Tips to Help You Select a Supreme Pillow Chair

Tips to Help You Select a Supreme Pillow Chair

Poor posture in the workplace is one of the ranking causes of backache. You are likely to use most of your working hours sitting at a desk and might end up with a painful back. For this cause, you need to support your back. An Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow for Back, Coccyx, & Tailbone Pain Relief is among the products that offer back support. However, there are numerous options out there, and getting the correct one daunts. This explains why research is crucial in buying a seat cushion. As you choose a seat pillow, your personal sitting needs should come first so you can get all the beneficial pillow properties. A pillow is deemed great if it can influence your stance. Outlined here are amazing tips for choosing the right office seat cushion.

Be keen on the pillow cover

The office chairs are exposed to many potential messes such as spilled coffee, sweat, and ink marks. It is thus vital to select a pillow with a removable cover. This makes it effortlessly washable and detachable by hand and machine. Taking out the cover and simply lobbing it in the wash can simplify your life. Besides, the pillow cover comes with various designs that are much professional than a non-detachable one. The cover of the pillow is also a crucial factor to consider. If the cover is created too slick, you may slide upon sitting on it. Another thing to check on the pillow cover is its color. There’s nothing as great as giving your workplace seat an attractive color. It doesn’t only give you a little fun but also creates the first notion on your visitors. Many pillows come in black material to fit leather office seats, but some stores offer different colors.

Choose memory foam

Besides feeling great, premium memory is also designed to conform utterly around your body. This enables it to give matchless support precisely where you require it the most. If you are tired of sitting on your rock-hard chair all day long, including a memory foam pillow will bring the difference instantly. The heat-responsive fabric holds your body and pads your ache points, providing round-the-clock comfort. Stores offer 100% high-density memory foam, and if this is too warm, they offer a gel pillow that’ll keep you calm while still offering pain relief and taking the load off your strain points.

Consider ergonomic design

An office seat is often sorted as ergonomic if its elevation and depth can be fine-tuned to allow you to sit at your desk more comfortably. Unluckily, many common office chairs lack these features. This doesn’t signify that you should suffer all day on pins and needles. You can fill the gap with a pillow. Consider a U-shaped Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow for Back, Coccyx, & Tailbone Pain Relief with cutouts to lessen pain in your tailbone, lower back, and hips. Besides, the design will also assuage pressure on those vital sections, allowing you to sit for many hours with no soreness or lower backache.


Choosing the best products like those on can address your various seating needs because it can relieve pressure and offer better alignment to your backbone. Luckily, there the tips explained above will help you locate the best pillows.

What are the benefits of using pillow chairs?

Most chairs out there will misalign the pelvis and spine, squeeze the hips, and push you into slumping or lounging. You always have the option of ergonomic office chairs, but they’re pricey and cannot help you when you have to drive for hours or sit at home. This is where pillow chairs come to the rescue, as they improve comfort and support. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of the easy-to-use packages that pillow chairs are.

pillow chairs


Ergonomic pillow chairs will help you have a good posture and your body will develop a better natural posture altogether. When you have an excellent innate posture, the risk for chronic pain decreases and you get more energy and ability to focus. You will gain confidence because you will look better with a good posture.


The compression from typical seats limits the blood flow in the pelvis, legs, and back. Therefore, your tissues and muscles will get less oxygen than required and have difficulties eliminating the metabolic wastes. You will feel tired and achy and your heart will work harder to pump your blood around, altering your cardiovascular health.

Less compression on spine, hips, and tailbone

The wrong chair can put too much pressure on your tailbone and hips, coccyx and cause pain and fatigue. It can alter the spine and joint issues and, eventually, your life’s quality. The proper pillow chair will spread the compressive force evenly and protect your body from tearing and wearing.


When you have no other option but sit for many hours in a chair, you should try all the tips to be as comfortable as possible. You want a quality memory foam chair that takes your body shape and offers efficient support. Add a luxurious pillow chair to the ergonomic chair and you get the most comfortable combination for your body.


When your circulation and posture are better and you have less pain, you will feel more energetic and focus on your work.


Another adverse effect of compression is poor digestion, which can cause constipation, heartburn, or even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

What type of pillow chair should you choose?

There are several types of pillow chairs you can choose from to use with your office chair. Here are the most common:

Tailbone and pelvis

These are the most common seat cushions that you can use with your office chairs. You can place them under your buttox to support the tailbone and pelvis to provide you with an ergonomic base to sit on.


