8 Best Basement Design Ideas for Your New House

stone basement bar

The basement has endless potential. Finishing your basement can turn it into a bedroom, an office, or a studio apartment which increases the functional spaces in the home without having to build an additional structure. A finished basement will improve the value of your home.

The basement should be inspected first before any work starts to rule out damage. The following are useful inspection tips.

Tape 2-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and wall and wait for a couple of weeks before checking for condensation underneath the sheets. The presence of condensation underneath will indicate that the foundation is not sealed whereas droplets on top of the sheet will indicate that the basement needs dehumidifying.

Probe for rot and insect damage in floor joists, header joists, sill plate, rim, and wood-framed windows using an awl.

Climb a ladder until you are eye level with the underside of the floor joists and check for sagging. Check across the floor joists also, perpendicular to their direction, to identify if they are out of line.

Ask for an expert to check your fuel-burning equipment and ventilation system to rule out the accumulation of carbon monoxide below grade.

Paradise Developments is a reputable builder in Whitby that can bring on board a ton of experience in building homes in finishing your basement.  Some other design ideas for basements are:

A Studio Apartment: Your basement can be remodeled into a studio apartment either for extra space for your family or to rent it out and make an extra income. The studio apartment can be made in such a way that it allows in natural light and oozes character.

An Extra Bedroom: The basement can be finished as a bedroom to give your teenager some more privacy and independence. Find basement layouts ideas that can be used to convert it into an attractive bedroom that is also able to host study groups or Saturday night movies. Simple additions such as a hammock chair can transform the basement bedroom by giving it a mature vibe.

basement bedroom

Modern Basement Bar: Design a modern bar in the basement to bring out your inner bartender and get a chic place to host guests. You can get a counter just like fancy hotels where you can dispense drinks and make cocktails.

Hygge-Wild: These basement decorating ideas incorporate a Scandinavian-inspired style that allows in lots of natural light. The finished basement designs will increase your living space improving the opportunity to host guests. Furniture should embrace a modern and low-key vibe through neutral colors.

hygge wild decor

Attractive Built-In Storage: Remodel your basement into a modern and attractive built-in storage to keep extra stuff in the home. The basement must be dark, dank, and with an unkempt look where you have to rummage through stuff to find what you need. Consider built-in cabinets and boxes where you can store away items in the house such as tools and photo albums. An attractive basement will create order and even become a focal point in the home.

A New Home Office: Remote work is now becoming very popular and that means the basement can come in handy in getting a productive workspace at home. The basement can be turned into a wonderful office by incorporating dark colors and multiple textures. The dark colors not only give a high-end look but can give a calming effect that is effective for building focus on your work.

home office with u shaped computer desk

Basement Kitchen: A well-designed basement kitchen can be used to entertain your guests or as a component of a studio apartment. The design can incorporate floor-to-ceiling tiling, open shelving, ample work-surfaces, and natural lighting that all make it ideal for the preparation of family meals.

A Game Room: If you are looking to create a game room, the basement could be the best place to start. You can turn the basement into a family game room by finding some of the best basement designs and bringing them to life. Your family can enjoy the finished basement for purposes such as playing pool, watching a game of football, and playing a game of monopoly. The basement helps in focusing on the fun of the game without having to worry about keeping the room in perfect order.

basement billiard room

In whatever way you want to finish the basement, you can factor in the following key elements into your plans.

Need for more headroom – Building codes will most of the time demand that you have a clearance of 7-7½ feet. If you do not have the clearance, work with a contractor to dig out and lower the concrete floor. It is a complex and expensive undertaking. You could ask the contractor to move ducts and pipes to create more headroom.

Backup for the Sump Pump – It is advisable to have a battery to act as a backup power source for the main pump and perhaps a second pump to kick in case the main pump acts up. A water-powered backup pump will work well for you since it operates based on pressure from the municipal water supply.

Waterproofing – Everything must not be undertaken by professionals around the basement. Some tasks can by DIY projects such as the installation of diverters to keep gutter water at least 10 feet from the foundation. Ensure that soil slopes away from the foundation for waterproofing purposes. Lastly, fill small cracks and gaps around pipes with a concrete-patching compound.

Ensure all pipes in the house are insulated using slip foam. Hot water pipes are insulated to prevent heat loss whereas cold water pipes are insulated to prevent condensation from dripping on the ceiling or into the drywall.

Space around Mechanicals – Leave about 2-3 feet of clearance around mechanicals which allows a human being to walk or just fit around mechanical equipment for maintenance.

When installing partition walls, use them sparingly to avoid dark rooms. The partitions can be half-wall or walls with window cutouts to allow light throughout different rooms in the basement. It is advisable to have mobile or sliding screens and doors to allow light and circulation of air. They can be closed when privacy is needed.

Soundproof the basement ceiling to minimize vibrations and sound transmission through the installation of fiberglass batts with layers of drywall. Mechanical equipment can be installed on sound-dampening anti-vibration pads or mats. Lastly, minimize the connection of ducts between the basement and upper floors to eliminate noise transmission.


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