The Ultimate Roof Repair Guide

The Ultimate Roof Repair Guide

Did you know that, with proper care, your roof can last you decades? Roofs can be costly to replace, so it is important to maintain your roof as much as possible to avoid a complete replacement.

Have you ever wondered about roof repair, or how to fix common problems on a damaged roof? Here are some tips for how much to repair a roof and whether or not you should invest in replacing it.

Roof Repair Cost

You may be wondering, how much to repair a roof? The total cost of your roof repair depends on many factors, such as the roofing material, the square footage of your roof, and other tools that you need for the job. The average bill of roof repair in the United States is just shy of a thousand dollars.

However, if you only have a small issue like a leak, you can expect to pay much less if you jump on it sooner rather than later. You will need some tools and a tile or two, but in general, it should cost less than a hundred dollars.

Roof Maintenance vs Roof Replacement

Although your roof should last you a while, you may have a natural disaster or another issue that causes irreparable roof damage. In this case, you should compare the costs of roof maintenance and repair or roof replacement.

If the damage total comes close to the bill for a roof replacement, then it may be a better use of your money to get a whole new roof.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

If you have background experience with roofing or it is a simple fix, then you may be better off doing the roof repair yourself. Buy some materials and tools to have on hand in case of a roofing emergency.

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to assess roof damage and determine whether you can fix it yourself. This can bring your roof repair cost down drastically.

Bring in the Professionals

If you have issues with your roof that may be costly or require lots of labor, it can be a better idea to work with a professional roofing company. Although this is usually the more expensive option, you’ll have a guarantee that the finished product will extend the life of your roof.

The pricing options for your roof repair cost depend on the amount of labor needed, the parts, as well as the material of your roof. For instance, if your roof is made of slate, then buying replacement shingles will add more to your final bill.

Know All About Roof Repair

If your roof has issues, you should not have to worry about whether or not you can get it fixed. With this guide to roof repair, you can estimate how much it will cost to fix and whether or not you need a complete replacement.

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What makes your roof leak?

The first thing to do when you suspect your roof requires repair or replacement is hire a roof repair service company to examine your roof. The most common causes for roof repair come down below:

Ice or snow

Heavy snowpack, icicles, or “ice dam” causing the damage, you should expect roof repair when snow or ice buildup alters the top of your home.


Hail damage represents another common cause for roof and siding repair. Hail can take many sizes and forms; it can be a quarter or nickel shape or as big as a walnut. Some hail is as big as golf balls and causes dents in the siding. As for the baseball-sized hail, we all know that it’s severe enough to make a hole in the house.


You deal with roof storm damage when you see a wet wall or water spots on the ceiling. The storm will make shingles go missing—it’s effortless to notice when you examine your roof. We recommend you check out the roof as soon as possible so that you don’t empty your wallet with emergency repairs—they’re pretty expensive!


The roof’s age is an essential factor when the roof service company gives you the estimate for the repair work. The materials used for the roof come into play for the lifespan of the roof. Regarding durability, slate leads to 100 years of lifespan, whereas shingle roofing lasts for two decades. Metal roofing sits in the middle as it can last for five decades.

When does your roof require repair?

Many people believe that a roof requiring repair is easy to see with the naked eye. If the shingles are buckled or the water streams through a baseball-sizes hole in the siding, your roof needs immediate repair. However, there are plenty of situations that are less obvious than that. Details come next.

When does your roof require repair

A leaky roof

When the roof is leaking, you should call the professionals for repair or even replacement. Storm damage begins around vents, pipes, skylights, and chimneys. The damage isn’t always easy to notice.

A leaking roof is saturated with moisture and causes the rotting of the wood and roofing materials. Algae and moss growing on the roof are also signs that the roof is moist.

We recommend you look for a licensed and insured roof repair company for the repair work. Significant roof repairs can cost you up to $3,000, whereas a new roof begins at $7,500.

How much will you pay for roof repair?

Minor roof leak repairs cost anywhere between $150 and $400 as there’s only minor damage to gutters or eaves. When the roof and gutter require more extensive work, you can pay anywhere between $400 to $1,000.

