7 Hallway Closet Organization Tips to Improve Your Home

Is your hallway closet messy and cluttered? We can help! This article features some hallway closet organization tips that will change your life. Check it out!

Is your hallway closet in desperate need of organizing?

If you’re like most of us, it’s easy for the hall closet to become a dumping ground for all who enter.

Before you know it, all of your coats get crammed in there, as well as too many accessories. Take a look at all those umbrellas!

It may seem like a good idea to keep all of your outdoor gear in one spot. But this can lead to your stuff disappearing into the closet abyss.

Before it becomes too unruly to manage, you have to get organized. Here are seven hallway closet organization tips to help you get yours in order.

Let’s get to work!


1. Remove What Isn’t Useful

Any area in an apartment can end up filled with unnecessary clutter. This is why you should only keep the necessities.

If you have a lot of items you don’t use in the hallway closet, it’s time to do some purging.

After taking stock of everything that’s in the closet, you’ll find that there are some things you can get rid of. Either donate them to charity or give them to people you know.

It doesn’t make sense to let clutter take up your valuable closet space!


2. Hide Items You Use the Least

Are there things in your closet that you use sometimes but not often? Put them on the top shelf!

For example, if you have a Halloween costume that you wear every year, your hallway closet could be the perfect storage space. But, you probably don’t want to hang it up next to your jackets.

So, the top shelf is a great place to put it. That way, you’ll have enough space on the closet bar for things that you wear often.

Just make sure to take note of where your costume is so that when Halloween rolls around, you won’t be wondering where it went!


3. Select the Right Storage Solutions

If you want to be able to find your things whenever you need them, you’ll need to have the right storage solutions in place.

Luckily, there are many ways to store your belongings in a closet.

Start by taking stock of what you plan to keep in the closet. Then, choose accessory organizers and storage boxes that are suitable for your things.

If you plan on having lots of storage containers, get some stickers, and label them. If you know where the items are, it’ll be much easier to retrieve them!


4. Create Specific Zones

Depending on how much space you have in your hallway closet, you could divvy it up into multiple zones.No, I’m not saying that you can turn your closet into a three-bedroom apartment. However, I am saying that you can give each area of your closet a different purpose.

For example, if you have multiple shelves in your closet, you could designate one for hats, one for cleaning supplies, etc.

Creating different zones will help you find what you need when you need it! That’s much better than rummaging around in the closet for an hour looking for a flashlight.


5. Get Rid of the Door

When you live in an apartment, closet space is crucial. And many apartments have shallow closets, which means you’ll have to be savvy about how you use it. Sometimes a mere inch can make a big difference, especially when you want to stuff one more jacket or a slightly wider storage container in there. So, you might consider removing the door!

If you want the benefit of extra space but don’t want to leave your closet interior exposed, hang a curtain over it. Installing a curtain will conceal the inside so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about the pile of boots on your closet floor.


6. Double-Up Your Storage


If you need more hanging space in your hallway closet, install a second bar. It’ll allow you to hang twice as many items in there.

You can hang them side-by-side, or suspend a second bar from the top bar. There are many hanging closet rods out there that make it easy to double your storage space.

With two bars, you’ll be able to fit far more jackets and accessories in your closet. And if your bedroom closet is too small for your entire wardrobe, you could even use your hallway closet to store some of that stuff!


7. Make Use of Hooks


At this point, if there’s still room to spare, you can put a few hooks on the inside of the door.

Hooks are perfect for holding anything from umbrellas to purses. You can also use them to hang belts, scarves, and other accessories.

If you like having the option to quickly grab a bag before heading out the door, designate a specific hook for your go-to bag. It’ll be easy to open up the hallway closet and grab your bag as you’re heading out. Every time you come back home, put the bag back in its spot to maintain a well-organized closet.



Follow these tips, and before you know it, you’ll have a hallway closet that’s worthy of your stylish apartment.

Don’t worry — it can take time to get the hang of organizing everything. But after a while, you’ll be a pro!

Just make sure that once your closet is organized, you do your best to keep it that way. Put things back in their designated zones when you’re done using them, and try to limit the amount of clutter that builds up.

With all these tips combined, you can create a functional, easy-to-access closet. Everyone will be envious of your handiwork!

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