Tips To Design Your Interiors With Personalized Posters

Design Your Interiors With Personalized Posters

There is always freedom that comes with having your own home. You can design as you please, from furniture places to wall decoration. Your imagination will be your only limit.

One trending option is the use of personalized posters. This is frightening at first. But if done properly, it would give your space a new and different feel.

These tips below can help you to turn your space into a unique one and design your star map poster for your interiors.

Size Matters

One of the mistakes homeowners make in the process of getting a personalized poster for their home is picking it based on the image while forgetting the size. They frequently overlook the importance of size, as obtaining an image that is smaller than the required space you want to fill defeats the purpose.

It is always advisable to go for bigger sizes as you would not want visitors straining their eyes to see the beauty of your personalized poster.

Pick The Right Arrangement

Always consider an appropriate place to exhibit your personalized posters. It is common practice for homeowners to site their personalized posters on their couches, hearths, or above the sideboards. Experimenting with your arrangement is not a bad idea. But be sure it blends with the existing decor. If not, it might lead to a poor aesthetic outlook.

The height of the personalized poster is also very important because it must be centralized. Always make sure when you site your images, they are in your line of sight.

Work With Themes

There is no perfect way to hang your posters. Your personality can always be reflected in your poster placement. For example, if your personalized posters are a collection of luxury cars that you’ve come across, it’s a good idea to arrange the posters in the order of, say, price or brand.

custom poster with woman

Arranging them in a straight line might be a little bit boring. There are numerous other options for you. You can arrange them in squares or based on shapes and dimensions.

Picking Colors

Picking colors can be very tricky for individuals. Especially if the individual lacks an artistic mind. The beauty of a personalized poster is that it contains many colors which can be used to match your interior decor. If you choose your colors carefully, you will give your home a balanced and tidy appearance.

When decorating your home, you should have a color in mind. This guides you when picking your personalized posters. If you have a preference for the color blue, your personalized posters should include the color blue. This would help to bring out the primary shade of your interior. Optionally, you can make use of multiple colors. This should not be more than three colors. The goal is to match it to your home decor, such as your furniture. Your posters should always stand out, even if you make use of bright colors.

In conclusion, adding a personalized poster to your home’s interior adds originality. It makes it more inviting and people tend to spend more time in rooms that are well decorated. Personalized posters give you an edge over regular posters as you can determine the style, color, and size. So, if you want to step up your interior design game, personalized posters are the way to go.

What other ways can you use to customize your home?

If you have moved in recently and want to give it a personal feeling, you can get the best home decoration. Many don’t recommend extreme customization with remodeling—it will be tricky to sell a highly personalized home. Instead, you can use all sorts of décor elements to make the house represent you in the best way possible. If you lack the ideas, our recommendations will come in handy.

Tips to Design Your Interiors With Personalized Posters

Have a gallery wall with pictures of family and friends

Instead of making a customized poster, you can display some pictures of your loved ones. Don’t select the images on aesthetic value, but rather about the emotional value for you. When you create a gallery wall, you can do it on your preferences and vision for your home.

People like to play with various sizes and frames; they also uniquely place the pictures. Of course, you can go with the same size frames, precisely the same width apart, for a more symmetric look. Do it whichever way you like it the most.

Should you not fancy displaying many pictures in your home, go back to making the customized poster. It will bring a space together. Place it above a bed or sofa for the most potent effect. If your money is tight or you feel artsy, you can try a pour painting—it’s trendy these days, and you don’t need special skills to do it!

Show off your hobbies

Even if your hobbies aren’t as traditional as you see in your friends’ house, you can still find a way to tell your guests something about your favorite activities. Whether it’s clay creations, paintings, or knitting, please don’t be shy and find a way to show it.

Make a statement wall

Place the statement wall in whichever room you want. The backsplash in the kitchen can become such a statement wall by installing a beautiful tile. You only need some contrasting paint or paper to make a statement wall. With home decoration, you shouldn’t overdo it, so don’t create a statement wall in every house room. Resume to a couple of walls in the entire house.

