Interlocking Driveways

If you’re contemplating a brand new driveway or are looking to put a bit of life into an existing one, why not try interlocking pavers? They are modular slabs of cobblestone, concrete or brick which interconnect to form attractive, versatile geometric designs of personal preference. Interlock has become an increasingly popular choice that homeowners, community, industrial and business owners opt for when creating their driveways. This is due to the unique characteristics, wide range of designs interlock offers and their beauty – enhancing effect on adjacent buildings. If you’re looking to give a positive first impression to your business or simply enjoy viewing your property, an interlocking driveway is ideal. An interlocking driveway will also enhance the value of the property it compliments, making it a valued asset.

The unique characteristics of interlocking driveways include:


Interlock pavers can consist of concrete, brick or natural stone. Homeowners can create a unique, attractive and personalised driveway by choosing from a wide range of colours, sizes, patterns, textures and finishes. When sealed with a top coat of filming on the paver surface, the driveway is protected from tire marks and other stains. An additional coating of sealant every two years is recommended. Therefore minimal maintenance is required to uphold its attractiveness, making it even further appealing.


While its counterparts such as asphalt are certainly cheaper to purchase and install, interlock proves to be the most cost-effective in the long term. This is because it requires minimal maintenance and replacement. It also requires few tools and materials to install it. An interlocking driveway will also enhance the value of the property it compliments, making it a valued asset.


Interlock is one of the best materials to withstand the effects of a harsh winter, sustaining its levelled, non-slip ground surface stability and associated safety and aesthetic appeal. The individual pavers are not firmly fixed in place. This means that the ground is able to shift and heave freely under the interlock without causing damage. On the other hand, materials such as asphalt crack and then require patching or even full paving to restore it. In the long term, interlock requires minimal maintenance to preserve its attractiveness.


When correctly installed and maintained, an interlock paver driveway is hard-wearing and can last for 20-30 years. Interlock is extremely durable and weather-resistant and therefore there is a reduced possibility of cracking due to very cold, hot or humid weather conditions. An additional advantage is that individual pavers can be removed and replaced when necessary, thereby increasing the overall cost-effectiveness.


The good news for DIY enthusiasts is that interlocking pavers are easy to install, with guidelines being readily available online or within stores. The pavers are laid on a levelled base of compacted gravel and sand in the desired pattern. Professional construction of your desired driveway can be arranged through private consultation. Pick up several quotes and compare what materials and designs are available. There are a sizeable number of companies specialising in interlocking pavers, so shop around for the best offer and enjoy the comfort of your designer driveway.

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