If you struggle with low back pain, you should opt for lumbar pillows as they maintain the curves in your back and the rotation of your hips, stopping you from slumping.

Which materials are best?

The materials your seat cushion is made of are essential for its efficiency. Cheap models are made with standard foam, which is good but not ideal when you sit down for 8+hours a day.

Memory foam and gel, or a combination of the two, are ideal for pillow chairs. They’re both made of the same material (viscoelastic), but gel ensures more effective heat dissipation than memory foam. The risk of breaking down for gel is higher than with memory foam. Additionally, pillows made with gels are more expensive than memory foam models.

How do you clean your pillow chairs?

All seat cushions require cleaning and washing from time to time. Always start with reading the instructions for cleaning on your pillow chair. If it’s machine washable, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Otherwise, read our recommendations for cleaning and washing pillow chairs.

clean your pillow chairs

Remove dirt, dust, and pet dander

Cushions, regardless of the materials they’re made of, will attract dust and debris. If you also have furry friends, you will constantly fight with pet hair and dander. You can vacuum your seat cushions with the upholstery-brush attachment to remove loose debris. If there’s debris stuck to the cushions and crevices of the pillow, you can use a small brush with soft bristles (a toothbrush will do) to remove debris.

As for pet hair, you can simply wipe the pillow with your hand after you’ve put on a rubber glove. It will easily collect pet hairs and lift them from the fabric.

Eliminate spills and spots

Even if you’re careful, it’s still a matter of time until you will spill something on your pillow chair. You can blot the spilled liquid the moment it happens to not soak into the cushion made with textile. If the pillow is made of leather or faux leather, you should blot the spillage, so it doesn’t roll into other areas made of delicate fabrics.

A soft white cloth or some paper towel will work just fine for blotting. If you use a colored material, the dye might transfer to the cushion. For spillage of food items, like spaghetti or chocolate, you should get as much as possible with some paper towels and wipe toward the middle of the spill; you don’t want the spill to spread. Continue with blotting and spotting the area. With ketchup or mustard spills, you need to blot the spills with a white cloth soaked in vinegar. Vinegar will also remove pet odors and stains.

In case of other spills, you can blot them with a bit of dish soap on a damp white cloth. Use another fresh white cloth to wipe from the outside of the spill toward the middle. You won’t spread the spot this way.

All-Over Clean

If you use the pillow chair every day for many hours, we recommend you give it an all-over cleaning every once in a while. You can make your cleaning solution with 1 part liquid dish/laundry soap with four parts water. Turn it into a foam with a whisk or a hand mixer and apply the suds to the pillow’s surface. Always test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area.

Rub the suds gently over the cushion and use a soft-bristled brush for best results. Get a rubber scraper to remove the suds and a soft damp white cloth to wipe down the pillow. Let the pillow chair air dry after you’re done. Always wait until it’s completely dry before you start using it again/

What about odor?

The pillow chair may need a little cleaning or refreshing only to remove an unpleasant scent. You can sprinkle some baking soda over the seat cushion and vacuum the baking soda afterward. If the smell still lingers, apply more baking soda and let the pillow stay outside for several hours on a non-humid day. You can also remove the odors by spraying some vinegar or a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Please remember always to check out the material and spritz vinegar on a difficult-to-see area of your pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you place the pillow chair?

To enjoy the best results from using a pillow chair, we recommend placing it vertically in the chair. The pillow has to rest in the small of your back to maintain the standard curve of the spine. Make sure your chair has firm support, to begin with.

Is it worth buying a pillow chair?

The benefits of using a pillow chair are many as they’re crucial for even distribution of the body weight. They improve comfort as they have a positive effect on the posture. Stressed-out joints, back pain, and body aches from sitting in a chair can all be alleviated by using the proper pillow chair.

How long will a gel pillow chair last?

Your body weight, the quality of the pillow chair, and the frequency of using the pillow chair are essential for its durability. With regular use, most pillow chairs can last for a decade and even longer than that with less frequent use.

Is it safe to wash a pillow chair?

Some pillow chairs are made with washable fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, or cotton, which allow machine washing. We recommend you use cold water and the most delicate cycle for your washing machine so that you don’t ruin the cushion. Also, keep in mind to hang the pillow to air dry to maintain its shape.

Is sitting in a chair all day bad for your body?

Lying down or sitting in a chair for many hours increases the risk of chronic health issues, such as diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancers. Sitting too much can also alter your mental health. Just because your job requires you to sit in a chair for 8hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to stay active.

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