Most common types of roof repair

Different kinds of roofs require different types of repairs, so take a look at our guidelines before you embark on repairing your roof.


Most metal roof repair problems come from leaks, poorly driven screws, degrading roof sealants, and capillary draw (seams overlap and lead to leaking).


Repair work for shingles varies from easy fixes to complete roof repair jobs. Curling or blistering shingles or granular fall-off are signs that the metal roof needs repairs—the crushed stones on the ground signal that the top layer of granules is already degrading.

Flat roofs

A flat leaking roof requires attention and repair from professional roof companies. Repairs will also be necessary in case of pooling water and degrading membranes on asphalt. Never postpone repair of the flat roof as it can become dangerous.


Solar panels can stop the water from draining naturally and the water is forced upwards, which creates a buildup and a leak. Repair of roofs with the solar panel is never a DIY project. We insist you hire a qualified solar panel service company for the roof repair work.


Tiles are heavy and require regular maintenance to keep their look and reduce the risk of future leaks.

What types of roofs will contractors repair?

Make sure you find the roofing company adequate for your roof. Some contractors are experts in repairs for specific types of roofs. Here are the most common categories.

Shed roofs

Storms make for the leading cause of repairs with sheds. Look for a qualified handyman to repair the roof and not for a large roof repair company.

Mobile home roofs

Even if roof repair for mobile homes seems effortless in DIY tutorials, we still recommend you seek professional help. Ask for a “roof-over” as it’s more affordable than a roof repair.

Flat roofs

Some problems (like “alligatoring”) are specific to the flat roof. Applying a patch to fix the leak is the best solution when it’s a flat rubber roof. You can repair the rubber roof on your own and ask a professional about the best roof leak repair sealant.

Residential Roofs

If your residential roof needs repair, costs for such services represent the main factor when selecting a roof repair company. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors—previous customers make for the best to tell about a company’s work.

Commercial Roofs

Commercial businesses requiring roof repairs must hire a roofing company. Warranty details, license, and insurance information are aspects that count when selecting a company.

Should you repair or replace your roof?

Many homeowners don’t know when the roof needs a repair or replacement. A sagging roof is most likely at the end of its life, so you should have at least a general idea about your roof’s age.

In some situations, repair work can be so extensive that it can be cheaper and safer to replace the roof and not repair it. Always ask for help and advice from a reliable roof service company to make an informed decision. If it’s an emergency, you shouldn’t take any chances and leave the house immediately. A slowly collapsing roof is a dangerous situation. Leave home if the roof needs an emergency roof repair.

Should you repair or replace your roof

Does insurance cover roof repair?

If you’ve skipped your roof maintenance or if the roof needs repairs due to everyday wear and tear, your homeowner’s policy won’t cover it. For instance, shingle roofing that is 20 years old has limited coverage with the home insurance.

We recommend you carefully read your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if roof damage is covered in case of “act of nature” and accidental events. Branches, trees falling on the roof, or roof shingles requiring repair after a massive freezing rain even/snowstorm could be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Always scrutinize it before paying out of your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair the whole roof on your own?

You will spend anywhere between $2,500 and $6,000 to replace a roof. If you plan on hiring professionals, you will pay double the money. A professional roof repair costs between $8,700 and $22,000. Keep in mind that replacing the roof isn’t as effortless as you might think.

Can you repair the roof yourself?

Roofing is anything but an effortless job. You need to be fit and not afraid of heights to do it. If you plan it right, have the skills and equipment, you can embark on the challenging job that roofing truly is.

Is it possible to replace just a part of the roof?

Replacing just one side of the roof is more affordable than replacing the whole roof. When you replace an entire roof section, the result will be less evident than repairing work. The color differences between the faces of the roof will be less to observe than when repairing.

Can you place a new roof over an old roof?

It’s possible to put a new layer of roof shingles over old shingles. We care to remind you that adding new roofing over the old one (re-roof) is possible only when the roof is made with asphalt shingles.

Is it worth repairing the roof?

When the roof displays minor wear, you only need to do some repair work. We recommend you do it, especially when the roof has many years until its expiration date. When the damage is more widespread, we suggest you consider replacing the whole roof.

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