How To Turn Your Balcony Into An Outside Oasis

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Not everybody has the luxury of a garden with lots of greenery and trees. The people that do have a little place to relax and shut out the outside world.

Apartment dwellers may be feeling left out, but there is hope for them, too. You can set up even the smallest balconies to be a little oasis of peace and calm in the big city.

With some imagination, creativity and enthusiasm, you can set your balcony up to be your favorite part of your apartment.

With the help of this article, I hope that you can transform your blah balcony into a place where you get relaxation and comfort even in a small space.

Put out plants

One of the reasons a garden is so relaxing is all of the plants that are out there. Which is why you need to put in as many plants as possible to get the same effect.

If you have the floor space, then using commercial planters will help you put plenty of plants out there. It can almost be like a small garden if you can. If not then some pots strategically placed around the balcony can help. Then, some smaller ones can be placed on some shelves to really fill the area with greenery.

You’ll increase the oxygen in your outside area which will help you reduce your stress and even gain more energy when you have lots of plants outside.

Pick the right furniture

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 You’ll need a comfy place to sit if you want to really enjoy your outdoor space, so pick some outdoor furniture based on the dimensions of your balcony.

The most important factor when you decide on the best outdoor furniture for your balcony is going to be the weather. If you get some resin rattan, then it can withstand some damp weather without going moldy. But, if you get real wicker, then it can get damaged.

Use all of the space

When you take stock of how much space you have, remember that it is three dimensional. In other words, use all of the space from the floor to the walls to the ceiling.

In addition to the floor space for plants and furniture, you can use the walls for shelving and artwork. In fact, to maximize space, there is a ton of space on the walls that can be used for storage instead of taking up room on the floor.

Hanging shelves can add even more options for things like books, toys for the kids or practical things like your box of tissues and candles.

Use color

colorful balcony with plant pots and furniture
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Use that wall space to jazz up the scene by adding artwork or at least paint it in colors that reflect your personality. Paint the trim around the window one shade and another for the walls to add some accent.

Shelves can also be different colors from the walls and even contrast if you like that style.

Have the color stick with the overall theme of your balcony decor.

FAQs on Beautifying Your Balcony

Q: Do you have to check to see the rules in your buildings?

A: Should you plan to also have plants in your balcony, you need to check with the property manager to see if you’re allowed to have plants or anything else. It’s also a beautiful thing to ask your friends if they’re ok with you growing a garden in your balcony.

It would help if you didn’t risk not complying with the rules, as you’ll get a fine. Always have permission in writing so that you possess real evidence.

Q: Do you need to clean the balcony before decorating it?

A: Getting rid of the clutter and mess occupying your balcony is the first thing to do. Find someplace to store the stuff in your balcony or throw it away. Once you’re done with cleaning, sweep, mop or wipe down the surface so that you have a beautiful clean base to work with.

Q: Is measuring necessary?

A: No matter what you plan to do in your balcony, some measurements are going to be necessary. Even if you want to put plants, you don’t want to buy too many of them. While you’re measuring, make sure you also leave some space for something else but your plants. You can use some buckets or plates instead of pots to make an idea about how it’s going to look like.

If you plan to change the flooring or use a plushy rug instead, you also need to make accurate measuring.

Q: Can you use any furniture?

A: When decorating the balcony, the multi-functional pieces will work best as they let you use the space in various ways. Look for lightweight and slim-line pieces of furniture for the balcony. Pieces made from mesh or cane that are see-through look nice, as they’re also expanding the look of the balcony.

Should you also want to use the balcony for dining,, a slim and long table looks very nice. If the balcony is really tight, two bench seats and not chairs will work best.

Q: Is privacy important to you?

A: It’s not that you don’t like your neighbors, but having privacy is always a good thing. You can use large foliage plants such as palms or bamboo for keeping neighbor’s curiosity away. Some potted plants and hanging pots on the balcony railing for small foliage, flowers, and herbs will also keep things private.

Q: Does your balcony need a drainage system?

A: If you plan to have a little garden in your balcony, a drainage system may be necessary. Water-logging plants can kill them fast. Check to see if the balcony has a drainage hole and slope toward the hole. If there isn’t any, ask the property manager about the functioning of the drainage system.

Q: Can you grow any plant?

A: You cannot just go ahead and grow any kinds of plants. The space your plants need and the type of weather conditions they need are also aspects to consider. You don’t want to buy plants that don’t handle rain when you live in a rainy climate. Some plants start small but end up growing very large, whereas others don’t grow at all.

Q: Which plants work for a tiny balcony?

A: If the balcony is tight, you need to go vertical. Look for climbing plants, as they will create an amazing visual effect on your balcony. They look great and create a different spatial effect, changing the dynamic in your balcony. Passionflower, ivy, and jasmine are excellent options.

Q: Are vegetables an option for a balcony?

A: Regardless of what you may think, vegetables also make a good option when decorating a balcony. Plenty of veggies grow fast in pots, so growing them on balconies comes easy. Lettuces, tomatoes, beans, or radishes should work in most balconies.

Q: Is it possible to relax in a tiny balcony?

A: It does sound incredible for some, but it’s possible to put up a hammock in a balcony. Numerous models don’t need you to drill any holes in the wall, so make sure you look carefully.

Q: Can you have shade in a balcony?

A: Vertical plants will give you privacy, whereas some breezy curtains can offer some shade. They have a polished appearance and increase your privacy too.

Q: Do you need to prepare your balcony for the winter?

A: If the weather gets cold in the winter, you need to brace yourself and prepare for it. Place the plants inside of your house. If you leave any pots outside, check to see if they are frost-proof so that you reduce the risk of cracking.

Q: Which type of accessories work in a balcony?

A: Just because it’s a balcony, doesn’t mean you cannot use accessories. You can use the same accessories as you would in any room, to some extent. Cushions made from weather-resistant and durable material are the best choice for balcony. A throw blanket creates a cozy feeling, but it should be made of durable material so that it takes the outdoor use. It would help if you still protected it from the wind, rain, or sunshine.

Don’t forget about candles, which create a romantic and relaxing mood and even keep mosquitos at a distance.

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