How to Cut Down Your Swimming Pool Costs

Cut Down Swimming Pool Costs

So you have a backyard swimming pool that provides you with hours upon hours of enjoyment during the warm summer months. It’s become a place of fun and folly that you wouldn’t give up for anything in the world.

There’s just one problem – it can be extremely hard on the wallet, particular when the need for repairs and maintenance creeps up.

But there are ways that you can cut your costs for this important part of your home and property, and we’re going to give you some tips and tricks today to do just that.

Buy Your Pool Chemicals In Bulk

Pool Chemicals

At the beginning of the warm weather season, you’re almost certainly going to need to buy enough chemicals to get you through the next few months. That is unless you still have an ample supply leftover from the year before.

But one way you can save on this necessary expense is to buy your chemicals in bulk in the Spring. You’ll have enough to get you through the warm weather months and you’ll quite often save a good amount of money doing so.

Smaller swimming pool supply stores generally run specials in the Spring and if you get there early, you’ll almost certainly be able to save some greenbacks.

Sometimes, they might even have chemicals left over from the year before that they’re trying to get rid of at a discount. So be sure to check out these stories in the Spring, particularly the smaller independently owned ones.

Shock Your Pool Every Week

Pool Shock

Shocking your pool every week helps to keep the water healthy and clear, a fact you’re certainly aware of if you’ve ever missed doing it for a week or two.

But did you know that shocking your pool every week can also save you money?

Let’s say you’ve been diligent about shocking your pool every week for the first couple months of the summer and the water is looking so good that you decide to skip a week. Well now your water turns green and murky and you have to get back to shocking it again.

But here’s where it’s costing you a good deal of extra money. Now, because the water is in bad shape, you’re probably going to have to triple shock it to get it back to where it was before, and you’ll also need to run the filter system around the clock to clear up the cloudy water.

You’ve just spent a lot of extra money that you didn’t need to. So just stick to shocking the water every week and you’ll be good to go for the duration of the summer season. If you don’t have time to shock your pool, consider having a pool professional provide pool cleaning services. Many times pool cleaning businesses offer discounts during fall and winter.

Conserve Your Pool Water

Contrary to popular belief, water isn’t free and there also isn’t an infinite supply of it on Mother Earth.

Water is generally lost from swimming pools via evaporation, leaks, splash out or by filter backwashing. While this is generally only a little bit at a time, it can add up to thousands of gallons during the season, which can mean a good deal of wasted money during that same time frame.

Close The Pool By Yourself

While it may be easier to simply hire someone to come out and close your pool for you, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to do it on your own.

Learn to winterize your pool yourself and your pocketbook will certainly thank you.

You’ll need to learn how to do things like adding closing chemicals to the water, draining a certain amount of water from the pool, removing all of the drain plugs from the pump and filter and covering the pool for the winter.

But if you can master these tasks on your own, as well as a few others, it will likely save you hundreds of dollars every Fall.

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