Pick a theme

You can select a theme for your home décor. We recommend you stay with the theme for all rooms and only vary a bit from one room to another. If you have a theme for every single room of the house, you will end up with an amusement park. Less is more when home decorating as well.

Have unique furniture

You can find fantastic furniture pieces that can give your home that one-of-a-kind feels you are looking for. If you want an abstract look for your home, you can consider egg chairs as they’re popular and fit the theme. Bean bags, hammocks, and corner sofa are exciting pieces of furniture as well.

Do due diligence and read about home décor. The lines you bring in a room can help you create/alter balance and harmony. For example, soft lines and curves create a warm feel, whereas harsh lines give a more modern vibe. Regardless of your choice, never place comfort last! Always opt for the more comfortable sofa, without compromising on the appearance. You want your home to be practical as it is appealing. Also, avoid pushing the furniture against the wall because it will cause a cramped feel.

Decorate with your favorite flowers

If you like flowers, you should display them on a table or in a spot where everyone can admire them. Flowers bring color and life to a space. Plants can work too. As long as you take care of them and place them in the right spot, flowers and plants can work as a significant element to personalize your home.

Use hardware you like

One of the easiest ways to give your house a personal touch is to swap out the hardware. Don’t hesitate to swap the light fittings, drawers pull, and anything else that will make your house speak to you. Replace silver with brass for a more vintage vibe.

Personalize outside the house as well

You can personalize your house both inside and outside. Outdoor artwork, figurines, water features, wind chimes, furniture, etc.—there are so many elements you can play with to personalize your outdoor space.

One of the most effortless and powerful ways to make your home your own is to paint the front door. Atypical colors or bright colors will entice your guests and make them more interested in what’s inside the house. Green will give natural vibes, whereas orange will send a message of confidence. Feel free to find the color that reflects your personality the most.

Put unusual spaces to good use

Many homeowners don’t know what to do with unusual space in their houses. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the odd-shaped space and use them to your advantage. The main idea is to turn those spaces into something that you can use. For example, you can turn an alcove into a craft corner or a reading nook. When you have unusual spaces, think about the things you like to enjoy when relaxing. Ask your family and friends for ideas and don’t be afraid of some trial and error until you get it right.

Use a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls in the kitchen are a lot of fun. If your children are into drawings, it’s the best way to keep them from drawing on the walls. As they grow and learn to read and write, you can use the chalkboard wall to write inspirational words for the day, the to-do list for family members, or a simple “thank you” note.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the standard poster size?

11×17, 18×24, 24×36, and 27×40 are the most common poster sizes. Should any of these sizes are what you’re looking for, you can opt for other dimensions such as 17×22, 16×20, and 12×18.

How much will you pay for a customized poster?

The prices range a lot depending on the quality of paper and the company you work with. As a result, you should expect to pay around $37 for a 22”x28” poster if it’s paper. You will pay $48 for the same size but on gloss laminate. 30”x40” papers will cost $60 for paper and $60 for gloss laminate.

What is the best paper for printing posters?

You can decide which paper to use for your poster, but 170gsm Silk, Gloss ART FSC, or 150gsm make the most common materials. GSM is grams per square meter and indicates how heavy the paper stock is. The heavier it is, the more durable you can expect your poster to be.

Are posters usually glossy or matte?

For vibrant colors, posters are typically made with glossy paper. Plus, the luster makes the prints more appealing even from a distance. For the unconventional finish, you can also opt for matte paper for your posters.

What’s the difference between a print and a poster?

The level of quality makes the difference between a print and a poster. Wall posters are commonly made in large volumes on affordable paper, whereas fine-art posters are made with high-quality paper. Fine-art prints are made with attention to detail for the most accurate color reproduction on high-quality paper.


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