Stone Fireplace Painting

Don’t let drab stone ruin the potential fireplaces have in your home. Comfortable nights by the fireplace are just a DIYstone fireplace paint job away.

A room can be perfectly furnished and beautifully designed, but if your fireplace is drab or outdated, all efforts to make a stylish living space can go to waste. As a true focal point, a stone fireplace draws attention- whether it be good or bad. Knowing how to paint a stone fireplace can transform any room, or home, entirely. While it may seem like an involved, time consuming project to take on, figuring out how to make the most of a painted stone fireplace is an excellent way to start a renovation.

While stone is great for creating a classic, rustic elegance, it can easily cross the line into looking unkempt and sloppy. When colors fade or lack clean maintenance, stone can look completely neglected. Painting a stone fireplace is a much simpler fix than completely refinishing a fireplace, but many people think of the project as being impossible. A fresh layer of paint can brighten old stone, recolor faded pieces, or add a new pop to an otherwise simple living area.

Stone may seem like a trickier paint project- but it’s actually just as simple as any other texture you may want to paint. It can easily be a DIY project, without having to call in help from handymen or painters. By choosing to paint your fireplace you can not only save time and money, but ensure that the finished product is exactly what you want it to be.

Before choosing colors and supplies, understanding the updated look you wish to achieve is an important place to start. Stone fireplaces can start to look outdated when dull colors are faded or no longer match an updated design of a room. Choosing a color to match the current color scheme of your home is a great place to start.

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Choosing a fresh layer of an existing is a great choice for those who love an existing color, but need a fresh and clean makeover. While opting for a color similar to the existing paint may sound silly, you would be shocked at what a fresh, touched up layer can do for stone. It will clean up a dated fireplace, replace faded paint, and hide any wear that your fireplace might be sporting.

A recent popular choice for stone fireplace paint colors have been white or light grey shades. These options modernize an otherwise dated style of design with the bright pop and clean finish. White and greys fit well into any room design, and especially work with rooms that have a darker theme. A common trend that any Pinterest and HGTV lovers have definitely seen, choosing these bright neutrals can completely renovate an entire living space. Don’t think that you are bound to nude browns or charcoal colors just because that’s what you’ve always had in your home. Lightening up your fireplace stone can happen regardless of what’s already on your stone.

When it comes to the actual job, understanding techniques and supplies is important for ensuring a quality, clean job. Making your stone fireplace paint job a DIY project can save you money, and isn’t always the hassle you may think. The project can be simplified, as long as you’ve got quality materials and choose a solid method of painting. Save yourself thousands of dollars on a renovation by following the right steps.


Opting for quality paint is worth a slight investment to truly capture the pristine look that any new update in a home. This is why the right supplies are crucial in ensuring a quality job. However, quality does not always need to be compromised for an affordable cost. Paint kits are an awesome option to save on time searching for the right products and running around home improvement stores with no clue.

Companies, like Brick-Anew, may offer ready to use stone fireplace paint kits that make the task much easier. With the right formula for stone and a variety of bright, popular colors, this can help save time and money when searching for a good paint option. We love this product specifically because it saves the hassle of shopping, and their color options follow some of the latest home design trends. As these paint jobs require primers and paints, picking them up in one package can save you the trouble of piecing together your own kit for the job.

After you find the perfect color, and the right paint, prepping your stone fireplace for its new coat of paint is incredibly important. Specifically for fireplaces, a primer is important because paint struggles to adhere to it. In addition, fireplaces are more prone to being marked by smoke from a fireplace. Making sure you have a spot free, smooth surface will only make a new paint job look better. With the texture of stone, making sure that your primer is made to adhere to it specifically will be something to keep an eye out for to avoid wear or peeling.

Choosing your tools will depend on the stone’s texture. Rollers designed specifically for masonry finished are great for a flat, easier to glide over stone. This fluffy roller will make sure that the paint job is thorough and gets into every inch of the smooth area being finished. However, this technique is not the best for rugged, textured stone with lots of crevices. For this tougher texture, using a sponge soaked in paint is the best option to get the job done. One of the things that make stone fireplaces such statement installations in homes is their authentic texture, but if painted poorly this can be a sore sight in the home. Making sure the the every nook and cranny is filled, and that the paint job is splotch free, will make sure that its unique surface is

At the end of the day, keeping the integrity of a stone fireplace is the ultimate goal. Making sure that you are choosing the right method is important to keeping this unique texture original and well maintained. Once these supplies are found, the paint job will look like any other. Paying attention to the details of stone, such as the texture, are important. Being mindful of the curves and edges will be important when actually applying the paint. Other than that, it really is as simple as laying down a drop cloth and getting to work.

While this may seem like a lot to consider, no reward is greater than having the warmth of a crackling fire accompanied by a beautiful fireplace. Once your fireplace is all finished up, throwing together a seasonal mantel display or decorating the newly renovated piece with family photos will begin those cozy nights by the fire.

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