Remove Snow from Your Roof Safely

Remove Snow from Your Roof Safely

Most movies will portray snow as the cheery season. They fail to highlight the nightmare that heavy snowfall may cause, like blocking your pathways to crowding your roofs. These inconveniences and more make winter one of the most stressful season. Every morning the snow has to be cleared; otherwise, a disaster beckons. Removing snow from your roof can go a long way in preventing damage both on the roof and inside your house because doing so minimizes the risk of ice dams.

If not attended to, the situation can aggravate and prevent drainage of water from your roof. The effect is that the water may accumulate underneath your roof’s shingles and ultimately leak into your house. The worst-case scenario being the wood on your roof rotting, which may cause it to collapse. Removing snow from your roof is of a high priority during winter.

Below is a rundown of some do’s and don’ts of snow removal to enable you to carry out the procedure correctly without causing damage to your roof.

The Do’s

  • Remove the snow in the direction of the primary structural element of the roof. The idea is to prevent uneven snow loading.
  • Start removing the snow from the ridge. Move to the eaves of gable and sloped roofs whenever possible. That way, not only will you remove the snow but also minimize the risk of damaging the roof. Additionally, it helps prevent stagnant water from collecting near the gutter downspout.
  • Use nonmetallic rake for steep snow roofs
  • Take extra caution when dislodging icicles. An icicle, even when falling from a short range, can cause damage and injury.
  • Beware of water stains or moisture in the attic and around the top of the exterior wall, located on the upper part of your house. Stains and humidity may be a sign of ice dams and possible penetration of water to the roof membrane.
  • When unsure, or when the size of the ice on your house’s roof is beyond your control, consider hiring professionals to remove it. Ice removal, particularly in large scale, may be a daunting task, which is better handled by professional ice removers.

The Don’ts

  • Never use mechanical snow removal equipment unless you know how to operate them. There is a likelihood of damaging your roof’s membrane if you have no experience with mechanical snow removal equipment.
  • Never use sharp tools such as picks for snow removal. Use plastic instead of metal shovels.
  • Avoid stockpiling snow on the roof. Remove snow from the roof after every storm. This action will make the process easier and fast. It also spares your roof damages that may arise from moisture.

Long Term Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

  • Insulate the attic – This enables you to regulate the freezing and melting pattern. By extension, it helps prevent the formation of ice dams.
  • Install a water-resistant sheet a couple of inches the shingles. The layer acts as an extra barrier. It prevents seeping inside the building encourages wood rotting.

When You Need Help

clearing ice on your roof

There are many different options in the market to help with clearing ice on your roof. Options like using snow blowers or chemicals to melt the ice. At times, removing snow from your roof may leave significant damages. While you can fix minor repairs, it makes perfect sense to hire a professional roofing contractor to get the job done. See, an expert is likely to leave your roof looking neat with zero leaks. Other benefits of dealing with an experienced roofing company include;

The Level of Expertise

Of course, you’re better off with a professional roofer with in-depth industry knowledge. Any serious contractor has the required skill set to offer value for your money. Think of it as a way of dealing with a person who knows what he/she is doing. This course of action will help you avoid causing damages to your roof and avoid accidents and injuries. They can also offer advice on maintenance or better techniques for future consideration.

It Saves you Money

Yes, you can save a considerable amount of cash if you hire the right roofer. How? Well, for starters, he/she knows where to get affordable materials as a result of building a long-term relationship with suppliers.

On top of that, he/she comes with the tools required to complete the task depending on the level of damage. That way, you don’t have to spend your cash on miscellaneous items such as a tape measure that you may not use again.


good roofing contractor

A good roofing contractor knows what he/she can do and isn’t afraid to stand by it – through a warranty. That way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in good hands. It also relieves your stress of thinking about repairs of damages that may occur in the process. The company must take care of the damages at no extra cost.

There’s a Catch Though

You must do a background check before dealing with any roofing company. You want to be sure that the contractor can deliver the results. It is wise to read their reviews online. Always choose one that comes highly recommended. Be sure to ask for a certificate of operation, license, and a portfolio of past clients.

Put differently – make sure that the service you plan to work with has a good reputation in the industry. Visit to learn more about Landmark Roofing; one of Arizona’s leading roofing companies and what makes them stand out.

The Bottom Line

Removing ice from your roof is an essential undertaking more so during winter. Take the necessary measures to ensure that you are not caught off guard. Check if your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date as well. So that you can get total indemnity in case the damage caused by snow is too intensive for you to out of your pocket. Observe the tips mentioned above to ensure safety both for yourself and your family. Be willing to consult a professional company if need be and in case of a massive downpour.


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