Landscaping for Beginners: 8 Budget-friendly Ideas to Care for Your Lawn

Landscaping for Beginners ideas for lawn care

Taking care of your lawn provides a wide range of benefits. Aside from making your home more beautiful, it also improves the environment. Did you know that lawns cool the neighborhood and the environment? Yes it does! It also absorbs noise and produces oxygen. Having a beautiful lawn can also lift your mood and emotions. There are tons of positive effects when your lawn is healthy, which is why you have to start taking care of it.

Lawns are really common but taking care of it is a completely different story. Here are some cost-effective ways to care and beautify your lawn properly:

1. Pick a Ground Cover That Is Easy to Maintain.

Grass is undoubtedly a wonderful way to beautify your backyard. However, if time and money are an issue, getting a ground cover you can easily maintain is a great alternative. You may already know this, but it’s worth noting. Grass requires demanding care including significant amount of water, weed treatments, fertilizers, and regular mowing.

Great recommendations include bishop’s weed, laminum spread, and Thyme. They will spread fast in spacious sections and will stay hearty despite drought and temperature changes. You can plant about 10 ground cover plants for less than $10. You can add more if you have a huge area. Apart from the money you’ll save, this does not require too much maintenance.

2. Begin With Young Flowers and Plants.


A lot of people prefer to buy plants and flowers that are already mature. This is because they look more attractive. This is completely fine if you have the resources for it. However, if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, go for the young ones. They might not look as appealing you want them to be, but in time, they will. Take care of them and you’ll suddenly notice that they’ve reached maturity and already looking beautiful.

3. Combine Soil With Your DIY Compost.

More often than not, people get tempted to feed their shopping carts with expensive bags of soil. This is because they believe this is all their plants need and water. Providing your plants their nutrients doesn’t only come from soil.

You can save money by buying half of what you used to get and mix your bag of soil with homemade compost. Gather all organic leftovers you have at home and mix it with your soil. Your plants will surely love this!

4. Create Your Own Stepping Stones.

Stepping stones are a lovely way to make your lawn more appealing. They’re also great for landscaping as they provide a connection between the elements in your lawn. At the same time, they provide a pathway so people won’t step on your grass, ground cover, and other plants.

Stepping stones can be expensive but you can cut the costs by making your own. Making your own stepping stones will most likely cost you less than $50. Find the time to make them, like during the weekends and ask your family for help. This is also a great way for you to bond.

5. Use Mulch From Your Community.

It’s common for communities to provide free mulch to the people. Cities that collect tree cuttings will process the waste by feeding the cuttings into an Austter wood chipper machine and transforming them into mulch. This is available to all residents who will take the effor to go to the park for pickup. This will significantly cut your lawn care expenses. You can simply mix the mulch into your soil and your plants will get a lot of nutrients!

6. Opt for Perennials.

Flowers are undoubtedly beautiful. However, you’re going to spend a lot if you buy a wide range of flowers that wither after a year. To save some of the expenses, opt for perennials that return annually with beautiful and colorful flowers and leaves. Some great examples are catmint, coreopsis, and alstroemeria.

Take note that perennials are a bit more expensive than flowers. They normally cost between $5 to $30, while flowers are more or less $10. But with the features of perennials, the investment will eventually pay off.

7. Wait Until the End of Season.

Just like buying clothes, they become cheaper during the season’s end. This is also the same for trees, flowers, and plants. They are offered at great sales during the end of their season to make room for the new ones.

Do not be discouraged if the flowers and leaves appear unkempt. If they have a healthy stem, you can save them by planting them right away and providing them their needs, like sufficient water.

8. Invest in High-quality Lawn Equipment.

If you have a huge backyard with lots of trees, plants, and flowers, then it’s wise to have the right tools and equipment. Powered tools and equipment are ideal in dealing with huge branches, limbs, leaves, and other debris that require a lot of work to clean up. If you have grass, then a lawn mower is a must to keep them healthy and vibrant. There are a variety of lawn tools and equipment depending on your backyard and its needs.


With these simple ideas, you can make you lawn healthy and beautiful. If you need professional help with landscape design in Orange County, there are many companies out there like OC Landscaping Pros that are ready to assist. You don’t need to invest a lot of money and energy for lawn care and maintenance. When it comes to your lawn, it’s not only about working hard but working smart too!

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