Top Ten Flowers to Grow To Make your Garden Beautiful In Summer

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Summer is one of the best looking seasons with flowers blooming all around. Summer can never be as amazing as it should be if beautiful flowers are not in the equation.

Choices about the flowers to plant should be made carefully since not all flowers may work out best with the season. It has been proven that all flowers are literally beautiful especially if they are flowers from sw calgary florist but not all can bring out the theme that we all desire during summer.

Every day is a brighter one during summer when the best variety of flowers blooms covering flower gardens. It is not only a beautiful thing to have the glamorous look of our gardens, but also adds up to the well being of the environment and our health

Among major benefits that flowers bring forth is the fact that bees depend on them to obtain nectar. This in return helps in supporting pollination.

To help you make informed choices, the following is an over view of some of the best summer flowers you can plant to make your summer look stunning.

1. Echinacea

Among the varieties that have the shortest perennial life, Echinacea is one of the most fabulous. The flowers are characterized by their ability to self-sow. They can as well be reseeded from previous season to the coming season. 

They are a perfect choice if you are interested in paddock gardens, perennial borders as well as herb gardens. They are rich in attraction capability and this makes them a major wildlife attraction. 

Echinacea flower is daisy shaped a fact that attracts bees and butterflies among other insects. Its blooms are long-lasting as compared to other short lived perennial flowers. 

With fertile soil, enough water and tender care, Echinacea has a potential to give the environment an amazing look during summer.

2. Ornamental Basil

Summer comes with plenty of mosquitoes making it rather uncomfortable at nights. Besides giving you beautiful scenery on your border, ornamental basil repels the mosquitoes giving you peaceful nights. They emit a splendid fragrance that attracts countless bees. 

There is no better feeling than that of a sweet smell from the ornamental basil flowers accompanied by the musical sound of the bees. The flowers require regular watering when fleshly planted. Watering intervals should then be reduced after the flowers become independent.

Besides the amazing smell, ornamental basil flowers have beautiful color making the environment around your garden to look splendid. If your area is prone to mosquitoes, ornamental basil is a perfect choice for you. 

3. Lavender

As sweet as the name sounds, lavender is a beautiful flower characterized by an amazing fragrance among other features. It is vital to many gardeners since it has herbal benefits. 

It is grown from starts as well as cuttings. Lavender is praised by many due to its ability to withstand poor soil as well as water scarcity.  

4. Zinnias


It is a beautiful flower with an amazing capability to attract wildlife due to its multiple blooms. It is planted from cuts but can as well do marvelous with seeds. They require thorough watering since they are deeply rooted.

 Watering by use of a soaker horse or any other watering vessel with similar features is a brilliant idea. They are a perfect match with perennial flowers like sunflowers. A kitchen garden or a walkway will look amazing with zinnias flowers.

5. Hydrangea

Are you looking for a perfect flower to plant near your door or to fill spots? Hydrangea is a perfect choice for you.  The best way to take care of these flowers is to ensure that they get sufficient sun in the morning and sufficient shade in the afternoon.

With the hydrangea flowers planted near your door, it’s easy to extend the beauty inside your house by directing the blooms inside.

6. Nasturtium

They are amazing flowers that gardeners grow for multiple purposes. Nasturtium flowers may be grown for food unlike many other types. They are characterized by the ability to deter aphides from damaging vegetables.

The flowers do perfectly well on kitchen gardens, flower boarders as well as courtyard gardens. Some gardeners prefer having Nasturtium on backyard walks which is also a perfect idea.

7. SunflowersI

Among the most common flowers, sunflower is widely known. They have a tendency to self sow from the mother flower’s seeds. 

The self-sowed plants are easy to transplant to preferred area of your garden. The sun flower comes in various varieties that include; “super snack mix, “Mammoth Russian,” and Hopi Black dye.”

8. Violas


They are among the most valuable flowers with multiple purposes. Violas may be planted from seeds as well as starts. They are beautiful with fine looking blooms during summer.

On baking cakes, violas can be used in decoration leaving you with a splendid aroma. They can as well be added to salads making them perfect for gardeners who have cooking as their hobby. 

9. Cosmos

It is one of the most alluring flowers with the ability to do marvelous season after season. It gives out numerous varieties if grown from its seeds. They are herbaceous in nature with amazing blooms.

Their amazing appearance attracts birds, bees among other insects giving pollination a major boost. They are a perfect choice for anyone who loves glamour.

10. Veronica 

Veronica flowers are better known as speedwell. They have unmatched capability to withstand harsh climate and so they are a perfect choice to pair with other varieties. With proper draining soil, veronica flowers are known to do pretty well in summer. 


Summer is never a good time if the beauty of flowers doesn’t show it. Choices made on the type of flowers to plant during summer are a major influence to how the environment would look like.

After conclusive consultation, it is clear that flowers are not just flowers since each one of them have a number of characteristics as well as environmental aspect. Flowers that do well in a particular season may not do well in another. If you want more tips to grow flowers in spring, check our other guide.

Apparently, different flowers may have other benefits beside beatification for instance; some may have medicinal values while others may be used as food.

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