Flower Pots Decoration and Container Gardening Ideas


Spring is right around the corner, which implies it’s an ideal opportunity to lovely up those planters! Whether you need to enhance your terracotta flower pots or disguise disposable grower before giving herbs as a gift.

Classic flower pots are flexible and ideal pieces to get your hands messy in the DIY world. Obviously, they’re perfect for planting flowers, herbs, and small vegetables, but on the other hand, they’re incredible to use in craft rooms, kitchens and in some other amazing ways around the home.

It often seems like a flower pot only doesn’t look good sufficient, as though if it’s not worthy of housing your wonderful plants.  However, that is something you can without much of a stretch manage. You simply need to figure out how to decorate the pots so they look exactly how you want them to. Instead of keeping them simple in their simple clay form, try out your crafting skills and get creative with them. Having trouble coming up with a design? Check out this blog its completely related to flower pot ideas.

Gold Dipped:

When you bring golden paint to the table, things get genuine! There are too gloriously polished accents happening here. Use it to make your flower pots look incredibly noticeable and modern. They will resemble a decorative component by all itself, so it’s particularly useful in case you’re keeping your plants inside.

Chalkboard Flower Pot:

The best part about chalkboard paint is that it’s usable for essentially everything. Adding chalkboard accents to your pots can make naming and recall so much easier. Make your flower pot, not just a home for your cute and beautiful plants, as well as a modest message board! Compose on them an excellent message for yourself or for another person.  And in the event that you ever need to reuse your pots, re-labeling is simple, especially since they’re still fashion-forward.

Stenciled Pots:

Use stencils to get a progressively exact style. However, use textural paint to get a more charming look. Paint the pots to your most loved shading and after that utilization a stencil with a pattern of choice! You can opt for something simple, as Practically Functional did, or you can pick a progressively perplexing pattern! In any case, your pots will look dashingly wonderful!

Nail Polish:

Pick your most loved hues from your big nail clean collection and use them to decorate your flower pots! Each pot will look unique and changed; you will be astonished by all the different shapes and shading mixes! All you requirement for this task is a bucket of water, nail polish and, obviously, flower pots.


Give your pots a face to go with their greenery. This could be an ideal method to get the family involved and have a specialty night of sorts.

Lace Flower Pots:

Ribbon is always that magical “ingredient” that makes everything look exquisite and fresh! Lace can likewise be used to trim a clay pot. Adding delicacy and feminine charm to the clean foundation.

Container Gardening Ideas

Modern Hanging Container:

Hanging containers are an easy and basic method to bring gardens to restricted spaces, or to add charm to your space in straightforward yet unexpected ways. For this beautiful and unique design, a blend of structural succulents gives the arrangement a strong inside architecture, and becomes the dominant focal point in a simple hanging fiber clay planter.

Rustic Tabletop Container:

A simple galvanized-metal toolbox is a surprising holder-gardening vessel that fits into an all-natural springtime setup. You’ll likewise adore that it is so natural to move this around the garden because of the built-in handle.

Traditional Hanging Container:

This woven wicker basket is a natural method to decorate a bare wall in an outdoor space, and it will look similar as excellent whether you set it against brick, timber, or concrete. Pink zinnias and yellow tuberous begonias are the central focuses or ‘spine chillers’.

Summertime Flair:

Let’s hear it for elephant’s ear! Its curiously large leaves—the key to this stately blend—create drama through scale. Also, they allow you to fill in the spaces with tiny, bright flowers. One of the lovely wonders of elephant’s ear is that it flowers first, and then fruits. The fruit has been described as making the stem look like corn on the cob. Whatever you think, it looks surprising and lovely in your summertime container.


Prized for both its flavor and its fragrance, mint can be a mind-blowing herb to have to grow in a garden container.  In addition, its brilliant green leaves can get a pop of color. Pick your mint based on the flavor you want and whether you’d prefer it for tea or for flavoring food.

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