft can make sure your items are safe against moisture and wetness.

While the quality of insulation plays a crucial role, you also have to ensure that you trust only professionals in this matter. So, be careful with your choice of a service provider.


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