How to Avoid Clutter at Home

When you’re used to the environment of having piles and piles of clutter all over your home, you start to think that those clean, minimalist homes you see in magazines or on the web are only just a far-fetched dream you’ll never have.

But in all actuality, a clutter-free home is 100 percent attainable and maintainable. Once you’ve learned how to live an organized life, being clutter-free will simply feel less of a task and more a part of your lifestyle.

If you don’t know where to start, here are foolproof ideas to keep your home clean and mess-free.


Don’t Add More Clutter

It pays to take a moment to be still and stop yourself from adding more and more clutter to your space. Look out for free giveaways, impulse purchases, items that are on sale, and a couple of furniture pieces that you love but don’t actually need for your home, and avoid them at all costs.

You may not, technically, be a hoarder, but anyone can have hoarding tendencies, and this will affect not only your finances but, indirectly, your way of living as well. With this, stop yourself from hoarding first, and focus your attention on what you actually have at the moment.

Remove the Excess

You will be surprised at how much stuff there is inside your home, and when it is always bursting at the seams from clutter, that’s when you know you own too much stuff. Relatively, the fewer possessions you own, the easier it will be for you to minimize clutter.

With this, it should be high time to get rid of the excess items that you own. To help you in this step, bid adieu to items that you have too many of, items you no longer use or want, or anything that is basically an eyesore in your space. Do this in every single room in your house, and you should be able to collect a pile of unnecessary possessions at the end of the day.


Use the Four-Box Method

If you are having a hard time decluttering, give the four-box method a go. Prepare four boxes and label them with Keep, Donate or Sell, Store, and Trash.

In the Keep box should be items that you use regularly. The Donate/Sell box should store items that you plan to make a profit of or simply want to give away. Trash items are junk that you want out of your life, while Store is for those items that you simply can’t let go, even when they aren’t useful in your daily life anymore. If you plan to place items in the Store box, just make sure that you have the extra space to keep them.


Purchase Only Your Needs

If you are only three people in the family, you don’t need to buy housewares that are good for 10 people, thinking that you may host a house party someday. When that never happens, you are only left with a lot of unnecessary kitchenware that will consume most of your cupboard space.

Next time you shop for house items, think about your actual needs. If you don’t see yourself using that particular item in the next few months, you probably don’t need it.


Also make sure to purchase items that will serve you and your family for a long time. For instance, a macerating upflush toilet may be a smarter investment as compared to a regular toilet, as this will save you on maintenance and plumbing costs in the long run.

Decluttering may feel like an insurmountable task, so a lot of people simply don’t find time to do it. But the key to actually achieve success in your journey to having a clean, organized home is simply to start doing so—and the rest will follow.

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